Comenius pupil evaluation spanish students


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Comenius pupil evaluation spanish students

  1. 1. COMENIUS LEGENDS ACROSS EUROPE- PUPIL EVALUATION SUMMARYActivity/School:Comenius visit to Meadowhead School bystudents from IES Alonso de Madrigal, Avila.Age group:15-16What have you enjoyed most about this activity? What did you like best?• I’ve enjoyed everything. I liked meeting new people the best, visiting Whitby andwatching a play in English• I have enjoyed everything but the best thing is that I have met a lot of new peopleand I came back to Spain with new friends. I have had really good moments, forexample, when we went shopping or the Car in Sheffield. I am going to remembereverything and miss everybody so much.• I liked it a lot, the drama lessons and the music lessons (the lessons with my partner)because I meet new friends but I liked going to the bowling alley and shopping withmy partners the best. I enjoyed going out and telling ghost stories in Whitby andexploring Sheffield with my English friends.• I enjoyed going to Robin Hood’s bay, and the tour that we did in Whitby. I also likemeeting my partner’s school friends. I really enjoyed going shopping in Robin Hood’sbay and the best part of the travel was visiting different cities and towns and gettingto see the different costumes. I enjoyed the whole experience.• I’ve met new people and now I have got a lot of new friends. I’ve improved myEnglish and I think that the best thing we did is the trip to Whitby.• The activity I enjoyed most was going to Whitby, I also enjoyed going to activitiesafter school with my partner like ice skating, meet other people in the house of mypartner and go shopping. I like the experience because not everybody can have thisexperience and we are fortunate to have experienced it. My English family havebeen really friendly with me and they have given me a lot of presents, I will really missthem.• The best thing I have done in this exchange is know my English family because theyare really nice and I love them. The most I enjoyed about this activity is that I havemet a lot of new people, made new friends and got to know other cultures. I enjoyedWhitby, it was a beautiful town and I enjoyed Sheffield too. The people in Sheffieldare really friendly and everyone has accepted us. I can’t say anything bad about thisweek, because it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve learnt I like thetheatre, enjoy speaking English and can also speak a little Finnish.• My best experience in Sheffield has been meeting new friends and differentcostumes. When we went to Whitby I loved learning about Dracula’s history and seethe beautiful town. My English family have really looked after me.• I loved the trip to Whitby and Robin Hood’s bay.
  2. 2. What new ideas or information have you learned from this activity?• I learnt some words in Finnish.• I have learnt new vocabulary and some words in Finnish. I have learnt a lot of newthings about Sheffield and England and the typical costumes here.• I learn English a lot and to take care of myself.• I have learned that in most of the legends there are heroes and villains, and in thepresent day we have these characters too. I have also learnt how the people livehere in England and the different types of food that I have never tried before. Theculture is very different to ours.• I’ve learnt Finnish and learnt a lot more English, we have also visited new place andlearnt about English costumes.• I have learnt that this experience is very interesting because I have learnt a lot ofthings like meeting new people from other countries and I can communicate withthem.• I learnt lots of things from learning the present day English and Finnish culture andhow to perform a piece of drama, whilst understanding people’s language.• I have learned how to act in the theatre, before I didn’t any how to play in thetheatre. I have also learnt that in one society there are modern heroes and villains.• I’ve learnt a lot of new vocabulary; I have also learnt how to communicate withpeople in a foreign language.What have you least enjoyed or found some difficulty with?• I didn’t enjoy the 30minute walk to school from my partner’s house and trying tounderstand the family.• I have loved everything, but I found it difficult filming the play as I had to movearound the hall• I found some difficulties the first day with the parents, but then after a few days I wasable to speak well and understand the parents. Spanish and Finnish students found itdifficult to get on the plane as they felt dizzy.• I didn’t enjoy the hours spent travelling on the coach and plane; I also found itdifficult to understand the teacher in the lessons.• Sometimes it was difficult to understand the family.• I found it difficult to understand the teachers in the lessons and when they spokequickly to me.• I found it difficult when people spoke to me quickly with an English accent, but bythe end of the week I have learned a lot and now understand most things.• I found some of the lessons boring especially when I couldn’t understand thelanguage.• I least enjoyed the travelling between places.
  3. 3. What would you like to change if you did this activity again?• I would like to go to school by car• I wouldn’t change any activities, only change I’d like would to be stay longer such as2 weeks or a month as I want to stay longer• Visit a more popular English city such as Liverpool, Manchester or London.• I’d like to stay in the country longer and not have classes• It should last longer• I would change the time, I want to stay 2 weeks,• I wouldn’t change anything activity wise, it has been perfect. The weather has beenbad but we were lucky it didn’t rain.• I think we should stay here longer as 5 days is not long enough.• I would like to spend more time in England and visit more of Sheffield and the regionaround it.Any other comments?• I would like to come here again; it has been a very special experience.• It has been a really good experience and I hope that I can come here again to visitmy English family.• No, because it has all been so good (the teachers, the pupils and the differentculture. This is an experience to remember.• It’s a good experience• I want to say thanks to EVERYBODY for this great experience.• The experience has been incredible, I’d like to repeat this experience• Maybe when were in Spain before we go to England we could have more rehearsalsand talk more about the exchange and time to prepare.