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Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
Career Planning Project
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Career Planning Project


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Alyssa DeMonte …

Alyssa DeMonte
Career Project

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  • 1. Career Planning 1. Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors 2. Interpreter and Translator  3. Athletic trainer Alyssa DeMonte
  • 2. Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors
    • Help individual overcome social and behavioral problems that affect their social and vocational situations
    • Provide crisis intervention
    • Conference with parents, teachers and other professionals to go over a child’s progress, resolve problems
    • Maintain students records
    • Prepare students for upcoming difficulties and encourage individuals to explore learning opportunities
    • Provide social services like prevention programs
    • Follow up meetings to make sure needs have been met
  • 3. Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors
    • Psychology
    • Therapy and counseling
    • English
    • Education and Training
    • Customer and Personal Service
    • Sociology and Anthropology,
    • Clerical and Computer and Electronics.
  • 4. Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors
    • Interests
    • (Relate to Holland Code)
    • S-Social people like to work, help, teach and communicate with others.
    • Related Occupations
    • Child, school or family social workers; health educators; Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists
  • 5. Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors
    • Job Outlook
    • Increase in job opportunities
    • Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors have the biggest growth potential because this is a growing problem in the US
    • Educational counselors are required by the state to be present in elementary schools
    • Number of openings is expected to outnumber the number of graduates
  • 6. Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors
    • Earnings
    • Median wage-$51,050
    • Depending on what specialty of counseling you go into, salary increases
    • Elementary and secondary school counselors earn the most with a salary of $57.800
    • Education and Training
    • A masters degree required to be licensed
    • Counseling programs in college are found in education and psychology departments
    • From there you can get more specialized.
    • A period of supervised clinical experience in counseling is required
  • 7. Interpreter and Translator
    • Work with people to resolve a conflict related to words, practices and behaviors
    • Translate messages into a certain language while still keeping the style and meaning of the original language
    • Read translations to make sure they have been correctly and completely translated
    • Rewrite material from one language to another
    • Be present during a speakers presentation to translate
  • 8. Interpreter and Translator
    • Must know the spelling, meaning, punctuation and pronunciation of each language
    • Being able to work with people and provide customer and personal service
    • Speaking skills
    • Read and write English and a foreign non-English language
  • 9. Interpreter and Translator
    • Interests
    • (Relate to Holland Code)
    • AS
    • A-people who are artistic would rather work in a setting without definite rules and a set schedule.
    • S-social people like working with, communicating and teaching other people. They also like to help others.
    • Related Occupations
    • Court reporters, elementary school teachers except special education, music directors, immigration and customs inspectors, tour guides and escorts, and travel guides.
  • 10. Interpreter and Translator
    • Job Outlook
    • Depends on what language you specialize in, but this career has employment growth
    • Higher demand for these types of jobs because of the increase in immigration and the increase in worldwide connections
    • The quality of a human is preferred to technology
  • 11. Interpreter and Translator
    • Earnings
    • Median wage-$38.850
    • Specialized under the Federal Government earned $79.865 annually
    • For those who aren’t wage earners, salary is dependent on how much and how often they work
    • Certification and Advancement
    • There isn’t a certificate a person can get in the US to say they are a professional
    • Taking a proficiency test helps to demonstrate knowledge
    • This is help to get better paying jobs
    • After a certain amount of experience, jobs allow the opportunity to move up to more difficult assignments
  • 12. Athletic Trainer
    • Assess an athletes injury to determine care and decide if they should be referred to physicians for further diagnosis
    • Evaluate when an athlete is ready to play, provide clearances
    • Apply protective injury devices (tape, brace, bandages)
    • Assess the progress of an athletes injury along with a physician to determine a rehabilitation program
    • Care for the injury
    • Travel with the team to be available during the game
  • 13. Athletic Trainer
    • Medicine and dentistry
    • Therapy and counseling
    • Customer and personal service
    • Psychology
    • Biology
    • Clerical
    • Education and training
    • Administrative and management
    • English language
  • 14. Athletic Trainer
    • Interests
    • (Relate to Holland Code)
    • SRI
    • S-Like to work, train, teach and communicate with others
    • R- Practical, hands-on problems and solutions. Include working outside and minimal paperwork
    • I- Work with ideas and involve critical thinking. Require searching for facts and solving problems mentally
    • Related Occupations
    • Physical therapist, recreational therapist, respiratory therapists, licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses, veterinary assistant and laboratory animal caretakers.
  • 15. Athletic Trainer
    • Job Outlook
    • 37 percent increase in number of jobs available
    • High demand of healthcare workers and the need for prevention health care means this job will be continually available
    • Employers are also very willing to hire athletic trainers to prevent the healthcare costs of their players.
  • 16. Athletic Trainer
    • Earnings
    • Most athletic trainers work full time and receive around $39.640
    • Depend on experience and job responsibilities
    • Employers usually pay for the continued education required for trainers to be certified
    • Work Environment
    • Depending on whether you work with a sports team or in a hospital allows for a different schedule
    • A hospital will give you set hours while a sports team have longer and more intensive schedules
  • 17. The Best Career For Me Is…
    • Athletic Trainer
    • After all my research I still think this is an interesting field to be in
    • Science has always been my best subject
    • I enjoy working with and helping others