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Alice in wonderland_and_carroll

  1. 1. A Short Summary of Lewis Carrolls “Alice In Wonderland” with the Original Illustrations by John Tenniel (1866)On a hot summer day, Alice decided to take a walk in the fieldsbehind her house. She went accompanied by her elder sister andher cat. They sat down to rest in the shade of a tree, where Alicessister gave her a surprise that she didnt like at all: a schoolbook!Alice was turning the pages annoyed and bored because shecouldnt find a single picture in that book, when she suddenly heard a voice: - Im late! Im late! - shouted loudly a white rabbit, dressed in a frock coat and monocle, that passed running next to her. - Where are you going, sir? - Alice asked, leaping up to her feet. But the animal keptrunning.Alice followed him. A little later she saw the rabbit jumping into a hole below a tree.Alice went into it too and... she began to fall down what seemed to be a bottomless pit!She was there, with a lot of things floating around: desks, books, lamps... When thedescent was over, she realised she was in a very strange place.Down there she saw again the running rabbit, and continued following it. Meanwhile, shenoticed that that weird place was full of surprises. For example, she discovered that afterdrinking the liquid in a bottle...she could turn small as a flea! And that after eating a cookie... she could become as tall as a giant! She then met some garden flowers... that didnt stop speaking (and that, by the way, were rather bad-mannered)! She also met a smiling cat, called the Cheshire Cat, that used to disappear in the moments of need, and a caterpillar smoking a pipe and speaking only in riddles, and a Mad Hatter and a March Hare who invited her to have a cup of tea in the middle of a forest... Well, that really was a Wonderland!Everything was very strange there, but the greatest surprise for Alice was to meet threeplaying cards who were walking and talking while painting white roses in red! - What are you doing? - Alice asked with curiosity. - It was his fault! - answered the Five of Spades. - That wasnt me!- said the Seven of Spades, looking at the third companion as to accuse him. - Dont look at me! - cried the Two of Spades, and explained to Alice that the white roses were meant to be red... and they were painting them before the Queen of Hearts arrival: she couldnt accept this sort of mistake, and she would have the three...
  2. 2. beheaded! At that very moment the Queen arrived and, as expected, she started to shout: - Cut their heeeeeeeeeeead!And the Queens soldiers, which also were playing cards, took away the Two, the Fiveand the Seven of Spades. Alice looked at them, scared. They were going to behead them!But the King arrived and reassured her about it: - Dont worry. They wont really cut their heads. Its just that my wife the Queen loves to cry that order out! The Queen then asked Alice to play cricket with her. Alice liked cricket so much, but she had never seen playing it in such a weird way: the clubs were upside-down flamingos, the balls were tiny hedgehogs who turned themselves into small balls to withstand the flamingos strokes, and the hoops were some other playing cards, curved in the shape of bridges. Alice tried her best to win, but it was impossible to score points as Alices flamingo was flapping its wings trying to escape from her hands, hedgehogs were moving away from the hoops every time they got close to them, and the hoops were continuously jumping here and there to prevent Alice to score points, and the Queen to get angry and order again... to cut their heads!The Queen of Hearts won the match, as everyone expected,but she found another reason to get angry: the Jack ofHearts had stolen some cakes to eat them. And in amoment, a summary trial was set up. The King was theimpartial judge and the White Rabbit was the districtattorney, asking questions everyone to find out what hadreally happened about the cakes. The ones who declaredwere: the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Caterpillar, thatnow was a pretty butterfly, the Cheshire Cat, thatdisappeared in the air, and finally Alice. The King and theWhite Rabbit started to ask questions to Alice, but shedidnt know what to say... so they finally declared herguilty! Alice tried to defend herself:: - That wasnt me! That wasntme! Im not guilty! Im innocent! - Cut her heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead! - the Queen of Hearts ordered.The situation was turning really bad. Alice saw all the playing cards were getting closerand closer to her... Luckily she had a good idea: she searched her pockets for somecrumbs of the cookie that had made her turn into a giant. Now she could then easilyknock the soldiers out, as easily as making a castle of cards fall. But Alice couldnt stopgrowing......…and woke up in the shade of the tree where she had fell asleep. Her sister was smilingat her and the cat was purring, glad to feel the heat of the summer sun.- I have been in Wonderland!- Alice murmured, not sure whether the dream was over ornot. And she looked around her, sure to see again, between the flowers, the White Rabbit.
  3. 3. Carroll, t Dreams”Lewis Carroll, “the Cartographer of Dreams (Daresbury, Cheshire 1822 – Guildford, Surrey 1898) Lewis Carroll, pseudonym of Charles Ludtwidge Dodgson, was born in the county of Cheshire, that was an authentic cats heaven at the time. Charles was the eldest of eleven brothers – eight boys and three girls – that were all left-handed and with a stammer. At fourteen, Charles enrolled in the Rugby school, home of the finest British education and of the sport of the same name. But Lewis Carroll did not like fetching or throwing rugby balls, and those were bitter years for him.The following years had the same background as Harry Potters adventures: Lewisstudied at the Christ Church College, Oxford. There, Carroll didnt find the philosophersstone, but the white stone that brought light to his days. That was during a magic Aprilmorning: “The three girls stood before me in the garden; we later became friends. Imarked that day with a white stone”. The three girls, whose names were Lorina, Aliceand Edith, were the daughter of dean Liddell. They always asked Lewis “Tell us a story”,and thats how, during a walk on the banks of the river Thames, Alice in Wonderland wasborn.Other important works by Carroll are the sequel of Alice in Wonderland, called Throughthe Looking Glass, Sylvia and Bruno and The Hunting of the Snark, this last one being asenseless poem describing “with infinite humor, the impossible trip of an improbablecrew, to find an inconceivable creature”. Carroll was a deacon of the Anglican church, aprofessor of mathematics (he dedicated many of his books to this discipline), and anenthusiast photographer. He loved paradoxes and riddles, he traced the cartography ofdreams and showed the disturbing ambiguity of words, taking us to the limits of thehuman reason and sense.An Activity about Alice and its AuthorAnswer the following questions.1. What did Alice see while studying under the shade of a tree?2. What happened to Alice after drinking the liquid inside a bottle?3. Why did the Queen of Hearts order to behead the three Spades?4. How did Alice escape from judgement after being accused of stealing the cakes?5. Make a list including at least ten of the strange characters (humans, animals, livingobjects) met by Alice in Wonderland.6. How many brothers and sisters did Lewis Carroll have?7. All of them had something in common. What was it?8. What was his main job?9. Which country was he from?10. Did Carroll write any other book, apart from Alice in Wonderland, about Alicesadventures?