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Weather report project Weather report project Presentation Transcript

  • WEATHER REPORT PROJECT IES Rodriguez Marin – Osuna - Seville Bilingual Project Year 2010/2011 the
  • What is the Weather Report Project ?
    • It’s an activity about the climate of different countries all around the world
    • We will study the climate of these countries
  • How does the Weather Report Project work?
    • The class will be split into groups
    • Each group will:
    • - choose a country
    • look for information about that country’s climate
    • - create a slideshow containing the information found.
    • Every group will search for information such as:
    • - Basic facts about the country (i.e., population, size, capital, etc.)
    • Type of climate (dry, continental, tropical, polar etc.)
    • Average monthly temperature and rainfall in various zones of the country
    What to look for?
  • Does it look complicated? Let’s see a brief example.
    • The Weather Report Project:
    • Italy’s Climate
    Italy is a country located in Southern Europe. Its capital, and largest city, is Rome. Italy’s population is …….. HERE: some basic facts about the country
  • Italy’s climate can vary, depending on location. In the northern part of the peninsula the climate is continental or temperate . In the southern part and on the coastal zone we have a Mediterranean climate HERE: some general information
  • Average temperature and rainfall in Milan, Rome and Bari HERE: some comments about the localities’ climates Here are the climographs of three different localities: Milan (North), Rome (center) and Bari (South) While during the summer the temperature is similar in the three cities, winter in Bari is usually milder than in Milan, etc….. In Milan rainfall is almost constant, while in Rome rains mostly October to December, etc…. Milan Rome Bari
    • Some Advice
    • It’s better to insert data from different areas of the country, because climate can be very different from North to South: think about Spain!
    • It’s a good idea to put pictures in your slideshow, otherwise it will be a bit boring !
    • The best slideshows will be published on Bilingualinks , the school’s bilingual blog
    • (
    • For basic facts on the country, you can do a simple search on Wikipedia .
    • Wikipedia also offers information about the different types of climates (search for “Climate” on Wikipedia) and climates of the major cities.
    • Information about temperatures and rainfall :
    • (only for European countries)
    • You can find plenty of pics in Google’s Images section
    Where do I search for info?
    • There is only one condition : every group must choose an English-speaking country .
    • Some of the most important English-speaking countries and territories are:
    • -IRELAND
    • -CANADA
    • -MALTA
    Are there any rules?