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Identifying Training Needs - People Vision


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Useful set of slides on Identifying Training Needs

Useful set of slides on Identifying Training Needs

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  • Four steps in systematic approach to training – starts with ITN, then from there, the design of the training intervention, the delivery of the training and then the evaluation of the training If there is no training need, then it questions the reason for a training intervention at all Biggest mistake made by many trainers is to focus on what they ‘think’ should be delivered or what the organisation ‘thinks’ should be delivered, this approach has a number of flaws, firstly, if it is based upon desires or ‘mandatory’ aspects, then it raises HUGE logistical issues for attendance and non-attendance as well as pushing the HR function and its L&D team into a monitoring / policing role. Secondly, if you don’t focus on actual needs, it becomes harder to measure impact and results (more about this later on) Worth remembering that ITN can focus on either personal development, team or organisational needs, and also be used to predict future needs based upon the analysis of trends and sustainability targets
  • Transcript

    • 1. “ Identifying Training Needs” Webinar Alyson Pellowe & Józefa Fawcett 21st March 2011 - 8PM
    • 2. “ Identifying Training Needs”
      • 1. I’m Alyson and welcome to this webinar
      • 2. Subject matter expert tonight is Józefa Fawcett
        • Why is ITN so important?
        • ITN and the external consultant
        • Measuring ROI through ITN
      • 3. Participant questions – raise your ‘technological’ hand
      • 4. Future PVHR webinars
    • 3. Why is ITN so important?
      • First step in the systematic approach to training
      • If there is no training need, then no reason for a training intervention
      • Focus on needs and not desires – makes it easier to measure
      • ITN can focus on either
        • Personal development need
        • Team development need
        • Organisational development need
        • Future sustainability needs
    • 4. ITN and the external consultant
      • When an ITN is already completed, you need to:
        • Understand the context that was used to identify the needs
        • Push gently, if necessary, to help others see cause and effect of training
        • Explore possibilities for the transfer of learning at work
      • When an ITN has not yet been done, you need to:
        • Ask specific questions about the ‘performance gap’
        • Clarify the actual improvement that is required
        • Discuss and agree expectations
    • 5. Measuring ROI through ITN
      • Return on Investment may be required in the short term so important to know the expectations
      • Understanding the measures of success directly relates to there being an effective ITN
      • Explore / separate verification, validation, assessment and evaluation in ROI terms
        • Verification = process / system is efficient
        • Validation = training intervention was fit for purpose
        • Assessment = measuring improvement in performance
        • Evaluation = determining the difference it made
      • Feedback all of the above to identify next training need
    • 6. “ Participant Question Time”
      • Use the ‘hands-up button to alert me to a question (the little hand is in the ‘pop-up’ control panel on the right of your screen)
      • You will need to speak through microphone or dial in telephone line so that we can hear you (not going to do it tonight)
      • You can also type a question into the box on the ‘pop up’ control panel (and I will ask question for you)
    • 7. Future PVHR webinars
      • Write to me if you want to be the subject matter expert for one our future webinars or tell me what subject would be of value to you - [email_address]
      • You can also contact Józefa direct if you want to know more about ITN or evaluation, she also provides Professional Supervision for HR professionals
      Email: [email_address] Website: http://LearningVoice.TV
    • 8.