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Clara wrote about her experiences in Antalya.

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Trip to Antalya_Clara

  1. 1.  In this diary I wrote all the things that happened in this nice trip!! Antalya´s Camp 2012 =)
  2. 2.  Itwas Wednesday, I was very nervous because Antalya is far from Spain. And this was the first time that I was in a plane… At 8:00 h we were all ready in the train station , we went by train to Madrid.
  3. 3.  We were in Madrid , and then we went to Baraja ´s airport. And then to the plane… I liked the plane! I could see all the sky and the Mediterranean´s sea. . In the plane I listened to music and I was talking with Alicia and Marta. 4 hours later we were in Istambul.
  4. 4.  I liked when the plane lands… We went to Antalya by another plane and 1h later we arrived to Antalya ´s airport. Then we went by bus to the hotel, it is called Mirada del Mar hotel. I was in the hotel having dinner at :01:30 h… I was very tired and I went to sleep with Marta to our room, the number 119.
  5. 5.  We got up at 7:45 h, we went to have breakfast and then we did some groups to work. This day we had a workshop , it was about games; we did a game. After lunch we went to play sports, I was in the yellow team, WE WERE THE CHAMPIONS! Then we had free time, we were all the afternoon in the swimming pool…
  6. 6.  We went to have dinner and after that, at 21:30 we celebrated our Country. We saw presentations of all the countries; and we presented Spain, with videos and photos.
  7. 7.  Like all the days we got up and we had breakfast and then we went to the workshops. We had a sciences workshop , called sciences for fun. We did some experiments. After lunch, we went to Antalya old town and Mini City.
  8. 8.  Antalya is a very nice city. And Mini City was a type of museum with small monuments of all Turkey. In Antalya we went shopping.Then we returned to the hotel. We were taking photos. After dinner we went to the disco! It was very funny we were dancing and having fun. Then we went to sleep.
  9. 9.  At 10:00 h we had the last workshop of our trip.. It was a workshop with I Pads.It was very interesting, we did trailers of movies with an aplication. Our trailer was called Lost in Mirada, here is the link: After lunch we had a treasure hunt. It was not very funny because they didn´t explain us the rules very well and anyone couldn´t resolve all the questions… But the good thing was that ALL WE WERE THE CHAMPIONS!
  10. 10.  Then,at the free time we went first to the swimming pool and then Alicia and Marta went to the gym. Laura, Carmen , Victor and me went to theTurkish bath; it was a very hot room , we were throwing water to ourselves and there was hot rocks… It was really cool.
  11. 11.  After that we went to have dinner and then, the last night…. we had an European Talent Show. All the countries did very interesting things , they danced, they sang… We danced La ranita ! I really liked the action of the rumanian team , two girls sang very good!
  12. 12.  Itwas the last day , I was sad. This night Marta and me were talking of all the things we did, all the people we meet. We couldn´t sleep … We had breakfast and then we went to look for our bags, we said good bye to all the people…
  13. 13.  At 8:15 we were going out of the hotel. We mounted in a bus and we went to Antalya. Then, we went to Istambul by plane, I have to say that the food of the plane was good! In Istambul I was sad because I wasn´t in Antalya… but also I was nervous and happy because I went to SPAIN again to see my family.
  14. 14.  We were in the plane at 4:30 h more or less, the plane was cool because it had small screens with films, games, music… All was good but… There were turbulences!!, I hate it, I was a bit scared… After that all was funny I saw a film and I was talking with Alicia and Carmen. Then…. We arrived to SPAIN! We arrived to Ávila by train at 9:30h, I was tired. It was the end of our fantastic trip!!
  15. 15. I am not going to forget Antalyanever… because of her mountains,the beach and of course all thepeople that I meet there…