A Tale of Two Shopping Carts - Cart66 vs WooCommerce


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One challenge with implementing eCommerce for your website is trying to determine the right shopping cart for your business. There are so many choices to choose from and each the effort to setup different shopping cart solutions ranges in complexity.

A few key questions business owners need to ask to select the right shopping cart includes:

What are you going to sell? Digital or Physical products?
How are you going to sell the products? PayPal, eJunkie, Hosted Shopping Carts, Self-Hosted WordPress Shopping Carts
What is the size of your product catalog?
How will the product be delivered? Shipping or Digital delivery?
How will you collect payment?
What is the user’s experience purchasing your product?

In this presentation, you’ll learn the following:

Advantages and disadvantages of hosted vs self-hosted shopping carts
Learn a simple eCommerce Blueprint with no upfront costs
Overview of two free shopping cart solutions with professional upgrade paths – Cart66 and WooCommerce

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A Tale of Two Shopping Carts - Cart66 vs WooCommerce

  1. 1. A Tale of Two Shopping Carts  Andy  Makar  h+p://www.amakar.com    
  2. 2. What you’ll learn..•  Advantages  and  disadvantages  of  hosted  vs  self-­‐hosted  shopping  carts  •  Learn  a  simple  eCommerce  Blueprint  with  no  upfront  costs  •  Overview  of  two  free  shopping  cart  soluBons  with  professional  upgrade  paths  –  Cart66  and  WooCommerce  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  3. 3. Who  wants  to  make  a  buck  with  their  Wordpress  website?  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  4. 4. What are you going to sell?•  Physical  Products  •  Shipping  •  Sales  Tax      •  Digital  Products  •  PDFs  •  Templates  •  Videos  •  Mp3  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  5. 5. How are you going to sell?•  PayPal  •  E-­‐Junkie  •  Hosted  Shopping  Carts  •  Shopify,  Yahoo  Commerce,  Dynamic  Pages,  Volusion  •  Monthly  fees  •  Self-­‐Hosted  Shopping  Carts  •  Wordpress  •  3rd  Party  Carts  •  Free  and  one-­‐Bme  costs  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  6. 6. What is the size of yourproduct catalog?•  1  product  •  10  products  •  5000  products    •  Your  product  inventory  is  one  requirement  that  determines  the  shopping  cart  soYware  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  7. 7. How will you deliver theproduct to the customer?•  Digital  Download  •  How  do  you  ensure  SUCCESSFUL  delivery?    •  Physical  Product  Shipping  •  Integrate  with  UPS  or  USPS  •  Need  to  calculate  shipping  costs  •  Need  to  collect  sales  tax  for  in-­‐state  sales  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  8. 8. How will you get paid?•  PayPal  (Standard,  Professional,  Express)  •  Pros  and  Cons    •  Credit  Card  Processor  •  2checkout  •  Authorize.net  •  Google  Checkout  •  Amazon  Payments    h+p://www.amakar.com  
  9. 9. What’s the user experience?•  Take  payments  directly  on  your  site    •  Requires  a  Secure  Socket  Layer  cerBficate  ($60  per  year  plus  config)  •  Create  the  h+ps://  encrypBon  layer  to  capture  credit  cards  •  Pass  the  user  to  a  Payment  processor  •  Security  is  provided  by  the  payment  processor  •  User  is  redirected  to  payment  processor  •  Redirect  to  your  site  upon  checkout  h+p://www.amakar.com  Is  it  secure?  Am  I  done?  
  10. 10. Lots of decisions and solutionsh+p://www.amakar.com  
  11. 11. Would a Shopping Cart Blueprint help?•  Bootstrap  your  business  and  grow    •  What  will  you  sell  :  Physical  and  Digital  products    •  How  will  you  sell  :  Self  Hosted  Wordpress  Shopping  Cart    •  How  will  you  deliver:  Digital  delivery  and  Shipping  CalculaBons    •  How  will  you  get  paid:  PayPal  or  2Checkout  (credit  cards)  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  12. 12. Let’s meet our business ownersSingle  Product  Sam    •  Sells  a  single  digital  eBook  product  on  his  blog  •  Goals  to  expand  product  line  to  12  digital  products    Product  Mogul  Paul  •  Owns  a  bricks-­‐n-­‐clicks  storefront  who  sells  thousands  of  products  from  mulBple  suppliers  online  and  in  the  store  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  13. 13. Expectations•  Must  provide  posiBve  sales  experience    •  Customer  prefers  credit  card  payment  although  a  subset  will  use  PayPal  •  Both  use  Wordpress  to  promote  their  business  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  14. 14. Sam’s Story•  Selected  Cart66  -­‐  h+p://www.cart66.com  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  15. 15. Cart66 Features•  Deployed  as  a  bu+on  •  Any  Wordpress  page  or  post  can  have  a  Cart66  product  bu+on  •  You  also  need  to  create  a  page  for  the  product  you  want  to  sell  •  One  product  per  page  •  Many  products  per  page  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  16. 16. h+p://www.amakar.com  
  17. 17. Click  download  to  obtain  the  product  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  18. 18. Cart66 Administration - Reportingh+p://www.amakar.com  
  19. 19. Flexible configuration optionsh+p://www.amakar.com  
  20. 20. Cart66 Payment GatewaysPro  Version  has  many  gateway  opBons  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  21. 21. or ?•  Provide  both  opBons  •  Many  customers  sBll  don’t  trust  or  understand  PayPal  •  Customers  like  credit  cards  •  With  PayPal  Standard  internaBonal  sales  are  not  always  accepted  due  to  PayPal  seller  protecBon  •  2Checkout  is  an  excellent  compliment  for  credit  cart  processing  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  22. 22. and feesPayPal   2Checkout                              h+p://www.amakar.com  
  23. 23. Add a Product to Cart66Amazon  S3  IntegraBon  Folder  /  filename  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  24. 24. Add a Product to a Pageh+p://www.amakar.com  
  25. 25. Cart 66 Professional Integration Features•  More  payment  gateway  support  (including  2checkout)  •  Shipping  •  Google  AnalyBcs    •  Affiliate  programs  •  Email  MarkeBng  • Support  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  26. 26. Cart 66 Pricingh+p://www.amakar.com  
  27. 27. Sam’s Story•  Started  with  the  free  version  of  Cart66  •  Easily  integrated  his  eBook  product  into  his  blog  and  single  sales  page  •  Accepted  PayPal  payments  •  AYer  a  few  sales  •  Upgraded  to  Professional  version  •  Integrated  addiBonal  payment  gateways  •  Integrated  email  markeBng  with  shopping  cart  to  grow  an  email  list  •  Planning  the  launch  of  his  2nd  and  3rd  eBook  products  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  28. 28. Cart66 Lessons Learned•  Digital  downloads  with  Amazon  S3  is  very  easy  to  implement  •  Every  product  has  to  be  added  as  its  own  bu+on  using  their  short  codes  •  Pre-­‐Sales  support  is  helpful  •  Overall  and  excellent  soluBon  for  the  business  owner  with  a  handful  of  products  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  29. 29. Paul’s StoryThousands  of  products  selected  from  mulBple  vendor  catalogs  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  30. 30. http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce•  Full  featured  shopping  cart  soYware  running  within  Wordpress  •  Can  be  used  for  a  handful  of  products  or  an  enBre  product  catalog  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  31. 31. WooCommerce Features•  Deployed  as  an  enBre  shopping  cart  system  •  Products  are  added  to  the  online  store  •  Built-­‐in  widgets  to  promote  and  sell  throughout  Wordpress  site  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  32. 32. WooCommerce Shop vs Sales Page•  Users  can  navigate  to  the  Shop  to  browse  all  products      h+p://www.amakar.com  
  33. 33. WooCommerce Shop vs Sales Page•  Individual  sales  pages  can  be  setup  with  links  to  the  product  in  the  shop  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  34. 34. WooCommerce Checkout ProcessCoupon  Code  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  35. 35. WooCommerce Payment Gatewaysh+p://www.amakar.com  
  36. 36. WooCommerce Built In Sales Reportingh+p://www.amakar.com  
  37. 37. Configuration Optionsh+p://www.amakar.com  
  38. 38. Add a Product to the Catalogh+p://www.amakar.com  
  39. 39. Add a Producth+p://www.amakar.com  
  40. 40. h+p://www.amakar.com  
  41. 41. Virtual Product SupportPaste  Amazon  S3  URL  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  42. 42. Do I have to add 1000 products manually?Alas…it  is  not  free!  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  43. 43. Pricing•  WooCommerce  is  free  and  includes  basic  PayPal  integraBon  with  flat-­‐fee  shipping    •  AddiBonal  funcBonality  is  available  via  professional  plugins  •  Comma  Separate  Value  Import  plugin  •  2Checkout  Payment  gateway  •  Email  markeBng  integraBon  •  UPS  and  USPS  shipping  integraBon    •  Amazon  S3  IntegraBon  (if  pasBng  a  URL  is  too  complex  J  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  44. 44. WooCommerce Professional Extensionsh+p://www.amakar.com  
  45. 45. WooCommerce Lessons Learned•  Feature  rich  tool  with  email  support  •  Shopping  cart  layout  constraints  •  Issue:  Added  too  much  product  informaBon  in  the  short  descripBon  field  •  AddiBonal  features  are  supported  at  a  cost  •  Shipping  and  Payment  gateways  integrate  easily  •  Excellent  tool  for  small  and  large  shopping  carts  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  46. 46. Paul’s Story•  Installed  WooCommerce  with  CSV  and  Shipping  plugin  •  Builds  a  data  file  from  3  vendor  catalogs  and  imports  •  ImplemenBng  an  inventory  management  process  with  WooCommerce  •  Integrated  a  Wordpress  blog  to  promote  products  •  Accepted  PayPal  payments  •  Considering  adding  addiBonal  plugins  to  support  video  downloads  and  email  list  integraBon    h+p://www.amakar.com  
  47. 47. Total Cost of Ownership - ProfessionalCart66  •  Single  Site  License:  $89  •  1  Year  Support  •  Free  Upgrades  •  Total:  $89  WooCommerce  •  Single  Site  License:  Free  •  Unlimited  Support  •  Shipping  Plugin:  $49  •  Payment  Gateway:  $49  •  CSV  Import:  $99  •  Total:  $197  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  48. 48. Questions?h+p://www.amakar.com  
  49. 49. Where can I get this presentation?  Need  some  help?      h+p://www.amakar.com    h+p://www.amakar.com  
  50. 50. Additional Information•  Sales  Pages  •  How  to  deliver  digital  products  for  free  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  51. 51. Want to Create Great Sales Pages?h+p://www.amakar.com  
  52. 52. Two Excellent Plugins•  h+p://www.amakar.com/shortcode      •  h+p://www.amakar.com/instabuilder  Create  squeeze  pages,  sales  pages,  video  sales  pages  and  format  all  your  pages  without  wriBng  a  single  line  of  CSS  h+p://www.amakar.com  
  53. 53. How do I deliver files for free?•  Amazon  S3  –  h+p://www.amazon.com/s3  •  Setup  an  account  •  Setup  “buckets”  •  Upload  a  file  via  a  browser  •  Set  permissions  •  Include  link  to  file  in  shopping  cart  h+p://www.amakar.com