The midnight forum


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The midnight forum

  1. 1. – Learning to DJ – Entrepreneurship– MC/ Rapping – Leadership– Graffiti – Recognizing Assets– Visual Art – Community Organizing*Lectures are part of Spring, Summer, and Fall workshops held annually at the New Community for Children in D.C
  2. 2. The music you are hearing isfrom “Cipher”, one of the cd’sproduced by youth of theMidnight forum program.Major social change issuesaddressed by the lyrics on thiscd: 1. The Intro (ft. Antonio & DJFreestyle)• HIV Awareness 2. WAR (ft. Antonio & Domo)• Gentrification 3. In Case You Didnt Know (ft. Gabby & Antonio) 4. Recession Blues (ft. Nate & Erix)• The Recession/ Youth jobs 5. Todays News (ft. Domo & Antonio)• Protecting the Environment 6. Move It On (ft. Gabby, Antonio & Domo) 7. Its Me (ft. Domo & DJFreestyle) 8. Who We Are (ft. Antonio & Gabby) 9. The River (ft. Nate & G-Sharp) 10. I Gotta Live Here (ft. Nate & G-Sharp) 11. Bonus Beat (ft. DJFreestyle)
  3. 3. THAT’S , WHAT ELSE DO THEY DO? Past projects put together by students include: • Midnight Forum Mix CD (volume 1 and 2) • Mt. Pleasant St. graffiti/ murals • W.A.Y. too cool to smoke party The staff members also host promo parties at nightclubs around the D.C area Midnight Forum also has a L.E.A.P program that reaches out to elementary students from 1st- 6th grades
  4. 4. The D.C. Mural Initiative is a collaboration of D. C. Commissionon the Arts and Humanities, Councilman Jim Graham of D.C’sWard 1, and non profit youth organizations including MidnightForum, Words Beats Life, and Albus Cavus, along withprofessional artists in the area.Their intent is to minimize illegal graffiti by encouraging youthto create positive graffiti murals around the city.
  5. 5. “My Murals program has taken off. With the DC Commission on the Arts and the Humanities (DCCAH), and the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Midnight Forum we produced seven new murals today, October 26, 2010. Here I am with the artist.” – Councilman Jim Graham The event was held in front of the Ward 1 mural located in the 700 block of ColumbiaRoad, NW at the new Bruce Monroe Park (Afterwards we took a tour of the other 6 muralsthroughout the city. I launched the MuralsDC program in 2007, to combat the growing trend ofillegal graffiti and reduce urban blight. DPW receives $100,000 in funding for the program throughmy committee, the Committee on Public Works, and works with DCCAH and the MidnightForum, a non-profit after school arts program, to locate potential mural sites and artists. By pairinglocal artists with District youth, the program provides a positive learning environment for youth toexpress their artistic talent, respect public and private property, and gain greater communityappreciation.Through the program, 27 works of public art have been installed throughout Wards1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, since its inception. Murals are installed in neighborhoods, or onproperties, hardest hit by graffiti.*material on this page is from Graham’s blog, “DC Unveils Seven New Public Art Murals”,, accessed on 4Dec. 2010
  6. 6. The Murals done by the Midnight Forum can be found around D.C. in the 1st, 7th, and 8th wards. They began in Ward 1, where they havereceived continued support from Councilman Jim Graham
  7. 7. Executive Director of the Midnight Forum, DJ “Tru”Painter, also started a radio program on WPFW called“Decipher”, which now has various sub- programs formusic and advocacy. “Decipher” archives can be foundon WPFW website, as seen below:
  8. 8. • Visit Midnight Forum’s website at:• Updates on the DC murals: initiative• Decipher’s Show on WPFW: archived-shows.html