The Basics Of How To Trade Penny Stocks For Maximum Profits


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The Basics Of How To Trade Penny Stocks For Maximum Profits

  1. 1. ==== ====To turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 in just 38 trades, check out this site: ====When you decide to learn the basics of how to trade penny stocks for profits, you are making oneof best decisions in your life with the assumption, of course, that you play your trading cards theright way at the right time.  However, your decision to invest in penny stocks is a crucial onesimply because you can win and lose a fortune.  As such, you have to adopt the rights stepsto buy penny stocks online. Take note, nonetheless, that these are not hard and fast rules tostarting on your path towards massive profits, only guidelines.First Step: Open an Online AccountYou must open an account in either an online discount broker or a full service stockbroker. Forbeginners with limited investment capital, you are well advised to opt for the discount online brokerso as to save on expenses.  This is because the various service fees of full servicestockbrokers can overtake the profits gained in penny stock trading, which means that you areessentially investing to pay the salary of said stockbrokers.Basically, the first essential step in online investing is to look for the right discount broker. You must look for brokers that fit the criteria of reasonable commissions, reliable customer supportand rapid trade execution upon your requests.  In this line of thought, it does pay to do yourresearch about the best discount brokers in the industry.  You can ask family and friends,request for referrals, join online forums and read reviews.  Remember that, in more waysthan one, you will be entrusting your hard-earned money to these people.  As such, it isprudent to protect your interests by performing background checks.  You will, of course, berequired to present personal information. As such, your choice for a broker must employ secureservers to protect their clients from identity theft. Second Step: Deposit Required MoneyThe second step in how to buy penny stocks online is to deposit the required money to start youraccount.  You can do this in three main ways - (1) personal checks, (2) bank-to-banktransfers and (3) wire transfers. You need not worry about investing large amounts of moneytrading penny stocks. In fact, you can start with whatever money you feel comfortable investingduring your first foray into the world of penny stocks.  It can be as little as $100 or as largeas $5,000.You must remember, however, that it is often best to start out little and then gradually build yourportfolio. This is because penny stock trading is the most volatile market and, hence, experiencemust first be acquired before investing larger amounts.   Third Step: Choose the Penny Stocks
  2. 2. In the third step how to buy penny stocks online, you must choose the penny stocks you wish tobuy.  To do this, you have to access your account, enter the penny stocks ticker symbolinto the online trading platform and click on the "Buy" button and you are the proud ownerof  profitable stocks.Now, you must monitor your stocks on a daily basis so as to make informed decisions aboutselling, buying and holding on to them.  With most discount online brokers, you will beprovided with valuable analysis to help you make the right decision so make prudent use of thesecustomer services options.To learn more about penny stock basics, visit Source: ====To turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 in just 38 trades, check out this site: ====