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Software demoguidlines


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demo demo demo test

demo demo demo test

Published in: Design

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  • 1. DD1363 MVKSoftware Demo Guidelines Suggested Plan and Hints MVK Software Demo 1
  • 2. Idea• To submit your project you must hold a private software demonstration with an examiner.• Your demo will last about 30 minutes.• It should be held either – in a CSC computer lab – In the examiners KTH office• We do not visit external sites for demos• If you have specialist hardware, you must make sure that it can run in one of these locations. MVK Software Demo 2
  • 3. Idea (continued)• The whole group need not attend• The demo is a speaking opportunity for those group members who have not yet spoken• No one else is present (e.g. other students)The main idea is to assess:• How the user requirements document has been fulfilled• The quality of the product MVK Software Demo 3
  • 4. What I look for• I do not normally inspect code unless there is a particular reason to do so.• I do go through the URD, looking at each requirement, and assess how it has been fulfilled in the product.• I also try to judge product quality factors such as – stability (crashes), – speed, – quality of the user experience, – quality of any online documentation, … MVK Software Demo 4
  • 5. What you should do• Each group should construct a software demonstration plan.• Your plan should decide: – How to use the 30 minutes of time – Who should speak – What they will sayYou should save at least 10 minutes at the endfor general questions about the product and theproject MVK Software Demo 5
  • 6. Suggestions• You should choose 1-2 competent speakers to present the product• But no “sales talk” please …• It might be useful to have 1-2 senior programmers present to answer technical questions• It will be very helpful if you have written feedback from the end-user that I can read MVK Software Demo 6
  • 7. Suggestions• The speakers should talk through a structured demo of the product, including some typical use cases.• Try an “end-to-end” demo from startup through typical usage through to shutdown.• Try to demo error handling capacity and robustness.• Try to use realistic cases and examples, which may be prepared in advance. MVK Software Demo 7
  • 8. IMPORTANT !!!• Make sure your software is up and running before the examiner arrives …• So your valuable demo time is not wasted.• Trouble with startup will otherwise be considered as a system crash!• If you have not tested your system in the CSC environment you should probably do so before the demo! MVK Software Demo 8
  • 9. Suggested Schedule• 10-15 minutes structured demo• 5-10 minutes examiner tries out system on their own• 10 minutes question and answer, e.g. – Any discovered problems/bugs – Limitations and missing requirements – Best and worst features – Project execution and experiences MVK Software Demo 9
  • 10. (Almost) Finally!• If things have gone well then the demo is normally an enjoyable experience, and you an be proud of your result.• So with a well planned demo it is not necessary to be nervous. MVK Software Demo 10
  • 11. And Finally!• The project presentation is a short time slot (5 minutes plus questions) in class.• It allows you to present (but not demo) the results of your project in public (speaking opportunity!)• You can use screen shots to describe the finished product• You should summarize the finished product – Its strengths – Its weaknesses – How you fulfilled your URD – A summary of how well the project executed: problems, solutions, successes and failures. MVK Software Demo 11