Insomnia better sleep, better life


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Insomnia better sleep, better life

  1. 1. InsomniaBetter sleep, better life
  2. 2. Do youknow whatis Insomnia?
  3. 3. Insomnia is not a disease butone of sleep disorder symptom.
  4. 4. 2 types ofInsomnia
  5. 5. Primary Insomnia is a shortterm Insomnia that last only for days or weeks
  6. 6. secondary Insomnia isInsomnia that lasts for a month or longer.
  7. 7. Do you know? 54% suffers from Insomnia
  8. 8. Do you know? 50% of motor vehicle accidents and 30% of work-related accidents that are sleep related.
  9. 9. Do you know? A study about Insomnia to 370 Malaysians adults found that some of them confirmed 200 they suffered Insomnia at least twice a week. insomnia
  10. 10. What arethe causesof Insomnia?
  11. 11. Stress because S of money T R E S SStress because to much work load
  12. 12. Break up with your lover Traumatic event.Somebody you know is dead
  13. 13. Do you know that Insomniahappen because our bad habit or life style.
  14. 14. People who like to consume coffee are likely to become Insomnia
  15. 15. Alcohol can make you sleepy, however it could make you wake up in themidnight and lead to short term Insomnia
  16. 16. cold medicine or sleeping pill that is work as a medicineat first then become addict to it.
  17. 17. ? ? Who Is at ?? Risk for ? Insomnia? ? ?
  18. 18. Insomnia affects women more often than men.
  19. 19. Insomnia can occurs at any age.
  20. 20. Older adultsare more likely to haveInsomnia thanyounger people.
  21. 21. What isInsomniasymptom?
  22. 22. Awake so many time in the middle of night
  23. 23. Wakeup too early
  24. 24. Feel as if you haventslept at all because you still sleepy after sleep
  25. 25. Sleep for only short periods1 A.M 6 A.M 3 A.M
  26. 26. Cannot sleep evenafter you lie in the bed for a long time.
  27. 27. How to treatInsomnia
  28. 28. Lifestyle changes often can help relieve primary Insomnia
  29. 29. L Read book before sleepifestyle Changes
  30. 30. L Listen to soothing musicifestyle Changes
  31. 31. L Take a bathifestyle Changes
  32. 32. L Daily exerciseifestyleC h a n g e s
  33. 33. T Some therapyH can release ourE stress andR candle therapy is good forAP InsomniaY
  34. 34. Yoga is oneof the wayhow treatInsomnia because yoga can less yourstress and yourdepressed
  35. 35. ME Some medicine areD good because it canI make you sleep.C However seek aI doctor so you canN know what is theE best for you.S
  36. 36. Insomnia is one of barriers in life. You may found it notimportant because it just sleep disorder. However, you must realized that many car accident happened due the lacks of sleep of the driver. You must remember better sleep, better life.
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