Furniture Styles


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Furniture Styles

  1. 1. BY ALYSSA ALGAZE Furniture Styles
  2. 2. Queen Anne Style Queen Anne Style furniture has a delicate and refined look and was influenced by Queen Anne of England from 1690 to 1760. This chair is Queen Anne style because of its ball and claw cabriole and elegant style. This could be used in a room for a dining chair along with other Queen Anne styles, like a drop- leaf dining table.
  3. 3. Chippendale Style Chippendale Style was popular from 1760 to 1785. It is a combination of lesser styles like French and Rocco. This is an example of Chippendale because of the embellishment at the top and the secretary style. I would use this in a room with other styles like a chippendale table.
  4. 4. Federal Style The federal period was from 1785 to 1810. It is known to be an elegant and simple style. This sleigh bed goes with many different pieces and can be mixed with other styles of furniture. I would use this bed as the highlight of the room and use simple designs and colors surrounding it.
  5. 5. Contemporary/Modern Contemporary style uses lots of geometric shapes and is simple and meant to look like a sculpture. This is modern because of its simple, square design. I would use this in a room and match it with similar modern furniture to complete the room.
  6. 6. Art Nouveau Art Nouveau is French and means “New Art.” It was from the late 19 th century to early twentieth century and the style represents natural forms. This is Art Nouveau because it resembles a tree. I would use this with simple furniture to draw attention to this piece.
  7. 7. Shaker Style This style is based on pure simplicity and shows good workmanship. This style came to America in 1744. This is shaker style because of its simple form and design. I would accessorize this table with a vase or candles to make it more interesting and pair it with similar furniture.
  8. 8. Empire Style Empire Style started in France. It was popular during the reign of Napoleon, and is an elaborate style. This is an example of an empire bed because of the four tall bed posts. I would use this with simple neutral colors and similar furniture.
  9. 9. Hepplewhite Style Hepplewhite style started in the 1700s. It is known for the chairback styles shield and heart. This chair is a good example because of its shield back. I would use this with other pieces similar to it at an elegant dining table with a matching finish.
  10. 10. Duncan Phyfe Style Duncan Phyfe was an early American cabinet maker. His styles include lyre shaped bases. This table is a good example because of the lyre shaped base. I would use this in a den as a desk.
  11. 11. Baroque Style Baroque style was the Italian outgrowth of the late renaissance. It displayed fullness of size, scale and proportion and used inlays of marble, ivory and bronze. This is a good example because it is very intricate and has a marble top. I would use this in a room with the same type of furniture.
  12. 12. Spanish Baroque Spanish Baroque Style is characterized by richly carved and gilt decorations. This is Spanish Baroque because of its intricate carved designs into the head and footboards. I would use this as a highlighter piece in a room and let the other furnishings be simple.
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