Comenius pupil evaluation meadowhead students (y13)


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Comenius pupil evaluation meadowhead students (y13)

  1. 1. COMENIUS LEGENDS ACROSS EUROPE- PUPIL EVALUATIONSchool: Meadowhead Community Learning College Year: 13What have you enjoyed most about this activity? What did you like best?• Being able to become friends with people I would have otherwise never met. Thedifferences between cultures were really interesting and I became close to myexchange. She felt like a sister by the end of the week.• Meeting new people and seeing how culture, history and habits can affect the waypeople relate to and view the world around them.• The trip to Finland without a doubt was the best part of the project. Finland is not adestination that I would have considered previously and it is surely not a countrywhere I would visit with my family. Getting to experience another culture as part ofanother family was nothing short of amazing. We were not just tourists in anothercountry but we were living as if we were part of our Finnish family. The activities wepartook in were typically Finnish and they were all very enjoyable. Finland is abeautiful country and I am glad that I got to see it first-hand. It was an amazingexperience and I am very grateful that I was offered the opportunity. Hosting myexchange partner was great fun and slightly tiring (only because I kept worryingabout her) but an amazing experience none the less. The performance thatconcluded two years’ worth of work was outstanding and allowed us all to drawtogether everyone’s individual experience with the project.• I enjoyed our trip to Whitby, even though my tour didn’t go as well as I’d hoped,apparently maps work better if you hold them the right way up who knew? Myexchange really enjoyed the amusements because you can’t gamble until you’reeighteen in Finland. Also the fish and chips were gorgeous. But to be honest I enjoyedthe trip to Finland more, I had less responsibility, and the pre-Christmas party was myfavourite activity. Santa Claus brought me prank tea-bags which I enjoyed and mysister didn’t.• I enjoyed learning about the different legends which take place in our own countryas well as the ones which take place in Spain and Finland. I also really enjoyed visitingFinland and staying with the host family whilst there.
  2. 2. What new ideas or information have you learned from this activity?• That everybody has legends and the theme of bravery is common to everyone.• I learnt some vocal-packed Finnish words, local legends and interesting aspects ofthe culture of Finland and Spain.• The whole concept of international legends was not something I had studied orresearched before the project. Learning about Finnish legends in particular wasfascinating as the culture is so very different to that of England. However it was morethan just learning about other legends. This project also gave me the opportunity toindependently lead English lessons within a school environment, develop mycommunication skills as a result and give me more confidence.• When I led a group of students round Whitby, which was unfamiliar, it made me feelmore confident in my leadership abilities. It was also my first exchange which was anenriching experience. Staying with a family I’d never met was nerve-racking but it allworked out and I learnt a lot about Finland from them.• I learned some basic greetings in Finnish which made it a little easier to communicatewith them whilst I was in Finland. I also learned about the different Spanish and Finnishlegend which was really interesting.What have you least enjoyed or found some difficulty with?• I had trouble communicating• Due to the short amount of time, it was sometimes hard and tiring to try to fiteverything in.• While I genuinely enjoyed the entire project, there were some aspects which I founddifficult. One of them was attempting to maintain my workload while hosting myexchange partner. As I am in my final year and just about to sit my final A-Levelexams, I had a lot of homework, coursework and exam preparation to completeduring the time I was hosting. The main concern was that I didn’t want to appearrude or unwelcoming. I did manage to complete my work, but I couldn’t spend asmuch time as I would have wanted to and it involved some very late nights! This isn’ta fault of the project but comes with the territory. I only mention this as the youngerY9 students seem to have got more out of the project as a result. The languagebarrier also proved difficult. While my partner had a good grasp of the EnglishLanguage, she was not confident enough in her ability (even though it was verygood!) to speak much.• It was exhausting to have responsibility for someone else’s wellbeing for a week andsometimes difficult to keep conversations going. Also, Finnish is a hard language tolearn.• There wasn’t really any aspect of the project which I didn’t enjoy. However, becauseboth the trip and the hosting took place during our last year at school, we had a lotof work to catch up on which made the trip less enjoyable.
  3. 3. What would you like to change if you did this activity again?• If I were to do it again I would like more time, there was lots I wasn’t able to do.• I would have liked to have more family time in both Finland and England to be ableto relax and get to know the kind and interesting family hosting me a bit better.• The entire project has been an amazing experience, and there is nothing to do withthe content that I would change. I only wish the trip to Finland had been during aschool holiday to minimise the amount of catch up work I had to do when wereturned. I would also have liked to spend more time with my partner when theyvisited England as the rehearsals took up a lot of time and I felt like the week movedtoo quickly. But I would not hesitate to join a similar project in the future as this hasbeen just the best experience.• Not much. I’d make it longer!• If I was to do the activity again I would like to have stayed in Finland longer and havemy exchange over in England for longer as well. There was so much that I wanted tosee in Finland and because the trip was only 5 days we didn’t get to see everything.It would have been nicer to show the Finnish people more of Sheffield as well.Any other comments?• Thank you for the opportunity! It was really incredible.