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  2. 2. About the Author Hans Christian Andersen was an author and poet noted for his stories for children. He lived between the years 1805 and 1875 in Denmark. Some of his famous stories are The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, The Little Match Girl, The Ugly Duckling and The Emperor's New Clothes.
  3. 3. and she lived in a small house in the dark forest There was a little girlchild ,
  4. 4. There was a village at the edge of the forest
  5. 5. Little match girl was living with her mother
  6. 6. and her cruel stepfather .
  7. 7. They were very poor and she had to earn money for her family . She had learned that she could buy matches for a half-penny there, and that she could sell them on the street for a full penny.
  8. 8. She was always sad, and forced little poor girl to earn money by selling matches. because her stepfather always got angry with her.
  9. 9. She had no shoes,and her coat was very thin. It was a Christmas night. The winter came and it was very cold.
  10. 11. There was a freezing cold.She wander ed the stree ts and begged strangers, pleas e buy matches from her
  11. 12. All children except one were running and having fun in the street.
  12. 13. Because they were rich but ,she was poor.
  13. 14. The poor girl's hands and legs were shaking with the cold.
  14. 15. Her little hands were almost frozen with the cold
  15. 16. She was crying by looking at matches in her hands.
  16. 17. Yes,she was a match seller girl
  17. 18. and h er father would certainly beat her at home. She couldn’t sell any matches so she couldn’t go home . Because she could not take home even a penny of money
  18. 19. She was ashamed of her mother. At least she wanted to eat one bowl of soup with her mother.
  19. 20. Lights were shining from every window and there was a savory smell of roast ed goose
  20. 21. she was shouting ''would you like match? ''by shaking.
  21. 22. But nobody looked at her.
  22. 23. I wish I had my slippers too , she murmured.
  23. 24. While she was crossing the street, her slippers stayed on the road.
  24. 25. She wanted to take her slippers back but , a mischievous boy ran away with her slippers.
  25. 26. Match girl sat down in front of a house saying , "I have matches. I can light a fire and I can warm and tried to stay away from the falling snow.
  26. 27. She decided to light the matches anyway. She lit a match to get warm her frozen fingers in her hands.
  27. 28. it seemed that the cold and the snow disappeared altogether. As she sat there with her legs straight out in front of her, she struck the first match. She was looking at the burning match in her hand and slipped into dreams.
  28. 29. S he was wearing a wool cardigan and floral-patterned slippers in her day dream.
  29. 30. The burning match in her hands went off and dreams disappeared in the darkness of the night.
  30. 31. The little girl's hands began to get cold again and lit another match . Match girl turned to the wall because the wind was blowing.
  31. 32. She was in a warm room and there were a variety of different foods in that room. In the middle of the room there was a huge roasted goose and she droolled. It came to the end so match lit her fingers.
  32. 33. When it burnt her fingers she threw the matchstick on the floor. All the images disaappeared in the wall.
  33. 34. Little poor girl saw lots of daydreams with the third match. She was looking at the stars ,birds were singing and frogs were croaking. Although it was winter time,weather was very hot and land was too hot to touch.
  34. 35. Suddenly she saw a falling star in the sky and she told herself, somebody has died again .She remembered her gran d mother’s sentence.
  35. 36. She was like in a dream now.She was about to sleep.She saw her grandmother coming from the sky like an angel.Her grandmother embraced her and took her to the sky. There was no cold and no hunger and no pain any more.
  36. 37. The next day people noticed the little girl’s frozen body and a lot of empty matchboxes in front of a house.
  37. 38. But nobody knew that she actually died. She was only in the world of her dreams.
  38. 39. You may feel saddened at this child’s death.But don’t feel pity for she is now in a place of unimaginable happiness and grace.