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  • 1. World Englishes
  • 2.  Read through the given lyrics and underline the words that you do not understand.  Comment on the comprehensibility of the lyrics.  Listen to the audio file and try to guess where these lyrics are from.  Play the video file and check your answers.
  • 3. I've been known to swear I wear apparel from Fox Racing I say 'Nah but yeah' If there's a wall I'll go deface it Love the Bundy Bear But not a drop bear when I'm camping I've got manky hair I don't wash my hair I roll my own smokes My mates are all blokes But we're not queer YEAH Cause we drink beer YEAH
  • 4. Go Rex theater May be later Can go eat Hey Eat Briyani With a lot of curry Buy CD Hey Smoke beedi Hey!!
  • 5. Going to friends house for mehmoni Drinking chai Hey Drinking Chai Hey Drinking chai Hey Drinking chai with lots of Jalabi and ferini So much shirini Hey Getting force to eat eat eat Eat eat ea ea eat..
  • 6. A baby duck still, inside the egg shell, It tastes good It's called balut I eat my ulam, rice and sawsawan with my hands, i close open, you have two godparents I have ten...
  • 7. If I'm heading somewhere, I'll get there on my polar bear Maybe I'll see some of my fur trader friends Either way every day we work as a lumberjack Should I give this seal a nice whack
  • 8. I like the noodle but not As much s rice ahh Have love for the food and I eat it with Shiracha It burn in mouth it So good I like the taste White food sucks What the fuck is pasta
  • 9. Now look over there A trendy bar serves beer Right out of Jars Look over there A carlton fan Looking down in despair Look over there A hipster riding his Fixed gear bicycle Over there Check out his hair