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Psy journal 3
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Psy journal 3



Published in Education
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  • 1. The topic for this week's Social Psycology class is about Confirmity. The defination of conformity is a type of social behavior which inflenced and involve a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group. In other word, it means group unanimity, which everyone is at the same boat. This is commonly used in military especially army, a group of military force consisting of leaders and followers. The concept of confirmity may be use in a bad way like how Hilter did to his army. He was the guy who had the ability to make his army follow his orders even they know it is wrong. The same thing as the experiment that show in the class, the Controversial landmark experiment by Stanley Milgram 1960s. The experiement is about some guys are told to punish a man who is in another room with electicity when the man couldn't answer question correctly. The voltage various from low to high and all of them know that it may cause damage to the guy when it comes to high voltage. But in the end, more than half of them continue until the highest voltage no matter how the man shout in another room. This experiment reminds me the issues happened years ago in China there was a two yeras old toddler hit by a heavy truck and ignored by 18 passengers who pass by after the hit-and-run accident. The reason of this cold indifference was explained afraid to be set up and caused them to fear getting in trouble for doing the right thing, thus failing to help. I am thinking, this is not the first time happeneing in China and all around the world. People tend to give help only when someone do first just like the 19th passenger who tried to save little Yue Yue. The mind telling them that do not get into trouble because others did not do anything, just same like the Hilter's army. They follow what Hilter asked, because they dont want to be in trouble, they dont want to be the only few who stand opposite the group. This topic is about Attraction and Close Relatioship. The key ideas of this topic is what causes attraction, which is proximity, familarity and similarity. Proximity is the nearess in space, time or relationship, the nearer in physical or non physical, the higher level of attraction among each other. The discussion was to choose different rooms in 2 floor which some are close to stairs and some are far away from others room and stairs. Before Miss Chia explain to us the relationship between the rooms near to stairs and far away from stairs, i choose the room that is in middle, far away from stairs, second floor and looks
  • 2. bigger. The explaination of my choice is i perfer less interaction with neighbours, quiet space, and higher level of privacy. Thus, i guess i will be attracted by girl who has the same perference as mine. The second key of how to increase liking is familiarity, the feeling of how much we know each other. The concept is to repeat exposure to an object may results in greater attraction to that object. That explain why baby always cry when i carry them, they know i am not their daddy. Some people say that a boy will like a girl that looks or feels like his mum, whereas a girl will like the boy who looks or feels like her daddy. There is no research to prove whether the accurancy of this statement, but it do happen to couple that people point on them and say they looks the same.