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Dapper goals
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Dapper goals


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This is a simple way to understand how to set personal goals.

This is a simple way to understand how to set personal goals.

Published in: Career
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  • 1. Your Goals Need to Be Detailed After you’ve decided on a goal you must be sure that you can describe it in detail. To describe it you need to clearly characterize it in a full sensory representation: What will you be seeing upon achieving your goal? What will you be hearing upon achieving your goal? What will you be feeling inside and outside of yourself upon achieving your goal? Assessable You must be able to measure your goal. Being assessable means that you can evaluate your goal and know when you have reached it. Being Detailed in describing your goal will help you to know when you have your goal. Producible Your goal needs to be able to be achieved. This means you must be able to conceive of your goal, describe your goal, know the steps you have to take to achieve your goal, and take those steps. Practical When setting goals they need to be possible. In other words, your goal has to be something that is rational and that you can actually achieve. You have to get away from fantasies and ego trips and deal with the realities of life. Often, people want to achieve goals that are based on their insecurities (“I want to be a movie star”). This is unrealistic and impractical. Focus on what will make life comfortable for you and those you love. Empowering Make sure that your goal and the description of your goal is exciting and motivating. If it isn’t motivating chances are you’ll soon grow tired of going after it because it seems too far away. Realistic Your goal must be a tangible thing that makes sense. Something like “…to be happy” or “…to have more confidence” are intangible. Besides, how will you know when, for example, you’re happy? These intangible goals are indescribable and unreachable. Wanting to be an elementary school teacher with a multi-subject discipline is more tangible. Realistic also means mature. A mature goal is one that is intelligently and appropriately thought through.