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  • Quizlet is a useful and user-friendly website for making flashcards. It allows you to download images to illustrate the flashcards and by clicking on the audio icon, students can hear how the words are pronounced. Your students can use them on-line or you could print them out for them to review at home. Your students can make their own flashcards with the software on this website. Long lists of vocabulary can be divided up among groups and each student can be responsible for making a set of flashcards to share with others.
  • This slide shows some examples of how teachers of various subjects have been using Quizlet. It caters to all age groups, all levels of language ability and complexity of topics.
  • Let me show you first what the students see when you send them a link.The title you give to a set appears at the top. Example – Phrasal Verbs. They have a choice –to see the word and definition on the same side OR to have the word on one side and the definition on the other side. When they finish reading one card, they click on the arrow button on the right to go to the next word. 4. The figure 1/ 13 shows us this is the first out of THIRTEEN flashcards in this set.5. If students want to hear how the word or phrase is said, they can click on the sound icon on the top left.
  • Youmay have noticed the blue streak has grown longer because we are now at Slide 10 of 13. What is great about Quizlet is that the students can study at their own pace; they can go over the words as often as they like and they can use the arrows to go to new words or revise old ones easily. When they study new words, Quizlet has THREE ways they can focus on building their vocabulary – See the 3 buttons – Speller, Learn & Test. For a little more fun, and variation, they can then play TWO games – Scatter & Space Race.
  • In Speller, you type what you hear. This is particularly good practice for foreign students or those who have problems with their spelling. You click on the audio button to hear the word or definition ; then type in the box on the right the definition or the word You can replay the audio if you like.
  • On the left, you have to choose from these options – Speak Term ( Fast / Slow) OR Speak the Definition ( Fast / Slow) or switch off the audio completely.
  • The software automatically informs you of your progress on the left – the number of items you have completed and the number you got right. In this slide, I have combined 2 stages: you can see the prompt on top for you to type the answer “keep on”. In the bottom half, you see the answer to the clue on the right has already been typed in the box.
  • In this second Study mode, the meaning appears and you have to type in the correct phrasal verb before clicking on Answer. So what happens when the wrong answer is given?
  • You get a prompt from Quizlet which gives you the expected answer but what if there was a typo error or the student used the wrong tense? Then you may click on the OVERRIDE button.
  • In the THIRD and final part of the STUDY mode, there are different questions in the TEST section. Here is two examples – Written Questions ( ie. You type in the correct phrasal verb) and MCQs
  • Here are examples of the MCQs and True/ False QuestionsFor all these, the software marks for you and keeps score of your correct answers.
  • But Quizlet gives the teacher and student more options a. 4 kinds of question types – Written, MCQ, Matching and True or False b. with or without promptsc. Number of test itemsd. To recreate the teste. To print or to work online
  • These test options are shown on the right side of the screen.
  • After Study, students may play games based on the words created. In Scatter, students match terms with definitions by using the mouse. This is one activity in which they work against the clock.
  • Here the game has started and 23 seconds have passed.
  • The second game, Space Race, is more challenging because students have to type in correctly before the definitions that appear on the left side make their exit on the right.
  • Note the options available to the game player. The answer should appear in the box at the bottom.
  • If the player fails to key in the answer on time, this box appears so that you can review the phrase and then the game continues.
  • So how do you create the lexical sets? After you create your own account and log-in and click on Create, you will see a page like this. If your sets of words are based on a course book, it’s useful to put a reference to the page or unit number in the description. ( example: Teen Dream- English Result Unit 3C). Below, you can choose to include pictures. There are other language options as well.
  • In this slide, you can see from Example 14 – when I type in “work up”, a pop-up box appears to ask if you want the auto-define option.
  • If you click on that, you see what others have used before – you may choose from this list of 100 or write your own definition.
  • To introduce new words, click on ADD ROW or press TAB in the last input box. The X button on the right is to delete an item while the one below is to change the order of the words. DON’T FORGET TO SAVE!!!!
  • You can see the complete list of words on another page and hear how the terms and definitions are pronounced.
  • If you want to add images, either UPLOAD or SEARCH for images.
  • There are usually lots to choose from. You can see the enlarged picture when you click on one of the thumbnail photos.
  • If you don’t like the picture, QUIZLET lets you REMOVE and CHANGE it.
  • This page allows to see word, definition and image all together.
  • Finally, QUIZLET gives you different formats for your vocabulary sets – as a table, a glossary or as index cards.
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    • 1. 2. Both sides on1. Title one slide? 3 5. Sound 4. 1/ 13
    • 2. 2a. Repeat 2b. View previous next slide word 3. Three ways to study & 2 games1.
    • 3. 2. Click here1. Type answerhere
    • 4. complet