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What's New at Nimble


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  • 1. What’s New at Nimble? March 2014
  • 2. Nimble continues to take forward this message: Listening and engagement are powerful tools for business success. Nimble transforms who you know into how you grow.
  • 3. Nimble’s recent progress is notable in four categories: Visibility & Insights Seamless Workflows Nimble Everywhere! (widgets to travel with you to your favorite worktools) Partnerships & Integrations
  • 4. New Features Provide Actionable Insights About the People You Know...
  • 5. Smart Summary is our newest feature! Actionable information (brought automatically to your sidebar) goes beyond anything that’s currently on the market and flips the idea of a CRM on its ear. Video:
  • 6. Smart Summary includes your contact’s: bio, career history, geographical location, shared connections, shared interests and keywords, Klout influence score, educational history, websites, and more—rich details that help you establish and build strong relationships. Nimble compiles the Smart Summary on its own— no data entry required.
  • 7. It’s like being a Head of State with an assistant always at the ready with the information you need— just like on Scandal! ...or in real life.
  • 8. Social Signals & Social Profiles now appear right in the redesigned contact record.
  • 9. See a contact’s Social Profiles across all their social networks.
  • 10. See what’s top of mind on the Streams Tab across their networks.
  • 11. With the Signals Tab, see what they’ve been saying to, with, or about you as Nimble separates the signal from the social noise.
  • 12. A Productive Workflow (and Being Organized) Is Easier & Faster.
  • 13. Click to Call—Use Skype, iPhone or Android phones, and Google Voice to dial contacts directly from their contact record
  • 14. Group Messaging—Send an email to up to 30 segmented contacts at one time, right from Nimble.
  • 15. Nimble Contact Widgets Take Nimble Everywhere!
  • 16. This year, Nimble sent its new widgets out into the world—into HootSuite, Outlook, and Gmail—so that you can amplify your productivity without leaving the tools your love the most. Nimble Contact Widgets are now offered in the Microsoft Office Store, the Google Chrome Store, and the HootSuite AppDirectory.
  • 17. Valued Partnerships & Integrations with Popular Worktools Remain a Focus
  • 18. Nimble continues a focus on new integrations (and deepening existing ones) with partners like HootSuite, MS Outlook, ActiveCampaign, QuoteRoller, SocialBro, RightSignature, FreshDesk, Import2, Traackr, and Talkdesk to make Nimble ever more useful and easy to use with the worktools you use every day.
  • 19. Reduced Pricing for Non-Profits and Startups—Our way of giving back and helping to support worthy causes.
  • 20. If you would like a demo or briefing on Nimble, please send us a tweet! Jon Ferrara, CEO @Jon_Ferrara Eric Quanstrom, VP of Sales & Marketing @equanstrom Alyson Stone, Director of Content @alyson2 Rachel Miller, Chief Listener @rachelloumiller