Branding of Entrepreneurs and Startups


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  • People vs content
  • Think about who is valuable to you in a professional contextThe larger your network, the greater your reach and visibilityDON’T sacrifice quality for quantity (only connect with people you actually know)
  • It’s clear that members don’t just Follow as a popularity vote. Remember the consumer electronics client we mentioned before? When we surveyed their Followers, we found that:They were engaged, having opted into an ongoing dialogue with that company. In fact, LinkedIn members who Follow companies are also 2X more likely to join LinkedIn Groups, indicating their dedication to learning and engaging on our site.They were more likely to consider purchasing. In fact, they reported being 3X more likely to consider purchasing, as compared to non-Followers. By building relationships with members at varying points in the purchase funnel, you can help to drive consideration, preference, and advocacy. They were 2X more likely to recommend than non-Followers. This means that your messages will be shared and amplified across their networks of like-minded professionals, driving brand awareness.They’re likely long-term Followers. More than 50% of Followers reported that they would follow companies indefinitely, creating an opportunity for lasting relationships with your target audience.(LinkedIn Follower Analysis, May 2012; LinkedIn internal data)
  • People follow companies on different social platforms for different reasons. There is a context to these social platforms that you need to be aware of. Missing the signal on context means your business content can be lost among your audiences, or worse…ignored. On Facebook and Twitter, people follow companies for deals and discounts. This is the context of the site and what people expect to get.Alternatively, on LinkedIn, people follow companies for news, actionable insights, and information. This is the context of the site and what people expect to get.Key Takeaway: People expect different things from the companies they follow on the different social platforms. Facebook – 46% looking for incentives or rewards for engaging with the brandTwitter – 66% to get discounts, 48% to participate in contestsLinkedIn – 68% for news, insights, information,Ro:15,N:1045-500&kwredirect=n%2cn%2cn1+2eMarketer (Lab42 study, August 2011)3 LinkedIn Follower Analysis, January 2012
  • Branding of Entrepreneurs and Startups

    1. 1. Raise your hands if…  You have a LinkedIn Profile  You have more than 100 connections  You have benefited from LinkedIn
    2. 2. Startup raised $230,000 using only LinkedIn "Attracting investment is all about trust, LinkedIn is the largest collection of trust agents on the planet. Frank Hannigan Chairman, goshido
    3. 3. The Inmail that landed a book deal Nataly Kelly Author
    4. 4. Competing for top talent with MNCs
    5. 5. LinkedIn is one of his biggest source of sales leads
    6. 6. How do we achieve success like them? It all starts with your personal brand
    7. 7. Personal branding is vital for startup owners 1. You’re the main story teller (lack client referrals) 2. Your credibility is vital (limited track record) 3. People buy from people
    8. 8. Social Media is transforming how we communicate, consume information, and build relationships
    9. 9. Social Networks – What are the Differences? Biz contacts Investors Professional Personal Friends Public Fans
    10. 10. The world’s largest professional network on the internet > 80% of professionals in Singapore Over 50% are decision makers/influencers
    11. 11. Almost all professionals in Singapore are networking on LinkedIn
    12. 12. How do you build a great LinkedIn profile?
    13. 13. Picture Tagline Summary Keywords
    14. 14. Experience Recommendations Rich Media
    15. 15. Endorsements Projects/ Awards
    16. 16. Share/Post Like/Comment
    17. 17. Build Your Network Your brand ambassadors and trust agents Singapore
    18. 18. See who’s viewed your profile Singapore 20
    19. 19. Is your network wide enough today? HR Professionals Singapore Tourism Board LinkedIn EMEA/US Singapore Management University Singapore
    20. 20. Branding your company 22
    21. 21. Will you find this startup credible?
    22. 22. Gain followers to build a community of brand advocates
    23. 23. LinkedIn Followers are future leads and advocates Following is not just a popularity vote Marketing Objectives 2X more engaged 3X more likely to purchase Employer Branding Objectives 79% of members are interested in updates on job opportunities from companies they follow 78% 2X more likely to recommend Enduring More likely to accept Recruiter InMail 6x More likely to view LinkedIn Career Page Relative to non-Followers Source/s: LinkedIn Follower Analysis, January 2012; LinkedIn Follower Impact Study, 2012 26
    24. 24. See who your followers are
    25. 25. People follow companies on social platforms for different reasons Most follow for incentives, rewards, or discounts.4 Follow for news, insights, and product information.5 4eMarketer 5 (Lab42 study, August 2011) LinkedIn Follower Analysis, January 2012 28
    26. 26. Influence your followers over time
    27. 27. Three things you should start doing today to build your startup 1. Setup/Complete your LinkedIn profile 2. Build your network 3. Create a company page on LinkedIn and start acquiring and engaging your followers
    28. 28. "You Google other people, so don't you think they're Googling you? Part of a networked world is that people will be looking you up, and when they do, you want to control what they find.“ - Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Founder 31
    29. 29. alvin kan
    30. 30. Google yourself
    31. 31. Questions? 38