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Francesco islam Francesco islam Presentation Transcript

  • UNIT 2 – THE ISLAM 2 nd of ESO – Rodriguez Marin Institute – Osuna (Seville)
  • What is the Islam? 2 nd of ESO – Rodriguez Marin Institute – Osuna (Seville) The word “Islam” has two different meanings 1. The religion preached by Muhammad in the 7 th century AD 2. The empire conquered by the Muslims in The 7 th and 8 th century.
  • Islam was born in Arabia , a vast desert area between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf The founder of Islam was….. … Muhammad View slide
  • Muhammad Muhammad was a merchant from Mecca. He heard the call of Allah and preached a new religion, Islam . This religion was not welcome in Mecca and he had to flee to the city of Medina in 622 AD. This migration is called Hegira . the year 622 is the year zero of the Muslim calendar. View slide
  • Do you know the name of the sacred book of Islam? Five obligations of the Muslims: The Islamic religious doctrine THE QUR'AN 1. Profession of faith 2. Pray five times a day 3.Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime 4. Fasting during the month of Ramadan 5. Alms (=limosnas) .
  • The diffusion of Islam Muhammad and his powerful army conquered the city of Mecca , and Islam spread in all the rest of Arabia . After Muhammad's death, the Muslim army continued conquering territories and the Islam became a great empire . Which were the most important Islamic cities in Europe at that time? Did the Muslim army conquer territories in Europe?
  • Islam in Europe One of the most important Islamic cities in Europe was this one: Other important cities were: Today, can you see any trace of Islamic civilization In the town and cities of Andalusia? Give the class an example (CÓRDOBA)
  • Traces of Islam in Andalusia For example, let's compare the following pictures: MARRAKESH (Morocco ) SEVILLA Are they similar or not? Where do you think these monuments are?
  • So we can say that... A trace of Islam in Andalusia can be found looking at the cities' ARCHITECTURE Islamic art typically doesn't include portraits of people or animals: it often uses geometric patterns to decorate buildings. Have you ever seen something like this here in Andalusia?
  • So we can say that... Here in Andalusia, we find traces of Islamic civilization in: - ARCHITECTURE - ART AND DECORATIONS (for example, in the typical azulejos ) -Which language did the first followers of Muhammad speak? They spoke Arab What other traces of Islam can we find?
  • THE END !