The Principles of Creativity and Innovation


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Review any books/magazines/articles/case study/news/ etc. related to Creativity and Innovation (CNI). Prepare a report which must include The Principles of CNI, Creativity in Problem Solving, Examples and Application of CNI, Recent/latest theory development of CNI, etc. You are also encouraged to propose new knowledge/theory of CNI if any.

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The Principles of Creativity and Innovation

  2. 2. 2TABLE OF CONTENTSNo. Topic Pages1. The Principles of CNI 3 - 42. Creativity in Problem Solving 5 - 63. Example and Application of CNI 6 - 84. Latest technology – machines 8 - 95. Recent/latest theory development of CNI 9 - 106. Others 107. Reference 10
  3. 3. 31.0 THE PRINCIPLE OF CREATIVITY AND INNOVATIONThe Principle of Creativity and Innovation is define as the ability or capability to produceand create an original concept or idea and transform it to some forms of expression like a pieceof art or craft, a musical score or a literary piece. The understanding of the principle ofcreativity and innovation leads to produce either product, process and maybe strategyinnovation that will be change some good manners. Besides, from this also we could improvescertain product in the way of getting better life.1.1 Principle of CreativityFrom what i have search in internet, creativity means that the ability to transcendtraditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationship, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas,forms, methods, interpretations, and others. A quote from Linda Naiman said that ‘creativity isthe act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality and it involves with two process whichis thinking, then producing’. This is the best quote because with creativity will producesomething that new or improving new ideas. Creativity have general principles that are thinkoutside the box means that think beyond the others idea, avoid the normal, be brave meansbrave to come up with new distinctive idea and maybe some creative ideas is illogical.There are few principles in creativity. One of them are, new ideas are composed of oldelements. Critical thinking is mostly about to produce correct thinking. Creativity is mainlyabout alternative possibilities which is how to come up with new and useful ideas. That is like Imention earlier, a new idea might be a new theory, a new product, a new solution to aproblem, or a conception for a piece of art. In order to have something different is to producesomething that is weird, distinctive and special. The new ideas are actually old ones rearrangedin a new way meaning that some improvement is occur by refer to the old one. This applies notjust to the creation of concept or the theories but also the launching of new fashion, new styleor cultural trends. Simply to say that ideas are usually composed of diffrent elements, and welook for new combination of ideas by joining different ideas together, erasing some elements,or replacing some elements by other ones. Let say we consider the idea of a cellphone. Thisidea is of course the combination of the wireless information transmission idea and the atelephone idea.Next, the principle is not all new ideas are on a par. Creativity is not simply just come upwith new and imaginative ideas. The kind of creativity that is valued is the ability to come upwith new and useful ideas. The ideas that creates a new trend or new style that makes someimpact. Creativity could be divided into two element such as cognitive and artistic creativity.
  4. 4. 4The artistic creativity consist in the creation of artwork and expressing someone ideas andemotions through various forms of art. Then, cognitive creativity is a matter of coming up withsolutions to practical or theoretical problems. It is includes for example creating a new scientifictheory, or maybe lauching a new commercial product. Cognitive creativity has two parts whichis the generation of new ideas and modification of new ideas. Let take one example, in order tobuild a rocket that flies to the moon, one should not violate logic or the laws of physics. Theevaluation of any proposal to solve a problem must involve good critical thinking.This is another principle of creativity which is creativity is enhanced by the ability todetect connections between ideas. We should see a connection between the subject matterone is interested in and other subjects. For example, consider the so-called "fastskin" swimsuitsthat was introduced by the company Speedo around 1996. They take the key consideration indesigning a swimsuit for athletes is to reduce some amount of drag over the surface of theswimsuit. Besides, the companys researchers noticed that sharks are able to move very fast inwater. This is because of V-shaped ridges. Researchers designed swimwear fabric emulatingsharkskin that produced less drag and turbulence. So, if we want to be creative, we must beready to find out connections between different areas means that we should have a wideknowledge base. Studying is not simply remembering bits and pieces of unrelated information.We should make sure that we look at the information we have from different angles,reformulate them systematically in a way to achieve better understanding.1.2 Principle of InnovationThere are some principles in innovation that could be considers. One of them is co-creating value with customers. In the new age of innovation, companies will co-create uniqueindividual solutions with customers. The number of customers each company can co-createwith might, in some cases, be virtually unlimited. Of course, there has always been a market forunique products, but this has tended to target a relatively small and exclusive customer group,and has been costly and time-consuming. Companies will need to use digital platforms tohandle a lot of customers in real time at the same time. In addition, companies mustcollaborate with other companies through different networks, sometimes forming partnerships.Another principle is accessing and combining globally that is dispersed knowledge. Nosingle location alone can provide all the knowledge required for innovation, in particular fordiscontinuous innovation in the form of new products and solutions or new business models.The innovation process is becoming global, requiring companies to access and combineknowledge that is available in different locations around the world. Certain knowledgeelements can be codified and accessed at a distance, but other knowledge elements are of atacit and context-specific nature, and remain embedded in their original localities.
  5. 5. 52.0 CREATIVITY IN PROBLEM SOLVING (CPS)People always have a problem even once. So, creativity is a tool that helps everyone re-define the problems that they face, then they come up with extraordinary ideas and then takean action on these new and imaginative ideas. Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes conducted aresearch on the steps that are involved when people solve problems. The result is they comeout with following 6 steps that are broken down into 3 levels. The levels are explore thechallenge, generate idea and prepare for action while all three steps are in between to eachlevel.2.1 Explore the Challenge2.1.1 Objective FindingObjective finding is could be a wish or a goal. This could also be a challenge and it mightbe the initial dissatisfaction or a desire that opens the door to using the CPS process. Objectiveis quite important in every problem that we want to solve otherwise put creativity inside theproblem. Without the objective we cannot simply solve the problem even it is not that bigproblem. For example, we have a cellphone that has camera but it can only just take a picturenot to record the video, so, there is objectives for the company to built and equip a camera in acellphone that can record the video.2.1.2 Fact FindingFact finding is one that gathering the data. It is means that an assess and review all thedata that pertains to the situation at hand. All 5W here are really important in order to gatherthe data which are who is involved, what is involved, when, where, and why it is important.Make a list of the facts and information, as well as the feelings, perceptions, assumptions andgossip around the situation. In this step, to review the objective and begin to innovate, all thedata is taken into consideration.2.1.3 Problem FindingFor this procedure, the facts is explore and data to find all the problems and challengesinherent in the situation, and all the opportunities they represent. Problem finding is oneimportant thing in CPS that is to clarify the problem. It is not so easy to clarify the problembecause there is some consideration should be taken. This is to make sure that you are focusingon the right problem. It is still possible with the wrong problem to come up with the rightanswer. Re-identify what you want or what is stopping you, just move on to what you have.
  6. 6. 62.2 Generate Idea2.2.1 Idea FindingBrainstorming is like thinking rapidly and use short time to take out the ideas, butgenerating ideas is much more than that. This is because to generate an outstanding idea takesmuch time and it is the best ideas can be build. Moreover, during this step, be vigilant orprecision about deferring judgment and coming up with wild, out-of-the-box ideas andoutrageous ideas. This is where we explore ideas and brainstorming of what that is possiblesolutions and has the most fun. From this also we need to wide to take risks, make connections,and try new combinations to find potentially innovative solutions.2.3 Prepare for Action2.3.1 Solution FindingIn solution finding we are able to try to strengthen and improve the best ideasgenerated. Next, produce and come out the criteria that need to be considered. It is to evaluatethe ideas for success. By then, apply that criteria as priority ideas and decide which are mostlikely to solve the redefined problem. Before it becomes the solution, the superb idea needs tomeet criteria that make it actionable. A creative idea is not really useful if it would not beimplemented.2.3.2 Acceptance FindingFinally, look around at who is responsible, then what has to be done by when, and whatresources are available in order to realize this idea as a full-fledged, activated solution.3.0 EXAMPLE AND APPLICATION OF CNI3.0.1 Example of Creativity and InnovationFirst of all, Ii had taken one example of creativity and innovation that is called ‘FastmacU-Socket USB(FUS)’. FUS is a combination of standard plug 240V power outlet with 2 USB3.0ports and called it U-Socket that is commonly used in mostly in notebook or some other devicessuch as iPhone, gaming device, digital camera, Kindle, an iPad and others. This ideas coming updue to have huge number of power adaptors and have limited space to used and apply theapplication of the devices. The two USB ports are USB3.0-compliant, have 12W of total chargingpower and are rated at 2.1A. Another nice feature of the U-Socket is that it is designed to cutoff power to the USB ports when nothing is plugged into them. That should put a stake throughthe heart of those vampire charging adaptors you leave in all the time.
  7. 7. 7Figure 3.0.1.a: Example of product application of CNI.3.1 Application of Creativity and InnovationThe application of creativity and innovation is that come from the principle itself. Wejust have the FUS example product of creativity and innovation. From the princple we can relatethat new ideas are composed of old elements, means that the creator to this new creativeproduct has come out with his idea that is from existing element and combining them to benew thing. In addition, it is called an innovation because it give a lots of benefits to their client.The company manage their people to be critical thinking is mostly about to produce correctthinking. As I mention before creativity is mainly about alternative possibilities which is how tocome up with new and useful ideas. Besides, it also co-creating value with customers. This canbe called innovation because there has always been a market for unique and creative products.This product is the solution to many problem such as power adaptors, availability of poweroutlet, save battery power for notebook with existing this product, save up space for anotherimportant ports used in notebook, and other purposes.In order to have new creative product, the company has come up with an objective thatto increase the marketing. So, this is where objective finding is now works. With this objective,their people have to generate the idea to identify the fact and problem finding. In problemfinding they have to find the problem that could be exist after make this product, then try toovercome with necessary ideas or action. For example, is it possible 2 ports of USB3.0 can
  8. 8. 8supply 12W charging power and produce 2.1A? So, then they have to find solution in order tomove on with this product. In addition, this product is improved to be eco-friendly which issuitable and good for the environment. The explaination is FUS’s built-in smart sensor whichautomatically detects required wattage and only outputs power when it is needed and shuts offwhen it is fully charged. So stop the energy waste and start saving money. It is good for theenvironment. Next, they have to generate ideas in order to complete the idea findings.Brainstorming and need to wide to take risks, make connections, and try new combinations tofind potentially innovative solutions. What the connection that we have? The link is betweenpower outlet and power adapter to the devices.Figure 3.1.a: Example product of CNIFastmac U-Socket is one of the best example present as creative and innovative becauseit gives several of advantages. Whether at home, office or when we are traveling, we are alwayshunting for a wall outlet to plug our chargers or adapters into but there are never enoughavailable outlets to charge all the devices. U-Socket is an AC receptacle with the added benefitof two built-in USB ports that can power any device that is charged via USB. Whether it is aniPhone, gaming device, digital camera, Kindle or an iPad, U-Socket can handle it all. Designed toreplace an existing 3-prong wall outlet, U-Socket eliminates the clutter of AC adapters that stickout and take up space.
  9. 9. 94.0 LATEST TECHNOLOGY – MACHINESNowadays, many machines have been made and there are a lots of latest technologyhad been released. I have choose one product machine from LG that catch my eyes to explore.It is one of the washing machine but what the inteesting is it can ‘refresh’ clothes withoutdetergent or water. It is called Washer Styler. This company develop new creative ideas thatpeople not even think yet that making waterless washing machine and now they made it. Thisunique product is designed for both washable and dry-cleanable clothes. The styler can refreshand deodorize multiple fabrics, from shirts, sweaters and ties, to suits and even thick wintercoats, so they stay wearable longer.5.0 RECENT/LATEST THEORY DEVELOPMENT OF CNIAt this part, for recent or latest theory development of creativity and innovation,I wouldlike to focusing more to the product designers. Product designers who are people that arepracticing creativity and innovation in their entire life because without them there is no existinginnovative product will be make. Product designers that can either work on completely newproducts or try to make improvements on existing products. They have to consider a range ofthings in their design, such as: How to make a product easier to use. Whether the finished product will be reliable. The manufacturing process and the materials that need to be used. How the product will increase the marketing.
  10. 10. 10 How to make a product more efficient, cheaper to produce or better looking. Is the product are suitable used for levels of age. Is the product look interesting for their client. What benefits will their client get.Product designers need to be able to look carefully at what is needed from theirproduct. This is means that they are required to fulfill customer needs and their product needs.Ideas then have to be researched and developed before a design proposal is produced. Productdesigners also cooperate with other skilled people such as engineers and model-makers inorder to have better products. They may also get involved with the manufacture and testing ofprototypes to evaluate how well they work.Designers may have to take part in meetings and presentations on a project. They mayalso put together bids and proposals for new work. From this meeting and presentation will tellaudience that what is product is all about.6.0 OTHERSIn this section, there are few quotes that related to the creativity and innovation. All thisquotes may increase our spirit to be more creative and innovative. There are:-1. “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Withoutcreativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the samepatterns.” —Edward de Bono.2. “There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it willnever exist through any other medium and it will be lost.” — Martha Graham.3. “It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always rightby having no ideas at all.” — Edward de Bono.4. “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” — Albert Einstein.5. “An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that existsonly as an idea.” — Edward de Bono.7.0 REFERENCES1.