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Presentation which outlines what CyMAL division of the Welsh Government does, the library sector in Wales, Libraries Inspire strategy,and current library issues. Talk given to the postgraduate students in the Department of Information Studies, Aberystwyth University.

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  • England – used to be served by MLA but was abolished in October 2011 and now library functions part of the Arts Council England Cymal in Welsh also means a joint (of the body) Scotland - SLIC Scottish Library and Information Council Republic of Ireland – Library Council has been reduced from 18 staff to 5 and part of Local Government Dept.
  • Wales Increase in visitor numbers - computer use? Children’s book borrowing was going up – 2009-10 static. UK Requests for items UP Stock levels DOWN Staffing levels DOWN Number of service points down Number of issues down Visitor numbers down Decline in most areas in web visits – why?
  • WPLS part of Libraries Inspire in terms of quality Way of monitoring the welsh public libraries, as part of the duty of the Minister. No similar tool in England, public libraries covered by one or two KPIs local authorities submit to government.
  • 2005-07 - @ your library Strategy 4 work strands: Resource discovery, Online content and resources, Marketing, and Workforce Development. Evaluation found positive outcomes: libraries appreciated having Welsh strategy; Partnerships; Funding and support; Marketing; Programme relevance. Evaluation report is on the CyMAL website. Overseen by p/t Programme Manager, plus Advisory Group of representatives from Welsh libraries. 2008-11 Libraries for Life, £7.5m is the capital refurbishment of some 68 libraries. Had 6 workstrands Community Learning Libraries Programme; Online content and resources; Regional Library Partnerships framework; National marketing strategy; Developing workforce skills; Welsh Public Libraries Standards Framework Three. Online content and resources - three aspects: Portal – improve access to information, and access to libraries in Wales; X-Catalogue search Cat Cymru - live test Online resources – provision of reference and newspaper material for free for library users in Wales & family history (on site access only). Also RDDW – resource discovery and delivery Wales - reciprocal borrowing & access agreements across regions 4) Marketing - training, PR campaigns, press releases on general subjects, Happy Days – was 2 nd in IFLA Marketing Award 2009. What makes people happy about the library? Got top 10 lists (HE students favour sleeping in library!), and case studies – useful for advocacy; Also was one of 5 winners of CANMOL marketing awards chartered Institute of Marketing in Wales in 2009. Evaluated by Scotinform, reports and summary on our website. Very positive but with arears we could improve upon. Also featured use of Social Return on Investment 2012-16 Libraries Inspire
  • Spent a year developing it, consulting with library staff, public consultation (results on WG website), and also used the findings from the Scotinform report Launch as part of the Libraries Fortnight Similar strands as before, increasing emphasis on information literacy, partnerships, working together.
  • Responded to calls to include a ‘core offer’ of libraries. Have created one that encompasses all that they do, but also cross-sector approach as well. • Be open to all members of their communities. • Be free to join. • Lend books for free. • Provide free use of the internet and computers. • Deliver free use of online information resources 24hrs a day. • Ensure friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to help. • Provide access to high quality resources in a range of formats reflecting changing publication trends, e.g. e-books. • Provide a safe, attractive and accessible physical space with suitable opening hours. • Stage a range of activities to support learning, enjoyment and enable users to obtain the maximum benefit from the available resources. • Maintain a searchable catalogue of Welsh library resources. • Work in partnership to open up access to the resources of all Welsh libraries. • Co-operate to create new digital content about Wales and its people. • Promote their services to ensure more people benefit from them. • Regularly consult users to gather their views on the service and information about their changing needs.
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  • E-books – DCMS review – publishers won’t lend, DRM, etc. E-books pilot in Wales; skills/knowledge of the workforce? Social media – access for staff and users. E-resources – ebooks in FE/HE, public increasingly interested in digital download packages; e-ref material used enough to justify costs? Cost of packages – uni’s beginning to revolt? Open access to publicly funded research? Access for longterm if stop subscribing? Info literacy – life skills, knowing what info you want, where to find it, how to evaluate resources, inc digital ICT literacy skills also – Google Generation report – found that we assume people know what to do, but infact, they don’t. Cuts. Only 7 or 8 % of budget spent on books. Recent budget cuts – 10% year on year – close libraries? Cut staff? Use of volunteers? Cuts to libraries across England. Procurement & licenses issues – joint to save money? Single LMS system in Wales public libraries in 3 years time? Shared services? Simpson agenda in Wales – to work more closely. ICT – provision of equip (Wii, games, fast computers?), WiFI problems, skills of staff & users. Mobile devices. 85% of Internet usage across world will be on mobile devices by 2015. Marketing – do users know what services are on offer? Non users don’t. New skills needed by staff???
  • Libraries in wales and cy mal 2012 alyson tyler

    1. 1. CyMAL: Amgueddfeydd Archifau a Llyfrgelloedd CymruCyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales Llyfrgelloedd yng Nghymru Libraries in Wales Alyson Tyler Libraries Development Adviser CyMAL, Welsh Government @libalyson
    2. 2. Outline of talk• CyMAL’s role and work• My work• Libraries in Wales• Public library statistics• Library strategies in Wales• Libraries Inspire strategy• Current library issues
    3. 3. Beth yw CyMAL/ What is CyMAL?CyMAL: Amgueddfeydd Archifau a Llyfrgelloedd CymruCyMAL: Museums Archives and Libraries Wales• Policy division of the Welsh Government• Cross domain division (museums, archives and libraries)• Established in 2004• About 25 members of staff• Work for the Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage200+ museumsc.20 archives100+ library services
    4. 4. Rolau & Gweithgarddau CyMAL Roles & Activities cynghori y Gweinidog  advise the Ministerdatblygu polisi  develop policy trosgludo rhaglen grantiau  deliver grant programmes darpar cyngor a  provide advice andchefnogaeth i’r sector support darpar rhaglen hyfforddiant  provide free trainingam ddim programme for sector nodi  sponsorship rhwydweithio  networking ymchwil  research cyhoeddi cylchgrawn  publish magazine
    5. 5. Cynghorydd Datblygu Llyfrgelloedd Libraries Development Adviser• Rheolwydd rhaglen • Libraries Inspire Llyfrgelloedd yn programme manager Ysbrydoli • Grant programme• Rhaglen grantiau • Advice & support• Cyngor a chefnogaeth • Ministerial work• Gwaith Gweinidogol • Policy development• Datblygu polisi • Research• Ymchwil • Magazine editor• Golygydd cylchgrawn
    6. 6. Llyfrgelloedd yng Nghymru/ Libraries in Wales• 22 llyfrgelloedd cyhoeddus / public libraries• 18 llyfrgelloedd addysg pellach / FE libraries• 11 llyfrgelloedd addysg uwch / HE libraries• 1 llyfrgell genedlaethol / national library• 5 llyfrgelloedd carchar / prison libraries• c.45 llyfrgelloedd iechyd / health libraries• ?900 llyfrgelloedd ysgol / school libraries• ?20 llyfrgelloedd arbennig / special-workplace libraries
    7. 7. Llyfrgelloedd cyhoeddus yng Nghymru Public Libraries in Wales• Staff: 1,174 fte• Active Borrowers: 737,000 (c.25% of the pop)Increase of 8.3%• Number of visits: 14,840,000 pa – highest inthe last 10 years• Book issues: 13,880,000 pa (down slightly)•Number of requests for items doubled in last 10years (Figures from CIPFA 2010-11)
    8. 8. Visits 19 0 10,000,000 15,000,000 20,000,000 5,000,000 99 20 -00 00 20 -01 01 20 -02 02 20 -03 03 20 -04 04 Wales 20 -05 05Year 20 -06 06 20 -07 07 20 -08 08 20 -09 09 Physcial visits to public libraries in 20 -10 10 -1 1
    9. 9. Welsh public library standardsIncluded in: Delivering a quality service (Libraries Inspire)Standards in Wales = mechanism of monitoring “comprehensive and efficient” library service of 1964 ActFourth framework:“Maintaining a Valued Service 2011-14”• 9 standards, 8 PIs• Annual reports publicly available on CyMAL website
    10. 10. Library strategies in Wales2005-07@ your library£2 million2008-11Libraries for Life£10.5 million2012-16Libraries Inspirec. £6 million
    11. 11. Libraries Inspire: the strategic development framework for Welsh libraries 2012-16• Modelau cynaliadwy o • Sustainable models of ddarparu gwasanaethau service delivery• Adnoddau i bawb • Resources for all• Lle i bawb • Space for all• Sgiliau am oes • Skills for life• Help llaw • Investing in people• Denur gynulleidfa • Attracting the audience• Darparu gwasanaethau o ansawdd • Delivering a quality service
    12. 12. Core offer of libraries
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Cat Cymru (Find a Book)
    15. 15. Get Reading, Get Better, Get Libraries I’r llyfrgell, i ddarllen, i wella•Autumn campaign promoting thebenefits libraries can have on peopleshealth and wellbeing•Calendar of events
    16. 16. Welsh libraries and social media• Facebook: Welsh Libraries• Twitter: @WelshLibraries and @LlyfrgellCymru• Flickr:• Youtube: Welshlibraries channel• – Video for FE college libraries & HE college students• Pinterest:• Bibli family: – Short videos with each character – Lauren (teenager) on Facebook and Twitter (links from the Biblis website)• Survey research report: ‘Welsh libraries and Web 2.0’
    17. 17. Cymru - Materion cyfoes & y dyfodol /Current issues & the future - Wales• E-lyfrau / E-books• Cyfrwng cymdeithasol / Social media• Anoddau electronig / E-resources• Sgiliau dehongli gwybodaeth / Information literacy skills• Toriad cyllidebau / Budget cuts• Caffael / Procurement & consortia• TGCh / ICT• Marchnata/ Marketing• Sgiliau newydd? / New skills?• eich barn chi…? / your views….?
    18. 18. Any questions? Diolch yn fawrContact details @libalyson (Cymraeg) family pictures © Welsh Government