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Business Charity Drive Report Document Transcript

  • 1. SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING & DESIGN Foundation of Natural Build Environment (FNBE) Semester 2 Group Members: Preston Liew Ru Ping 0313822 Nicolas Wong 0314377 Lee Yaue Shen 0315381 Liu Wei Cheng 0314712 Tan Shing Yeou 0314850 Subject: Introduction to Business Lecturer: Chang Jau Ho
  • 2. Table of Content Tittle Page A. Executive Summary…………………………………………………………… 1 B. Objectives………………………………………………………………………. 2 C. Target Market…………………………………………………………………… 3 D. Competition Analysis…………………………………………………………... 4 E. Product and Packaging………………………………………………………… 6 F. Pricing……………………………………………………………………………. 9 G. Promotion………………………………………………………………………. 12 H. Sponsors………………………………………………………………………… 14 I. Distribution……………………………………………………………………… 16 J. Green Measures……………………………………………………………...... 18 K. Human Resources Planning………………………………………………….. 19 L. Evaluation of Results………………………………………………………….. 21 M. Appendix………………………………………………………………………… 22
  • 3. A. Executive Summary In the end of this charity event, we have successfully completed our tasks on raising RM2010.40 for the charity organization that we selected, Rumah Charis by selling few types of products and provide consultant services within the five days of Charity Drive at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The fund that we collected during the five days includes of donation, profit of selling products and service provided and also sponsorship. The net profit after the five days is RM1710.40 while the sponsorship is RM300 cash. Throughout the whole process, we successfully sustain with no front cost as we do not pay any amount of money to the suppliers. All of our product can be return if it is not sold. These ensure that we have less possibility to make lost on selling products which is less demanded. A very venerable thank to the parties that help us throughout this business project. Special thanks to the suppliers, RM Fan Store and Footstore from Facebook that provide us the profitable products and comparative low cost. Thanks to the third party that cash sponsor our group, which smoothen our process towards the target we set.
  • 4. B. Objective The charity organization that we decided to support is the Rumah Charis that located nearby our campus. Rumah Charis is the home for the aged and also for the children. It is a welfare organization that registered with the Registrar of Society (ROS) of Malaysia and the founder is Rev Teo How Ken. Rumah Charis is a big organization that operated since 1988, and it contains both old folks’ home and children’s home. Rumah Charis provides shelter, support and medical care to the olds folks and there are two homes for the aged which are located at Puchong and Relau,Penang. It also aims to create a conducive environment for growing children by offering them healthy home care and activities. Beside serves as a shelter for the children, Rumah Charis also provides them education and counselling and encouragement. The reason we choose Rumah Charis is because it is an old and big organization. Besides that, Rumah Charis provide wider range of community services compare to other organization. Moreover, it provides helps not only for the old folks and also the children and society. Lastly, from all the research that we have done, Rumah Charis is very trustable. The target money that we want to accomplish during the charity drive is about RM 2000. However, we had raise our fund for about RM 300 as sponsorship from outsiders and decided to make at least RM 1700 profit to reach our target. The purpose of this business project is also to understand the roles of human resources management, marketing, operations and finance in business.
  • 5. C. Targeted Market The decision after we discussed, is to focus mainly at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, 1 Jalan Taylor's, 47500 Subang Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Our charity drive event was held during 10th February 2014 (Monday) to 14th February 2014 (Friday). During the charity week, the traffic is not as high as normal academy week as there is no degree student around the campus, they are mainly foundation programmes and diplomas programmes running on. Hence, the target group is mainly younger students out there. The customers group consists of 80% of students while 20% of staffs. Since our business booth is located at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, our customers are mostly Taylor’s University students. Based on our strategy and targeted group, we decided to sell K-pop stuff like running-man T-shirt, cap and bottle. The products are also includes other kind of design cap and football jersey which we think that young students will like it. While the second targeted group, university stuff, we planned to sell healthy goods like vegetarian organic instant noodles imported from Taiwan. Beside, we provide also camera consulting services as we give suggestion on camera stuff or help customer to purchase camera stuff in a competitive price. Our targeted group’s spending power is in a wide range as it various due to their pocket money, since our main customer are mostly university students. We also make some donation box in case there are people who want to just give a help but not interested on our products.
  • 6. D. Competition Analysis Throughout the charity drive, the main competitor that we were facing was Stanley’s group. This was due to the location of their stall was just right opposite of our stall. The members of this group were Stanley Low Jia Cheng, Tsang Hao Ren, Kelvin Ng, Beelly Vun Vui Kiat and Edy Wijaya. The main product they were selling was the self designed T-shirt. They designed the T-shirt themselves and printed it out, the T-shirt was cute and the pricing was about RM 20.00 to RM 30.00. The strengths of Stanley’s group were the cheaper selling price and the various type of product. The price of their T-shirt was slightly cheaper compare to ours, this affect the sales of our products. Besides that, the various type of self designed T-shirt printing provided much more selection for the customers. However, Stanley’s group had their vulnerabilities too, the quality of their T-shirt was lower compare to us. Moreover, they only selling the white color T-shirt and they were lack of mobility to run their business. Karen’s group was also one of the main competitors that cannot be neglected. The location of their stall was good, which located at the entrance of the charity drive. They always had the chance to serve the first walk-in customers. The members of Karen’s group were Karen Kong, Danish Mak Mun Choon, Lily Then and Stefan. They sell various type of stuff and also some couple T-shirt too. The price range of their T-shirt was about RM 30.00 to RM 60.00.
  • 7. The strengths of their group were the higher quality of T-shirt and also the good timing theme they selling with, which was the valentines. The couple shirt attracted many customers since the Valentine’s Day was close. However, the weaknesses of Karen’s group were the less choices of the product and also the less mobility of selling product. Thus, in order to against our competitors and sustains our business, we had our own strategies. Firstly, we did not involve in any price war, it did not worth for us to lower our price to fight against them. Next, the quality of our product was higher. We believed that the high quality of stuff would attract more customers. Besides that, we were selling various types of products such as jersey, T-shirt and caps. This provided more choices for the customer. Lastly, we walked around the campus with a donation box to increase the mobility. E. Product and Packaging
  • 8. There are two products that we were selling and one consultation service for this charity drive. The caps are the main product for this charity drive. T-shirt is another product that we are selling. The business service that we are providing is the services on the camera system. Caps There are a total of 15 types of caps design that we are selling. The 15 types of caps include K-pop style, baseball style design and basketball style design. Both caps design are meant for unisex and target on young student group. The K-pop caps are the design that is based on a Korea well spread TV show, Running-Man. It is a South Korean variety TV show that featured K-pop stars and it attracts a lot of youngsters. Hence, the item’s popularity helps us a lot during the selling section.
  • 9. Our caps are sponsored by a good supplier that comes with a competitive cost. The price for the product is cheaper compare to online or anywhere, since the supplier do not make any profit on these caps. To make sure we can successfully sell the products, we make sure that the caps are good in quality so people can trust on the product and last longer. There are also various types of caps, more options and designs for people to choose it. T-shirt There are total of 9 types of T-shirt product, like sport jersey, running man, self design Architecture School T-shirt. All these T-shirt are good in quality hence we provide testing service on every product we sell. One of the unique T-shirt that will stand out from other competitors is the T-ribe T-shirt that specially designed for School of Architecture Building and Design (SABD). The variety of choices of football jersey also make sure we are able to serve a wide range of customers. Hence, it increases our sales.
  • 10. Consultant Service (Camera System) This is the only service we provide, as we provide our customers consultant service on camera system. The service includes suggestion on which lens to get to best fit their needs, which camera should they buy base on the budget given, what kind of accessories do they need to upgrade their entire camera system. We provide our service of buying new camera system of two big brands, Nikon and Canon as well. The suppliers of the camera are all trusted from Malaysia photography forum, Lowyat forum. We brought our own camera system and displayed as show case as our attraction point and make sure they know we are providing the service. The result turns good as many students who interested in buying new camera came to us and asked questions. Since it is a no cost business, hence, we didn’t have any store stock as we asked for booking fees, and will receive full amount after we tested the products. Hence, we are able to provide the service that help customers to buy any kind of camera stuff that they want. Packaging In this charity event, there is no specific packaging strategy that we use to attract people. What we did is all by letting customers to test and feel the product, by showing them what they pay is worthy and in good quality. The convincing point is not about the packaging but the experience with the product base on texture, comfortably, matching and design of the product in order to compete with shop selling business. F. Pricing
  • 11. We sell various types of products; there are caps, T-shirt, Instant noodle and also camera. The main products that we are selling are the caps and the T-shirt. Caps selling at RM50.00 The quality of the caps is high and some of the cap is very popular, such as the cap that written “Leessang”, it is a cap form one of the Running man’s member. The cost price of one cap is RM 25, but we selling it at RM 50. We have actually double up the cost price of the cap but it would be selling fast too because the selling price is still cheaper compare to buying it online. We get the cap with a cheaper cost because we straightaway take the caps from the factory. T-shirts selling at RM 30.00, RM 40.00 and RM 80.00 Besides that, we sell various type of T-shirt, such as Running Man T-shirt, T-ribe and also some football jerseys. For the Running Man T-shirt, the cost price is RM 20 but we
  • 12. sell it at RM 30. We do not double up the cost price because only Running Man’s fans will like to buy this product. Next, the cost price of the T-ribe shirt is RM 25 but we set the selling price at RM 40. Same reason as the Running Man T-shirt, only the architecture students will buy the Tribe shirt so we do not double up the cost price of it. However, the price for both Running Man and T-ribe T-shirts are very reasonable to attract more customers. The football jersey is more attractive compare to the other two types of T-shirt; this is because there are many football fans in our campus. The cost price of one football jersey is RM 40 and we sell it at RM 80 to maximize the profit. Instant Noodle selling at RM 4 per small pack Besides the caps and T-shirt, we sell instant noodle too. The organic vegetarian instant noodle that imported from Taiwan. The instant noodle taste really good and is quite attractive. The cost price of the noodle is RM 2.70 but we sell it at RM 4.00 per pack. The instant noodle is actually come with a big pack, which contains four small packs inside it. This instant noodle is also giving as a gift for those people that make a donation more than RM 10.
  • 13. Drybox selling at RM 680.00 This is the camera business that we offer to help students order based on what they want. The profit is good, as the cost price is RM460 include delivery to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. We managed to find a online supplier in Bangi area and the product Eureka from Taiwan, which is hard to find in normal camera shop. The item is kind of specific professional series, and hence, the profit is higher than normal drybox. G. Promotion The main purpose of this charity event is to raise fund to support the charity we choose. The slogan we created is “Please Save Our People” as the people here mean the old
  • 14. folks and children in Ruman Charis.Our main marketing strategy is not on price setting, design style, or good packaging but mention charity as much as we can. The donation are one of our source of profit when people are willing to help but don’t really interested with our products. We also give a pack of imported vegetarian instant noodle as a gift if people donate more than RM 10.00. The main technique we used to sell our product is not only by setting up a nice booth. In order to increase mobility of our products, we make a tray box to carry the products and walk around the campus with the donation box. This is when most of the people donates more than RM 10.00 and get their instant noodles as a gift. Hence, with the mobile selling box and the donation box, it contribute a part of the profit in a effective way. What is interesting about using this method is people may not want to buy the products, but they are willing to donate the money when we mentioned it is for old folks and homeless children, no matter what amount of donation. The price giving if also encourage people to donate more. For example, initially he just want to donate a RM 1, but after we mentioned about the promotion we offered, which is more than RM10 will get an imported instant noodle, he donate RM10. Hence, the mobility technique and the small gift increase our sales profit and contribute much to the donation part.
  • 15. The poster that we made for this charity event Another way to promoting our product is by asking our supplier to promote us about the event going on. The post of the promotion is kind of success and we gained a 139 Facebook likes and 2 Facebook shares. We specially designed a red background poster to increase the attraction of the post to make sure people from Facebook and who are interested in buying caps products will be aware of this charity event. The poster was sent through email to the supplier at 6 th February 2014, and the post was repeatedly posted by the supplier 10th, 12, and 13th of February to increase the popularity of the event to public.
  • 16. H. Sponsors We have approached to some individuals and companies for sponsorship, however we only get the response from the individuals that we know. The reason we target them is because we know them personally and feel that they are financially generous. Most of the sponsorship is from our parents’ friends, they know us as well. They usually sponsor us by cash. The way to approach is by face-to-face but not us to approach but parents. We have designed a donation collection form by ourselves to collect the sponsors. The donation collection form creates trust between the sponsors and us. Target Mr.Lee Cosway Face-to-face Mr. Tan Mr.Bong Face-to-face Face-to-face How to with the Calls with the with the approach donation Email donation donation form form form Response Amount (RM) Accepted Rejected Accepted Accepted 100 0 100 100
  • 17. Donation form
  • 18. I. Distribution The products that we will be selling during this business charity drive were from the three following suppliers. 1. RM fan store (Facebook) - Supply running-man T shirts and caps that have running man related designs. - Email = 2. "Foot Store" (Facebook) - Supply us the football jersey. - Email = 3. Eutjin (Lowyat Forum) - Supply us Eureka Drybox - Contact = 013-6917259 Keep in mind that both of these suppliers are from online suppliers. Alvin, my group mate is the one who contacted them and get the products with his own transport. For
  • 19. caps and t-shirts, they are all stock ready and if we finish all of our products, we can actually order again for restock. But for camera stuff like drybox, the trade has to be done in at least two days. At first stage, we will take order from customers then contact the supplier by asking the cost. Then we contact back to the customers who interested and confirm with them whether the price giving is acceptable. Then the next day we will test the product once it arrive and the third day will ask the customer come to our booth and collect the product ordered and pay full amount of money. There is no time limit for the caps and t-shirts selling as they are all ready stock. But for the camera stuff, it will be at least two working days and this is the minimum time for us to receive and make sure all the product are fully tested. As we mentioned before, in order to increase mobility, we sell our products by walking around the campus with donation box along. Two man is require to form a team and it will be the most effective way to sell or ask for donation. All products mentioned before can only be sold face to face due to the fact that customers will prefer face to face testify the product before they buy.
  • 20. J. Green Measures The products that our groups sell are in an environmentally conscious manner. The products that we sell are made up of clothes or metal or glass. Caps and T-shirt and made of cloths. The material will never pollute the environment. Dry box is made of metal and glass which is also no harm to environment. The only products we sell that are not environment friendly was instant noodle. The packaging of our products are environmental-friendly. The products that we sell are given without a plastic as people can actually just wear it straight away or just put inside their bag. This may minimise the waste created. It was actually good for environment and also us. However, for the instant noodle, it was packed with plastic from factory, so we just sell them with plastic wrapped. During the distribution stage, we try to minimise the carbon footprint by stocking our product in amount so that we are less required to travel much just to send and receive our product from suppliers After the each day of selling, we make sure we clean the surrounding of our store. We categories the rubbish before we deposed them. We tidy all the products and store them back into our box. We also reuse all the stuff that can be reuse such as the box to put our products, the donation box, the tray and plastic to put all the caps and jersey. We avoid to use too many plastic because it is not environment friendly and it may cause pollution. While in the mid of this event, we actually didn’t use much of water, it only for own drinking purpose. However, we do use electricity in order to switch on both of the dry box to keep the camera lens in a dry condition. We turn on the switch whenever we need to use only. Besides, we make sure that the plug had switch off before we leave the place so that it may not cause a waste of electricity. We also reduce the use of paper in event. We only use 1 paper to print the charity organisation’s name. We make our own donation box by using box which is not polluted to this environment. K. Human Resource Planning
  • 21. Organization Chart Group Leader Preston Liew Marketing Manager Accountant Tan Shing Yeou Human Resources Nicholas Wong Manager Sales Manager Liu Wei Cheng Jason Lee Coordinate is the key to work as a team effectively. ● Teamwork is important and to help each other when in need. ● Distribution of job responsibility equally is important to give everyone a different task based on their own ability. ● To give all members a greater sense of direction to focus on. Job responsibility Group Members Alvin Tan Shing Yeou Responsible ● Approach to suppliers ● Get in touch with supplier and sponsor ● Collect the products from supplier ● Organise the charity drive ● Finalise report Jason Lee Yaue Shen ● Set up business booth ● Approach the sponsorship ● Do Report Preston Liew Ru Ping ● Group Leader ● Take photos and videos during charity drive
  • 22. ● Sell products and collect donation ● Clean up booth ● Video-Making Nicolas Wong Xiao En ● Accountant ● Make a account ● Do Report Liu Wei Cheng ● Sell products and collect donation ● Stock keeper ● Do Report
  • 23. l. Evaluation of Results In the end of this project, we earned what we wanted. We actually earn more than we expected. Our Target was actually RM 2000, however we earned RM 2010.14 for our net profit. This was actually the result from whole team as we work in a team to achieve what we want. There was nothing much loss in this project. One of the small loss was actually the printed words on one of the jersey was scratched a bit, however the customer was able to bear with it as he like the team and it’s for charity. We also loss some customers who said may back to our store again however they didn’t. Statement of Income for Charity Sales FNBE 0413 Product: 1. Caps 2. Running man T-Shirt 3. Dry Box 4. Instant Noodle Price (RM) Unit(s) RM 50 30 680 36 27 2 1800 810 1360 4 22 88 Sales Revenue (-) Less: Cost of goods sold: 1. Caps 2. Running Man Tshirt 3. Dry Box 4. Instant noodle Gross Profit (+) Avenue 4058 Price (RM) Unit(s) RM -25 -20 -460 36 27 2 -900 -540 -920 -2.7 22 -59.4 1638.6
  • 24. 1. Donation 2. Sponsor Net Profit If we are about to repeat this event one more time, something that we may do it differently will be the timing. It’s actually the peak hour in the morning around 8am as many students may pass by this area. Therefore, it’s should be the golden hour for us to sell our product. However, due to our tiredness and laziness, we were unable to wake up and reach at 8am and reach only the venue around 10am which had a lesser crowd compare to 8am. Thus, we found out that good timing is actually important in doing business. 71.8 300 2010.4
  • 25. M. Appendix Receipt from Rumah Charis