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Rt w logic

  1. 1. Round the World LOGIC Game http://www.sporcle.com/games/mrsmith/ by mrsmithCircumnavigate the globe, starting and ending in the samecountry, visiting 29 countries in total. But for one Atlantic & one Pacific crossing (both nonstop), you could do the rest of the journey on foot.Having Google Maps open (or an atlas to hand) would be very useful to help with this logic game.
  2. 2. Clue 1: Following the red arrows, each country borders the next (but for 2direct ocean crossings.) This means that Box 2 must be SPAIN.Clue 2: The country with the highest number of Portuguese speakers isBRAZIL, so this must be in Box 29.
  3. 3. Clue 29: No country in column A begins with a vowel, so this rules out Andorra (andUK) as possibles for Box 2. Morocco is possible, until we consider that the Atlantic hasalready been crossed between 29 and 30, so the only remaining possibility is FRANCE.Clue 3: Box 5 contains a doubly-landlocked country. There are only 2 of these, i.e.Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan, and only one of these can be reached from France bycrossing one country, meaning Box 5 must be LIECHTENSTEIN. The only way to get toLiechtenstein by land is via SWITZERLAND or AUSTRIA. Clue 30 tells us that there is tobe no westerly travel, so Box 4 must be the former and box 6 must be the latter.
  4. 4. Clue 6: The only country bordering Austria whose flag can be made bychanging the colour of one stripe is HUNGARY, so this is in Box 7.Clue 7: The country in Box 13 contains a 3-letter string that can be found in‘France’ and can be spelt using the letters of ‘Switzerland’. The only countryto which this applies is IRAN, so this is in Box 13.Clues 4 + 5: We know that the country in Box 8 also contains the letters I, R, Aand N, but is not Romania. The only country bordering Hungary which thisleaves is UKRAINE, so this is in Box 8.
  5. 5. Clue 5: No ‘K’ countries are in the quiz, so the only possible easterly route which canget us from Ukraine to Iran (avoiding Kazakhstan) takes us via RUSSIA, GEORGIA,ARMENIA and AZERBAIJAN, which will therefore be in boxes 9 to 12.Clue 4: The country in Box 14 borders Iran and has the letters I, R, A and N in it. AsAzerbaijan has already been passed en route, this means that Box 14 must beTURKMENISTAN.
  6. 6. Clue 8: A country in the third row ends in ‘U’. The only non-island nation to the east ofUkraine to which this applies is PERU, so, as this borders Brazil, with not enough othercountries to its east to be feasible en route, it must be in Box 28.Clue 28: Azerbaijan and UZBEKISTAN are the countries with Z as their second letter, sothe latter must be in Box 15.Clue 10: The world’s first country alphabetically is AFGHANISTAN. As this bordersUzbekistan, it must logically be in box 16.
  7. 7. Clue 16: China is visited at some point after India, so it cannot be in Box 17.Going east from Afghanistan, this only leaves PAKISTAN as an option en route toIndia, so this must be in Box 17. The entire eastern border of Pakistan is takenup by India and we have already visited Afghanistan, so INDIA is the onlypossibility for Box 18.Clue 18: The capital of the country in Box 19 begins with an ‘N’, so this can onlybe MYANMAR.
  8. 8. Clue 17: If two countries in this column are landlocked and there is only oneremaining, this must be LAOS (Box 20).Clue 20: All but one of the letters in Box 21’s country can be found in‘Vientiane’. This must mean that Box 21 is VIETNAM.
  9. 9. Clue 16: We already know that CHINA is visited and this is the only country that bothshares a border with and lies to the east of Vietnam, so the former must be in Box 22.Clue 22: There are no countries with 5 stars on their flag that share a land border withChina, so this must be the point at which the Pacific Ocean is crossed. The only countryon the eastern side of the Pacific rim with 5 stars on its flag is HONDURAS, so this is inBox 23.
  10. 10. The remaining route is the only possible one to get from Honduras toPeru, travelling only by land and bridges, so Boxes 24 – 27 can only beNICARAGUA, COSTA RICA, PANAMA and COLOMBIA respectively.