Introduction to Internet Marketing


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Internet marketing means to explore your business/website online on various social networking platforms. There are key questions related with web marketing i.e. what, why, when, where, who, how and how much.

Top reason to get success in internet marketing is to find effective answers of these questions. There are some major terms that are helpful to build a business online.

These terms are SEO, SMO and SEM. All these factors build reputation of a website on search engines as well as social medias.

Search engine optimization boosts the ranking of a website on search engines like Google, Yahoo.
Social media optimizations helps to drive traffic on website and create reputation of site on social networks.
Search engine marketing is used for advertisement purpose on search engines.

Main reason to work with internet marketing is that maximum people are now online and they like to sell and purchase thing online. Hence good opportunity for business to get more exposure. Even we can share knowledge through our website and get fame and money.

There is no age limit to work in internet marketing. Just require basic knowledge of internet use, English.

Internet marketing takes time, so we have to be patient to get success here.

Future is bright for online marketers and bloggers because internet won't be closed ever.

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Introduction to Internet Marketing

  1. 1. No MNC in India For Internet Marketing
  2. 2. Internet marketing doesn’t mean …
  3. 3. But it means … Exploring your product or website online
  4. 4. There are 7 Wh-words associated with internet marketing.  What  Why  Who  When  Where  How  How much
  5. 5.  Also known as web-marketing, online marketing, i-marketing.  Internet marketing is to explore product, knowledge, business.  It is about having an error free website & promote it through various online platforms.
  6. 6.  SEO  SEM  SMO - Main object of all these factors is to boost ranking of a website on search engines. - These factors play role for ON-PAGE and OFF- PAGE activities of a site.
  7. 7. Technique to enhance ranking of a website on search engines…
  8. 8. SEM technique is used to advertise product or website on search engines.
  10. 10.  It is a long term process  Not require too much investment  Most popular and effective
  11. 11.  PPC advertisement is specially run by search engines.  Quick time process  Need good budget
  12. 12.  Focus on building website/product reputation on SOCIAL NETWORKS.  Goal is to drive traffic from social sites, as well as let people know about us, product, website.
  13. 13.  Daily internet users are increasing  According reports spread over internet, since 2006-2007 number of internet users is doubled than forever.  Maximum People are online in the world, more than 2 billion daily internet users.  So, good to work in web marketing.
  14. 14. Source : SPOTONPR
  15. 15.  One more advantage of internet marketing is that we can have detailed analysis how many people are getting in contact with us.  Google analytics help In this.  Main drawback of Offline marketing is that we can’t analysis how many people listening about us on Radio, T.V. etc.
  16. 16.  No age limitation  Needn’t to be highly qualified, educated  Basic computer knowledge and English language  Good opportunity for students
  17. 17.  It is a process, not an event. So it takes time.  For bloggers, about 1.5 – 2 years require to get some success here.  For business/product sites, it takes around 3 - 4 months.
  18. 18.  Any kind of business can be successful on internet by targeting proper areas.  Use local domain extensions (.in, .uk) for local business.
  19. 19.  Development and design of website, A big factor in online marketing …
  20. 20.  Keyword – Search query  Keyword types (i.) Generic Keywords Example :- Apple iPhone (ii.) Long Tail Keywords Example :- Apple iPhone Specs  Keywords analysis
  21. 21.  Title  Description  URL
  22. 22.  It tells about the what user will get on web- page
  23. 23.  It describes what the web-page is all about.
  24. 24.  The web address of a web page.
  25. 25.  Content is king in internet marketing  Content has to be original  Full informative  Lengthy, recommended 300+ words (Not a thumb rule)
  26. 26.  Its goal to create backlinks for website.  To drive more traffic on site.  Build Authority / Branding  Create online network
  27. 27.  Blog Commenting  Web Directory Submission  Social Bookmarking  Top Tip : Create backlinks to your site’s relevant niche.
  28. 28.  Maximum people are online, so good chances to get success.  People buy and sell things online  Like Angara brand, success can be achieved  Thousand of dollars you can generate every month.
  29. 29.  
  30. 30.  Good opportunity for business people to get more exposure  Excellent way for students to get good carrier ahead  Top way to get fame and money
  31. 31.  Share Your Views and Thoughts with Me.  If you think it is good and beneficial for your friends & colleagues, you can share with them.  Sharing on social media network, enhances your social and market value…  - AMAN BANSAL
  32. 32.