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About WJ Bradley
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About WJ Bradley


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  • 1. W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital Corp. Best- In-Class
  • 2. W.J. Bradley’s Philosophy and Strategy
    • WJB’s business model was established on the philosophy that attracting the industry’s highest quality sales management and production personnel would in turn be a conduit for forming and building profitable partnerships.
      • We pride ourselves in recruiting only the best and most experienced Loan Officers to join our team. By partnering with WJB, your joining a company that is exceptionally talented and knowledgeable for our mortgage industry.
      • We have made significant investments in our infrastructure to ensure that the quality of our business tools, as our “Pillars of Success,” is industry-leading.
  • 3. WJB’s Philosophy and Strategy (cont’d)
    • We believe that through structure and leadership, you can enable people in very entrepreneurial ways to feel both empowered and aligned in our company goals and objectives. WJB’s business model nurtures a collective vision and leverages the spirit of entrepreneurship to deliver it.
    • Our vision is to operate as a extremely high end, boutique residential mortgage originator. We are designed to attract and support the Best- In-Class mortgage professionals.
    • W.J. Bradley thrives on performance, accountability and discipline. WJB’s believe in transparency. Combine our culture with our Pillars of Success and you have the highest quality platform in today's residential mortgage industry.
  • 4. Facts About W. J. Bradley
    • Is a privately held retail mortgage banker licensed in 25 states and expanding.
    • Has built a highly scalable operating platform designed to surmount the obstacles created by the recent turmoil in the residential mortgage industry.
    • Has the vision to achieve a production run rate of $15 billion per
    • year by December 2010.
    • The Company is leveraging its Best-In-Class platform and Pillars for Success to attract the industry’s finest production personnel.
    • Our Success Can Be Your Success
  • 5. W. J. Bradley Your Opportunity to Partner With Success
    • WJB is a strong and stable company that is positioned to weather the current market conditions and emerge even stronger. We offer the same stability to our partners and to our clients.
      • While the mortgage industry continued to struggle in 2008 and our competitors downsized or got out of the industry, WJB was completing the build-out of its platform in anticipation of capitalizing on the tremendous production opportunities now available in the market.
      • We’re filling a niche created by the decline of the middle market of the mortgage banking industry. Sandwiched between mega lenders and small local brokers, WJB has a significant supply of high quality opportunities.
      • WJB’s platform has been built, Pillar by Pillar, to capitalize on the opportunities now present in the residential mortgage market. We believe our value proposition is stronger than our competitors’ and our recent experience in recruiting against them confirms this claim.
  • 6. Pillars for Success
  • 7. Pillars for Success: Sales Leadership
    • Flat management structure
      • Having Access to decision makers
      • A company committed to open communication and feedback from every employee throughout the organization
      • We listen and implement
  • 8. Pillars for Success: Economic Model
    • We reinvest profits back into developing a sales force that is knowledgeable, ethical and dependable — creating great Loan Officers as business partners.
    • WJB’s economic model allows us to manage our business so we can provide the best support in our market and stay competitive while consistently driving value to our customers
    • The independence given to our branches and Loan Officers allows them to make better deals and to take the necessary steps to ensure a positive customer experience
  • 9. Pillars for Success: Client Experience
    • Client Concierge
      • Ensures every originator has a smooth transition to WJB
      • Is the quickest and best resource for answering all types of questions
    • Training
      • All of W.J. Bradley’s Loan Officers have access to on-going training opportunities to ensure they have up to date information and tools in managing they daily business.
    • Marketing Portal
      • Our online marketing store allows originators and their partners to consistently stay in front of their contacts via co-branded direct mail or email materials
    • Home Buyers Marketing
      • HBM helps originators capture the buyer in the beginning of the home purchase process alongside their realtor partner
      • Utilizing this system agents can manage dozens of clients at a time
  • 10. Pillars for Success: Operations
    • W.J. Bradley’s Centralized Operations Center is located in Salt Lake City, UT
      • Handles all aspects of operations, from underwriting to drawing final docs
      • Average turn time for underwriting decisions is 8 business hours
      • Most loans close within 12 – 30 days, from opening to docs
      • Paperless submission process so there is no need to overnight packages, keeping closing on track
      • Originators can go directly to underwriters with questions or concerns, allowing the elimination of 3 rd parties in the process
        • Loans can be tracked online in real time
        • Direct contact means more time for you
      • Ops team has a sales-centric approach: It is their job to close loans
  • 11. Pillars for Success: Technology
    • Our proprietary origination technology allows us to:
      • Choose the best product for clients’ needs
      • Lock loans online
      • Submit files and conditions
      • Review underwriter's comments and status in real time, 24/7
      • Receive instant updates as file moves through the system
      • Color-coded status buttons that warn of lock expiration dates, underwriting status, position in underwriting queue and funding status
      • Loan officers have “queue swapping” capability to prioritize their files in underwriting and closing!
    • These features help us move loans along faster, close more quickly and with less stress, leaving you free to help more homebuyers.
  • 12. Technology
  • 13. Technology (cont.)
    • System sends emails and text messages for all “milestones” on loan file history, creating instant status updates on loans!
  • 14. Technology (cont.)
    • Pricing and product engine is quick and easy to customize pricing to specific borrower/loan!
  • 15. Technology (cont.)
    • Electronic storage of upfront disclosures, credit package, appraisal and closing docs for customer security!
  • 16. Technology (cont.)
    • Each loan has a log that records every single event that occurs within a loan history making the entire loan history transparent!
  • 17. Technology (cont.)
    • “ Team” screen allows user to see the contact information for all parties involved on loan (underwriter, closer, etc…)
  • 18. Partnering With W. J. Bradley
    • Our Pillars of Success program ensures that wherever you are,
    • whatever your needs or those of your clients, you’ll get the
    • highest-quality experience from your partnership with W.J. Bradley
    • Each Pillar is a support for both our originators and for our company,
    • to streamline the loan process, ensure integrity and fairness
    • in our client relations and to promote growth of your business
    • A partnership with W.J. Bradley ultimately brings benefits to everyone
    • and increases both our production numbers!
    • Let’s talk about forming a partnership today!