The Sheriff of Nottingham by Hannah Markay
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The Sheriff of Nottingham by Hannah Markay






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The Sheriff of Nottingham by Hannah Markay The Sheriff of Nottingham by Hannah Markay Presentation Transcript

  • The Sheriff of „Nottingham‟ was the legal authority appointed by the King to keep law and order in the area.
  • The city of Nottingham didn‟t have a Sheriff until 1449.(This was 70 years after the first literal references) The Sheriff of Nottingham was actually the Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire However, Prince John did appoint a city „reeve‟ who had responsibilities similar to those of the Sheriff
  •  He was responsible for seizing outlaws‟ (law breakers) property. He would administer justice in the shires He would collect taxes
  •  The Sheriff was appointed by the King but he was not paid for his efforts On the contrary, he actually had to pay the King a sum called a „farm‟ to keep his position. However, the Sheriff made a lot of money through bribery to perform false arrests and collecting more taxes than necessary form his poor subjects(something he did not mention to the King!)
  • He had the responsibility He would punish those of ensuring that who poached (killed traders could pass illegally) the King‟s safely through deer Sherwood Forest
  •  The position of the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire , Derbyshire and the Royal Forest existed between 1068 until 1568 King Richard the Lion heart became King in 1189 Prince John tried to rebel against his brother, King Richard, while he his brother was off fighting in the Third Crusade (1189- 1192) Prince John was proclaimed King of England in 1199 after King Richard died, shot in his own castle.
  • When Robin Hood was only sixteen he became an orphan. He lost both his father, a forester, and his mother, the niece of a knight, to a terrible illness. He wandered around Sherwood until he shot one of the King‟s deer out of hunger. The young Sheriff of Nottingham captured and arrested Robin and sentenced him to death. However, at the last minute, he was rescued by a band of thieves and hunters who lived in the forest.
  • Possible explanations: He was embarrassed that he let Robin Hood escape. He was jealous of Robin Hood‟s lady, Maid Marian. Robin Hood was forever getting in his way of keeping law and order in the city.
  •  1)Which two shires did the Sheriff administer? 2) What was the name of the sum he had to pay the king? 3)How did the Sheriff make his money? 4) Who was the Sheriff‟s main rival? 5) How old was his rival when they first met? 6) Which crusade did King Richard fight in? 7) Name two reasons the Sheriff and Robin could have been enemies. 8)What animal is the Sheriff in the Disney version? 9) What does “poaching” mean? 10)What was the name of King Richard‟s brother?
  •  The Guy of Gisborne
  •  Some versions say he was a strong and powerful knight, even more important than the Sheriff Others say he was a landless knight who was a bully and a the right hand man of the Sheriff
  •  One day in the forest, Guy who was dressed in horse‟s was hunting for Robin under the Sheriff‟s orders. Robin Hood saw the stranger and challenged him to a archery contest. None of the fellow knew the other‟s true identity. After Robin Hood displayed his skills (“worthy of the true Robin Hood himself”), Guy of Gisborne introduces himself and states his business. Robin Hood says I am the man you seek. They draw swords and duel to the death of Guy.
  •  Guy was under orders from the Sheriff to capture and kill Robin Hood. However, he also had a personal rivalry with Robin. He was in competition with Robin for Maid Marian‟s affection and never got over the fact that she chose Robin.
  •  Was the unpopular brother of Sir Richard the Lion Heart. While King Richard was off fighting in the third crusade, Prince John was in power and conspired with the King of France to take over. However, when the King returned, he fled England, fearing his brother‟s punishment. He became King after his brother‟s death in 1199 He was an disliked leader: he lost most of his land to the French, fought with the archbishop of Canterbury (and got excommunicated by the pope), and ordered the first income tax.
  •  Prince John (authority) Sheriff of Nottingham (right hand man) Guy of Gisborne (hired assassin)
  •  Wizard of Oz Dorothy Green Yellow Brick Road
  •  The Lion King Simba Mufasa Stampede
  •  Little Mermaid Ariel Octopus Sea
  •  Robin Hood Prince John Guy of Gisborne law
  •  Star Wars Luke Father Mask
  •  Harry Potter „He who must not be named‟ magic Nose
  •  Bram Stoker Fang Blood Vampire
  •  Doctor Jekyll Alter ego Scientist Bad side
  •  Alice and Wonderland Cards Hedgehogs Croquet
  •  Peter Pan Alligator Clock Pirate
  •  Lord of the Rings Eye Ring Frodo
  •  Oliver Twist Pick- pocket Nancy Dog
  •  The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Narnia Snow Aslan
  •  Treasure Island Pirate Parrot Jim Hawkins
  •  101 Dalmatians Fur coat Black and white dogs