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  • 1. Let’s talk about Italy Francisco Rodriguez Marín Institute (Osuna) – Bilingual Project Francesco Scudellari Comenius Assistant 2010/2011
  • 2. As you know, my name is Francesco and I come from Italy. Italy, like Spain, is part of Europe :
  • 3. Because of its shape, my country is also called the Boot (la Bota): Heel Point A QUESTION: Do you know the colours of Italy’s flag ?
  • 4. The correct answer is…
    • Italian flag is green, white and red.
  • 5. Italy is surrounded by the sea, except for its northen part: it’s a peninsula . Like Spain, Italy is divided into several parts, called regions . There are 20, and two of them (Sicily and Sardinia) are islands.
  • 6.
    • Many people from all over the world visit Italy because of its important historical and artistic heritage.
    • Has anyone of you ever been in Italy?
    • If so, which cities did you visit?
    A view of Rome (Roma) 
  • 7.
    • Maybe someone among you visited Florence (Firenze) …
    Florence’s Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio)
  • 8.
    • or someone else has heard about Venice (Venezia)..
    In Venice, people use boats instead of cars !
  • 9.
    • I come from a Norther region called
    • Emilia-Romagna .
    • The region’s capital
    • is the city of
    • Bologna,
    • which is best known
    • for its ancient university
    • (it was founded almost 1,000 years ago !)
  • 10.
    • As you can see, it’s a very ancient city!
  • 11.
    • My hometown is not Bologna, but a smaller city called Ravenna, located on the Eastern part of the region, very close to the sea.
    Ravenna (I live here!) Bologna (the capital city)
  • 12.
    • In Ravenna you can find many things…
    • Historical buildings
    • Natural areas like pinewoods (in Spanish: pinares )
  • 13.
    • And of course, as we are close to the sea we have plenty of beaches
    and an amusement park as well, with a huge roller coaster ! What’s the Spanish word for “roller coaster”?
  • 14.
    • Besides its art and history, Italy is known for its gastronomy.
    Have you ever tasted typical Italian food? Can you tell me the name of an Italian dish?
  • 15. I am sure that you said… PIZZA or PASTA or SPAGHETTI or PARMESAN CHEESE (Parmigiano)!!! But they’re not the only typical dishes: every region has its traditional recipes.
  • 16. For example, my region’s traditional dish is called “Piadina”.
    • Piadina is a sort of
    • thin bread , served hot
    • (=caliente)
    • and filled with everything
    • you want, like:
    • Ham
    • Salami
    • Cheese
    • Vegetables
    Have you ever heard about “Piadina” before?
  • 17. Another typical dish from my area is home-made pasta Usually we eat it on Sundays or holidays , because its preparation takes much time …  a woman preparing pasta at home!
  • 18. … . But the result is quite good!
  • 19. A re you hungry? (=¿tenéis hambre?)
  • 20. I am hungry too! I think I will eat (= comer ) something during the next break (=recreo) ! THE END