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Lost & found in translation latest for workshop Lost & found in translation latest for workshop Presentation Transcript

  • LOST & FOUND IN TRANSLATION ILLC November 2013 Workshop Lim Siew Lian ( sllim@kdu.edu.my) KDU University College tlc-kdu@blogspot.com
  • Demam Malam Sabtu
  • Original THE RING – Before you die, you see.... Russian translation – THE CALL Before you die, you hear.... Accessory - Cincin? b. Shape - Bulatan? c. Sound - Bunyi Loceng? a.
  • OMBAK RINDU – English??? T.E.S.T. for Good Translations: a. True to the original meaning? b.Economical - not too laborious or lengthy c.Sound catchy? d.Tone of the original?
  • Activity 1: Transformers  20 movie posters  Work in groups of 3 or 4 ( 2:2 or 2:1 –either 2 or 1 to record points raised) on one poster  Write an MCQ of 3 or 4 alternative translations into English  Put up poster & MCQ on the wall.  Time: 5 minutes
  • Promenade to Discuss Other Movies and Choose from MCQs – 5 minutes OMBAK RINDU = a. Wave of Longing? a. Wave ofYearning? a. Waves of Passion?
  • Post Activity Reflection?  Focus on points of contention during discussion  Ask students to justify choices of best translated title  Refer to T.E.S.T. Criteria True meaning/ Economy / Sound/ Tone?  Besides movie titles, what else?
  • Activity 2 : Jalan-Jalan 6 groups – please sit in circles; enough space to walk around behind those seated  Take turns to mimic the walking style on your card.Your group must guess the word in Malay and English.  Collect from the centre the card in English which is called out by your group.  Check if all your cards match. Follow-up: Translate the sentences from Malay to English.
  • Reflection After Jalan-Jalan What’s Lost ?  music of L1  Prob v little if at all; straightforward descriptive sentences; fewer difficulties when translating prose. What’s Found?  What we do/ don’t have in common?  a richer vocabulary  an appreciation of the range of words used to describe actions  precision in meaning
  • Reflection After Jalan-Jalan  What do you mean, “He moved”? How exactly did he move?  Options to explore a. She spoke ( whispered/ warned / advised / promised/ insinuated/ etc) b. They ate ( gobble / nibbled / gulped / picked at their food/ wolfed down their meals) c. It is big ( large, enormous, gigantic, sizeable, huge) d. I am ( angry, irritated, annoyed, in a rage, livid, outraged, furious)
  • Activity 3 – Be A Wet Blanket Pair Work a.Identify the parts which are direct translations from Malay idioms or proverbs. b.Translate into English & use wherever possible, English idioms instead.
  • From Amir Muhammad’s “The Break-Up” in his collection of stories, ROJAK. Reproduced with kind permission of the author To the front of Wati who is now in Bukit Tunku, whom I hope is well. Wati, I think our relationship should end here. My love for you was so real but I have been clapping with one hand. You were so mean to me at your becoming-day party, just because you were with your rich friends while I’m from a difficult family. I never knew there was a prawn behind the rock all this while: you were using me to make your ex- jealous! How my liver hurt when you showed your true self. I guess what they say is true: hornbills with hornbills, sparrows with sparrows. Let me now bring myself.
  • Reflecting After The Break-Up 1. Letter writing conventions – openings & closings in English vs Malay 2. Idiomatic expressions - can we find English equivalents for our peribahasa or simpulan bahasa? 3. Follow-up Activity – Challenge students to continue the letter in the same vein. Fun & instructive to make mistakes deliberately for peers to spot and correct.
  • Purpose Implicit Meaning Rhythm Imagery Tone
  • Activity 4: Create a Malaysian Wave
  • Partner Up for Getaran Jiwa Sheila Majid is having a concert in London next year. Translate the lyrics of “Getaran Jiwa” for her concert programme into English for the benefit of the non-Malay speaking audience.
  • Getaran jiwa Melanda hatiku Tersusun nada Irama dan lagu Walau hanya sederhana Tetapi tak mengapa Moga dapat membangkitkan Sedarlah kamu wahai insan . Tak mungkin hilang Irama dan lagu Bagaikan kembang Sentiasa bermadu Andai dipisah Lagu dan irama Lemah tiada berjiwa Hampa
  • Specific Questions for GETARAN JIWA a.What is the overall meaning of this song? b.What is the thing which stirs the soul? c.Line 3 – arranged by the notes OR the notes are arranged? d.Which is better for line 5 – modest or simple? e.How best to translate ‘insan’? Men, human beings, mortals, people? f. Line 8 – Realise what?
  • Note from Sheila: Some lines in your translation don’t sound right. Could you please revise them? The stirring of my soul Overcomes my heart Arranged by the notes Of rhythm and song If it's only modest Never mind Perhaps it could stir Realise all you mortals Never will they vanish Rhythm and song It will bloom It will always linger If they be separated The song and rhythm They'll be soulless and weak And empty
  • What Is This Supposed To Be?
  • ThAnK YoU FoR YoUr AtTeNtIoN & PaRtIcIPaTiOn Translation activity has a place in language teaching – ONLY if properly designed and used at the right time and with the right students. - Carmen T Koppe Terima Kasih! Thank You! Xie-xie ni! Gamsa-hamnida! Merci! Gracias!
  • Careful How You Translate -1 Beijing, 1987, “Finger-lickin' good” became “We'll Eat Your Fingers Off!” in Chinese.
  • Careful How You Translate - 2 Also, in China: Pepsi's “We bring you back to life” was read as: “We bring your ancestors back from the grave.”
  • Concentration: Vocabulary-Building 1.Cards all face down. 2.Take turns to open 2 cards at a time. 3. If they match, you keep the pair and open 2 more cards. 4. If not, turn over the cards and the next person will take his / her turn.
  • Example 1 - Concentration Game Mountain range Banjaran gunung
  • Examples 2 & 3 Matching Phrases A pair of shoes = Sepasang kasut May I borrow your pen? = Bolehkah saya pinjam pen anda?
  • b. Jim Scrivener - Role-Plays In Groups of 3 1.Ambassador / Tourist A -monolingual 2. Ambassador / Local B -monolingual 3. Interpreter to mediate - bilingual
  • Example of Situation for Roleplay Tourist A  You want to buy a return train ticket from Butterworth to KL for Sat night.  You prefer to book a sleeping berth.  Find out the departure and arrival times. Local B  Sleeping berths are fully     booked for Sat night. There are a few available for Sun. Upper RM 50 Lower RM 35 Departure 10 pm Arrival 720 am.
  • First, disturb-disturb the water. Seken, throw the water little-little into the err.....aa....balang!
  • IN THE MIDST OF HARDSHIP At dawn they returned home their soaky clothes torn and approached the stove their limbs marked by scratches their legs full of wounds but on their brows there was not a sign of despair The whole day and night just passed they had to brave the horrendous flood in the water all the time between bloated carcasses and tiny chips of tree barks desperately looking for their son's albino buffalo that was never found They were born amidst hardship and grew up without a sigh or a complaint now they are in the kitchen, making jokes while rolling their cigarette leaves -Latiff Mohidin DALAM BENCANA Mereka pulang ke rumah waktu subuh hari dengan pakaian robek basah menghampiri api tungku lengan mereka penuh calar kaki mereka penuh luka tapi di kening mereka tidak kelihatan rasa kecewa Sehari semalaman mereka mengharungi banjir berendam antara bangkai ternakan dan serpihan kulit tumbuhan kerbau balar si buyung masih belum ditemui. Mereka dilahirkan dalam bencana tidak ada keluhan dan kutukan kini mereka berjenaka di dapur sambil menggulung rokok daun
  • Translation is …natural and necessary …..in offices, banks, factories, shops and airports – translation is going on all the time. Why not inside the classroom? ( DUFF,1989/1996, p.6)
  • Learners translate... • in class for peers • signs and notices... • instructions & letters for friends etc. From The Place Of Translation In Language Teaching - Radmila Popovic
  • Duff’s Translation (1989/1996): When we translate, we should know: • what we are writing or speaking about, • where the language occurs and • to whom it is addressed if context is the what, where and to whom, then register is the how.
  • Translation activities can train the learner to search (flexibility) for the most appropriate words ( accuracy) to convey what is meant ( clarity) ( Alan Duff 1989:7).
  • The place of translation in Language Teaching - Radmila Popovic Principles to follow: a. The rightness or wrongness of the source language influence b. The style of the original text may be changed, depending on the purpose of the translation text c. Idioms have to work in L2, even though they are notoriously untranslatable.
  • Criteria – for translation activities - language is used for a purpose, 2. - they create a desire for communication, 3. - they encourage students to be creative and contribute their ideas, 4. - students are focused on what they are saying, rather than how they are saying it, 5. - students work independently of the teacher 6. - students determine what they want to say or write. (after Nolasco, Arthur 1995:59) 1.