Uniform Etiquette


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  • Excuse me, but on page 9, there are two typos:

    - Properlu ( which is supposed to be 'properly' )
    - Shows that the person ARE not proud of his own school ( instead of IS )

    And on page 11 two ( or three ) more:

    - Will you feel embarass ( should be embarassed )
    - Will not tucking in shirts destroys ( should be destroy )
    - What is the source when ... ( this isn't really a typo, but I think the word 'reason' or 'cause' would be better perhaps )

    Not trying to be smartass or anything, just letting you know.
    English isn't my first language anyway.
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Uniform Etiquette

  1. 1. Uniform Etiquette a guide which tells you why you should follow it Copyright (c) 2009 Hwa Chong Disciplinary Package Team . All rights reserved
  2. 2. Clothing Mainly divided into t wo Groups Formal (Uniform) Informal (Home clothes)
  3. 3. Formal Full Uniform. - No hair bands, handkerchiefs - No caps or hats - No unnatural hair colours - No flip-flops or sandals without a strap at the back - No outdoor shoes that make black marks on the floor - No tank tops or spaghetti strap tops that show shoulders or arm pits - No shirts showing the midriff or belly button - No shirts with offensive language or promoting violence - No pants with under wear showing
  4. 4. Informal Clothing wear during informal private period of time. Clothing need not be complete (eg. Not wearing shoes, etc) As the word “informal” suggests, besides uniforms all other are classified as informal.
  5. 5. Why wear formal uniform? Standardize Presentable Image of a particular group Symbolic meaning To be Neat
  6. 6. Why wear informal uniform? Comfort Convenient (Not time consuming) Trend & Fashion Beautify oneself
  7. 7. Importance of School Uniform Maintain a standardized image of the school to the public (reputation) The students look neat and tidy (presentable) Able to recognize the school identity well School uniform is also a part of the school heritage/history.
  8. 8. Why Students like to tuck out uniform or wear in a wrong manner? Convenience Fashion Influenced by other mates Laziness
  9. 9. Consequences of not wearing school uniform properlu Students might face Disciplinary Action Might give public a bad image of our school Shows that the person are not proud of his own school.
  10. 10. Case Studies (Faujdarhat Cadet College in UK) • School uniform All students wear a uniform similar to cadet officers in academic hours shorts sleeves in afternoon games and sports, and long sleeves with tie, that is effectively a strip of the college colours, during their evening activities. There are some variations in the school dress worn by boys in authority. Members of the teaching staff are also required to wear a form of school dress when teaching.
  11. 11. Discussions Why is there a need to tuck in out uniform? Will You feel embarrass if you do not tuck in your uniform ? Should you feel embarrass? What is the source when you started picking up this bad habit? Will not tucking in shirts destroys the school image?
  12. 12. If you have anymore questions or disagree with certain points , feel free to drop it in the cbox. Thank you.