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WES Volunteer Slide Show

  1. 1. Media Center Volunteer Information for:
  2. 2. You can help the Wildcats provide a positive learning environment in which students develop academically, emotionally, physically and socially to the best of their ability!
  3. 3. Woodstock Elementary School accepts student, parent and guardian volunteers.
  4. 4. Library Catalog This can be found through Woodstock Elementary School’s website: http://www.cherokee.k12.ga.us/Schools/woodstock-es/default.aspx Click on the Media Center TAB on LEFT side of screen. • Click on Catalog (right side, under media center links). • Search for title, author or keyword.
  5. 5. Checking Out Type in Student’s identification number or name in the box next to Find. * Make sure Student’s name and picture match the person intending to check out.
  6. 6. Using Scanner scan barcode (on front cover or inside of book) inside box next to Find.
  7. 7. Checking In Use Scanner to scan an item back into the system in box next to Find Copy. •Make sure Item shows appears in Check-in list.
  8. 8. What is a CALL NUMBER? A call number is a group of numbers or letters put together that tell you a book’s location.
  9. 9. The call number is located at the bottom of the spine of a book.
  10. 10. This includes the classification numbers or letters. Below the classification numbers or letters are the cutter letters. Classification Letter Cutter Letters
  11. 11. A cutter letter comes from the first three letters of the authors last name. For Example: Avi would be filed under FIC AVI
  12. 12. Fiction Call Number
  13. 13. Non-Fiction Call Number
  14. 14. Reference Call Number
  15. 15. The library contains both fiction and non-fiction titles. Non - Fiction
  16. 16. Fiction books should be shelved in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.
  17. 17. If several authors have the same last name, use the author’s first name to group them in alphabetical order. These books should be shelved in alphabetical order by the author’s first name because they all share a common last name. •Andrew Smith •Betty Smith •Sherri Smith
  18. 18. If the author has written several titles, the books are placed in alphabetical order from the title of the book. Example: Crunch Waiting for Normal
  19. 19. Books Beginning with A, An, and The are shelved under the second word in the title. For Example: A Summer of Kings is shelved under F NOL recognizing Summer as the first word in the title.
  20. 20. Non-fiction books are shelved in accordance with the Dewey Decimal System.
  21. 21. Non-fiction books are shelved under The Dewey Decimal System in the following categories. • Anthropology • Geography • History • Political Science • Sociology / Psychology • Biography • Reference
  22. 22. If a book has numbers after the decimal point, arrange them in numerical order with their whole number first. The numbers are shelved in order from least to greatest after their whole number. For example:
  23. 23. When using the Dewey Decimal System, begin by shelving whole numbers together. Then shelve in alphabetical order by the author.
  24. 24. Special Collections Audio Visual – Includes DVD, VHS, books on cd, e-Readers, Play-a-ways, digital cameras, and flip videos.
  25. 25. Thank you for volunteering at the Created by: Amy VanFossen