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Not so long ago, youth- seemed to be irreplaceable and temporary; however, today everything has changed-with the help of scientists with more than 30 years of experiments and studies about the human ...

Not so long ago, youth- seemed to be irreplaceable and temporary; however, today everything has changed-with the help of scientists with more than 30 years of experiments and studies about the human ageing process, truly amazing products have been discovered, based on the natural peptides. Peptides are very short proteins, which are made from amino acids. Peptides are the major components for human kind.

All living processes happen with the help of peptides or so called molecules of life!

Peptides have major anti-ageing effect on human cells thus preventing different types of diseases and curing the existing once. Also, they carry out protecting actions against toxins and other damaging factors and support levels of mature and active cells as well as their metabolism. With the help of peptides, cells life expectancy increases from 30% to 40%. In average, people live up to 75 years, using up to 30% of energy for living resources and fighting against toxic environmental factors; such as: ecology, stress and ultraviolet radiation. Also, the life style factors play a crucial role in human life expectancy- food, water and exercise. Most of us do not have a healthy diet, we do not consume clean water, our life style is not active enough and we don have a clear regime for rest. All of these listed factors lead to changes in our genes and as a result, we age so quickly; therefore, decreases our live expectancy up to 30% or 40%.

Peptides products have no contraindications and you can not get addicted to them. Nowadays, such products are one of the most popular ways anti-ageing which is affordable for everyone. Products from NPCRIZ are time turned around, without surgery or harmful consequences.



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Npcriz.eng Npcriz.eng Presentation Transcript

  • „Peptidbioregulatorsare the future of medicine”
    (Professor Khavinson)
  • „there is a realisticpossibilitytocontol the process of human ageing ”
    The typicalsymptom of ageing, that the body is less abletoadapt. The expalanation is the decreasingfunctions of the body'scells, organs and systems
    Duringagingoccurmanyirregularitiesin the interaction of the variousorgans and systems. The abnormalinteractionscausethecontroldeclininginbody'sinternalenvironment , and makeweakerandweaker the immunesystem and the self-regulation. During the agingprocess, theresearcherspaidparticularattentiontothechangesoccurringinthe main body systems - the immunesystem, cardiovascular, thecentralnervoussystem, and endocrinesystem. Concluded, thatusing the physiologicaldevicestostimulateaging body, is provenby the modern scientificresults and viewpoint, whichmeansthatthere is a realisticoptionin the management process of human ageing. 
  • Thisclaimcomesfrom the St. PetersburgInstitute’s
    professor, Dr. Khavinson, the world-renownedgeriatrician. 
    Dr. Khavinsonresearchesforseveraldecades the aging
    process. He publishedhundreds of studies and several
    booksonit, and 26 monographs and 165 patent owner. 
    Hisapproachbasedon the bioregulatorysysteminthe
    human body, whichoperatedbycellmediators (peptides).
    The peptide’sfunction (amongmanyotherthings), is the informationexchange, duringinteractionbetweencells
    of the immune, nervous, endocrine and other systems. In the pathologicalstate of human organization the
    informationexchangeprocess is disrupted. As a result, the synthesis and accumulation of the peptides, that
    transferingdistortedinformation, inhibit the harmoniousfunctioning of the different body systems. The
    biologicallyactivepeptidesareveryrecommendedregeneratingprotectorsinanyage. Thesepeptidesshould be
    usedfornormalmetabolicmaintenance, prevention and cure of variousdiseases, rehabilitationafterserious
    illnesses, injuries, surgery, inordertoslow down body'sagingprocess.
  • Strong scientific background
    Professor Khavinson, the world-renowned geriatrician of Institute St. Petersburg was the first scientist in the world, who managed to generate peptids,by natural way. Because of his discovery he was nominated for the Nobel price on 28.november 2010.
    Bioregulátor products we distribute, the fruits of his work.
  • The significance of peptides
    The peptide’s function is the information exchange,
    during interaction between cells of the immune,
    nervous, endocrine and other systems. The peptide
    Bioregulatorsreconstruct organs, tissues,
    disrupted functions. The peptid bioregulators restore
    the regulation of gene activity.
    How do peptids work?
    The short peptides are linked to the corresponding
    genes in specific parts, cause the DNA molecules
    extracted, and read the data contained therein.
    Thus comes into being the correction of the tissue, ie
    cell division without defect.
  • Fontos…
    The St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulatory and Gerontology created a completely new, highly efficient technology that extracts low molecular mass peptide fraction, from bodies and tissues of young animals (calves). It has provided an opportunity to be created the new class of natural supplements, includes 7 unique peptid bioregulator products, in addition: the world's first liquid peptide product family, mesotel products, and peptid cell-cosmetic products.
    (In the picture: Dr. Khavinson in our company’s opening)
  • The products have no side effects, and they work quickly.We can say, that these products, as scientific work of Dr. Khavinson, hold giant and real value, and due to their real reconstruction effect, simply they are inimitable.
    (Picture: Dr. Khavinson)
    These products are Dr. Khavinson's unique works, wich available by our company
  • It is important to note:
    It is important to note that these young animals, not test animals, and nobody causes them pain. An animal operated once in anesthesia. The short operation is not a concern throughout an organ, but a very tiny micro-sized tissue. After the operation the animals are kept in a calm, sterile environment
  • Natural peptids in capsule form
    According to the NCPRIZ classification, the second class geroprotectors are the cell-bioregulators and cell-regeneratorsd of the different organs, and tissues, consist of natural short peptides. These supplements in capsule form - are complex, consist of peptides, amino acids, vitamins and microparticles.
  • The natural short peptides
    According to out latest knowledge, the short peptides linked to the corresponding genes in specific parts, causing the DNA molecules extracted, and read the data contained therein. The passage of time and life, evolving peptide deficiency, significantly accelerates wear on the tissues and aging. The situation is that the adequate functioning of cells and tissues, adequate quantity of peptides required to maintain optimal operation mode of the genes. The peptides are active in different cells also synthesized in them.
    Therefore, the cell function is disrupted, with aging, thereby disrupted the reproduction of peptides, resulting in cellular functions suffer damage again. The degeneration of the tissues increases, which would ultimately mean clinical case. Therefore, the use of short peptides is one of the most important innovation in medicine and can significantly slow down the aging process, thanks to the implementation of regeneration and proliferation of the tissues and by increasing the number of cells.
    Another important advantage of the anti-tumor effect of the peptides. Currently, the use of peptides is the best no-compromise solution for the revitalization and prevention of cancer, because it allows the cells and tissues to renew, by coordination and regulation of cyclic processes, and division of the properly functioning new cells, without disorder.
  • Traditionally, the natural peptide bioregulators were present as injection, or capsules. Practice, we know that the short regulator peptides are not transformed in the digestive system, so anyone can use, since no side effects.
    The natural peptides exert their effects equally, whereas the feedbacks coming from direction of tissues, requires a certain amount of peptideformation to fund the deficit (homing effect). Just after this the cells begin to restore their normal operability "and thereby stopping the swinging, thus all processes detoured to the golden mean" (V. Kh. Khavinson, 2009). Using peptides for 2-4 month is giving an impact and protection for 4-6month. After this period, taking the peptides are recommended to start again.
  • VENFORT natural peptid capsules
    Peptide fractions complex extracted from young animal's blood vessels . The selected peptides are selective effect on different cells of the blood vessels, regenerate the vascular tissues, optimize the cellular metabolism and function of vessel’s tissues.
    high blood pressure, cerebral blood vessels and cerebral circulatory disorders, cerebral arteriosclerosis, arteriosclerosis in limbs, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, coronary heart disease, angiopathies (large and small artery damage), endarteritis
    Usage: 1, up to 2 capsules/day with meal
  • SZIGUMIR natural peptid capsules
    Peptide fractions complex extracted from young animal’s cartilage and bone’s tissues. The selected peptides are selective effect on different cells of the cartilage and bone’s tissues, correct, regenerate and control the cartilage and bone’s cells, optimize the cellular metabolism and function of cartillage and bone’s tissues.
    Spinal diseases, rheumatism, osteoporosis, arthritis, joint inflammation (arthritis), joint wear and inflammation, osteochondrosis
    Usage: 1, up to 2 capsules/day with meal
  • VLADONIX natural peptid capsules
    Peptide fractions complex extracted from young animal’s thymus. The selected peptides are selective effect on different cells of immune system, correct, regenerate and control the immune system’s cells, optimize the cellular metabolism and function of immun system’s tissues.
    primary and secondary immunodeficiency (immunodeficiency), prevention and rehabilitation of tumor diseases, chronic poisoning, heart attack and stroke rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, body rejuvenation programs
    Usage: 1, up to 2 capsules/day with meal
  • SZVETINORM natural peptid capsules
    Peptide fractions complex extracted from young animal’s liver. The selected peptides are selective effect on different cells of liver, correct, regenerate and control the liver’s cells, optimize the cellular metabolism and function of liver’s tissues.
    correction of any metabolic disfunction of liver or bile, impaired liver function, any chronic hepatitis, poisoning, chronic poisoning, any skin diseases, jaundice, corrects the abnormal lipid metabolism, thus no cure for atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes
    Usage: 1, up to 2 capsules/day with meal
  • CERLUTEN natural peptid capsules
    Peptide fractions complex extracted from young animal’s brain. The selected peptides are selective effect on any cells of brain and nervous system, correct, regenerate and control the brain and nervous system’s cells, optimize the cellular metabolism and function of brain and nervous system’s tissues.
    Prevention or treatment of any brain and nervous system illness, Cerluten normalizes the brain activity, and regulates its operation. Impaired memory and impaired concentration, cerebral arteriosclerosis, stroke, post-treatment, Alzheimer's and Parkinson, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, neuralgia and neuritis
    Usage: 1, up to 2 capsules/day with meal
  • TIROGEN natural peptid capsules
    Peptide fractions complex extracted from young animal’s thyroid gland. The selected peptides are selective effect on any cells of thyroid gland, correct, regenerate and control the thyroid gland ’s cells, optimize the cellular metabolism and function of thyroid gland
    Prevention and treatment of any thyroid disease and resulting secondary diseases Metabolic disorders, metabolic disorders (hormonal problems, restore hormonecontrol), decreased or increased thyroid function (hypo-and hyperthyroidism), goiter, autoimmune inflammation of the thyroid gland.
    Usage: 1, up to 2 capsules/day with meal
  • SZUPREFORT natural peptid capsules
    Peptide fractions complex extracted from young animal’s pancreas. The selected peptides are selective effect on any cells of pancreas, correct, regenerate and control the pancreas’s cells, optimize the cellular metabolism and function of the pancreas
    Prevention and Treatment of any pancreatic disease Especially: pancreatic function disorder, chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic insufficiency, fat and carbohydrate metabolism normalization, diabetes, correction of digestive processes
    Usage: 1, up to 2 capsules/day with meal
  • The concept of synthetic peptides
    We can use the short synthetic peptides - because they are virtually complete analogue of the natural peptides. But they are simpler, because of the "sintetica" is not a counterpart of the whole bioregulator peptide, but only the counterpart of interconnection of peptide and a specific part of DNA.
    Such refinement allows a very short period of time to achieve an appreciable effect. However, since the "sintetica" works hard and very quick, sometimes the tissue can not restore itself in the same tempo, so the patient complains of unpleasant feelings in the target organs. This is a perfectly normal and temporary phenomenon.
  • The natural liquid peptides
    The situation becomes even more complicated when it's not just a group of synthetic peptides for internal use, but a synthetic complex, contains: external use peptides, active ingredients and transdermal transactors (intermediaries).
    Therefore, drawing on the experience of the scientists, end of 2008, the following challenge is waited for us: creating a newnaturalpeptidecomplexes, whichoperateasfastas the "sintetica", butwithoutsideeffects.
    As a result of Khavinson'swork, configurationsfromhighlypurifiedpeptidefractionshavebeencreated, thatcanpenetrate almost anyphysiologicalbarrierwithouthelp of intermediariesThuswasborn professor Khavinson'snewwork, the newgeneration: externaluse of naturalpeptidebioregulators
    Peptidein the newline'smotto: "Speed, efficiency, safety"
    The peptidecomplex (PK) should be rubbedto the venous part of the forearm, and has to be rubbeduntilitstotalabsorption. 7-15 min after the peptidesare linked to the dendriticcells, whichtransmitthemtothelymphnodes, wherethepeptidesare "absorbedintotheblood" and by the blood-streamgettothetargetorgans and tissues.
    Usage: Rub into the entire forearm until complete absorption.In the first 10 days increase the dose, continually, from 3 drop up to 8. Larger quantitiy is not required.Packaging: 10 ml, enough for 1 month.
  • PK-01 Cardiovascularsystem
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of Cardiovascular System. Forregeneration of the heart and vascularcells, preventionorcure of cardiovasculardiseases. the bone’scells, preventionortreatment of bonediseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of cardiovascularsystem’scell, arteriosclerosis, highbloodpressure, preventionorrehabilitationofheartattackor stroke, postinfarctrehabilitation and post-stroke disorders
  • PK -02 peripheral and centralnervoussystem
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of brain, peripheral and centralnervoussystem. Forregeneration of the brain, peripheral and centralnervoussystem’scells, preventionorcure of brainorneurogicaldiseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging, of braincells and allperipheralandcentralnervoussystem’scells, sclerosis and cerebral stroke, strokerehabilitation, inflammatory and degenerativediseases of the nervoussystem
  • Pk-03 immunesystem
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of immunesystem. Forregeneration of the immunesystem’scells, preventionortreatment of immunedisorders, againstprematureagingofallcellsin the body, hence significantincreasing the life expectancy, immuneenhancement, correction of immunedisorders.
    PK-03 reachinginto the body finds, regenerates and rebuildsall the damagedtissues and restoretheirfunctions. Thusit has a veryimportantrolein tumor prevention.
  • PK-04 joints
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of jointdiseasesForregenerationof the joint’scells, preventionortreatment of jointdiseases. the bone’scells, preventionortreatment of bonediseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of joint’scells, arthrosis, arthritis (izületi gyulladás), osteochondrosis, reuma
  • PK-05 bones
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of bonediseasesForregenerationof the bone’scells, preventionortreatment of bonediseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of bone’scells, and incase of bonethinning (osteoporosis), fractures.
  • PK-06 Thyroidgland
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of thyroiddiseasesForregenerationof the thyroid’scells, preventionortreatment of thyroiddiseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of thyroid’scells, metabolic and hormonalproblems, goiter, goitre, underactiveoroveractivethyroid, Hashimoto'sthyroiditis, thyroidcyst, mastopathy
  • PK-07 Pancreas
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of pancreasdiseasesForregenerationof the pancreas’scells, preventionortreatment of pancreasdiseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of pancreas’scells, chronicpancreatitis, diabetes mellitus (diabetes), impairedglucosetolerance, diabetes, cardiovascularcomplications
  • PK-08 Liver and bile
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of liveror gall diseases. Forregeneration of the liver and gall’scells, preventionortreatment of liveror gall diseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of liver and gall’scells, metabolicabnormalities, obesity, involuntarymovements, cholecystitis (gallbladderinflammation), poisoning, chronicpoisoning (chemicals, drugs, alcohol), cirrhosis, chronicoracute hepatitis and otherliverdiseases.
  • PK-09 Male urogenitalsystem
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of malegenitalsystemdiseases. Forregeneration of the malegenitalsystem’scells, preventionortreatment of malegenitalsystemdiseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of malegenitalsystem’scells, chronicprostatitis, BPH (benignprostatedisease), infertility, erectiledysfunction, othersexualdisorders
  • PK-10 Femaleurogenitalsystem
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of femalegenitalsystemdiseases. Forregeneration of the femalegenitalsystem’scells, preventionortreatment of femalegenitalsystemdiseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of femalegenitalsystem’scells, chronicadnexitis (inflammation), menstrualfunction, menopause, decreasedlibido, infertility, fibroids, tubal, mastopathy (cysts)
  • PK-11 Kidney, urinaryorgans
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of kidney and urinaryorgandiseases. Forregeneration of the kidney and urinaryorgan ’s cells, preventionortreatment of kidney and urinaryorgandiseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of kidney and urinaryorgan ’s cells, chronicrenalinflammation, interstitialnephritis, glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the glomerularlesionsassociatedwithinflammation), kidneystones, chronicrenalfailure
  • PK-12 Lungs and respiratorysystem
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of lungsorrespiratorysystemdiseases. Forregeneration of the lungs and respiratorysystem’scells, preventionortreatment of lungsorrespiratorysystemdiseases.
    Especially recommendedagaintsprematureaging of lungs and respiratorysystem’scells, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, respiratoryallergies, asthma, otherrespiratorydiseases.
  • PK-13 Skin
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of skin and skindiseases. Forregeneration of skin’scells, preventionortreatmentofanyskindiseases. correction of skintone and structure, correction of anyskindefect.
    PK -013 rebuilds the skin'stissue, and makes a perfectskinstucture. Thusitreccommendedas a cosmetictreatmentaswell.
  • PK-14 Veins
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of veindiseases. Forregeneration of the vein’scells, preventionortreatment of veindiseases.
    Especially recommendedagainstprematureaging of vein’scells, thrombosis, varicoseveins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis (deepveinthrombosis), venousthrombosisbecauseofulcer
  • Mezotelproducts
  • mezotelforinternaluse
    The internaluseintendedliquid –based MEZOTEL productsbelongto the 1-inch classgeroprotectors (bioregulators). Mezotelsare a commonwork of Professor Khavinson and Professor Gorgiladzeimmunologist. ThisMesotelfamilycontainsrareingredients, whichstronglycontributetoslowing down the aging, stronglydetoxifythe body, effectivelyimprove the functioning of the nervous and immunesystems, enhance the physical and mental performance, and havestrongantioxidantandrevitalizationeffects
  • Mezotel
    The Mesotelcontains a series of basiccomponents, interalia the essentialingredienttotherevitalization, which is a precursortoacetylcholine, namedcholinebitartarat. Choline is the main activeingredient of Mesotelproducts. The components of MEZOTEL: cholinepeptides, the colloidalsilver, thegotucola and goji.
    Usage: 1 teaspoon per day, before or during a meal.
    Packaging: 120 ml, sufficient for one and a half months.
  • choline
    1.Normalizes and stronglyincreases the energypotential of nervecells, therebyincreases the brainactivity.
    2. Increases the memory and concentrationcapacity, enhances the cognitivefunctionsinthebrain
    3. Increases the resistancetheoverload, stress, fatigueagainst
    4. stronglyenhances the mental and physicalactivity
    5. Slows the agingprocess
    Choline is involvedinmanyimportantbiologicalprocesses. As a phosphatidyl-cholinepreserves the integrity of the plasmamembrane, and basicphysiologicalfunctionsinvolvedinsuchastransfer of informationsbetwencells, energysupplyofcells, and intracellularcommunication. Inadequatecholineintake, mightaffecttheseprocesses. Choline is alsoinvolvedin the preservation of cellstructures and functionswell. It is noteworthy, thatcholinedeficiencyleadstoapoptosis (a form of celldeath) orprogrammedcelldeath. Indeed, if the cholinecontent of the membranebecomeslowerthenthenecessary, itincreasestheceramiderelease, and itseemsthat the accumulation of ceramideactivates an enzyme, named: caspasewhichinducesapoptosis.
  • Strong impact on cellular rejuvenation, strong wrinkle-smoothing effect, removing the discolouration.
    The pigment spotsaredigestionresidues of lysosomal (highfat) diet. Theseso-calledagingor,, wear "pigments, whichcan be foundon the skin, liver, kidney, myocardium, and adrenalganglia. The more pigment cause more fastagingprocess. Choline has the abilitytoremovelipofuscin(aging pigment) from the cells, whoseaccumulationacceleratestheagingprocess of body cells. sejt fiatalító Thissignificantlyaffects the body and cansignificantlyextend life. Already more than 35 years of research, which examined the effectiveness of the acetylcholine's predecessor, suggest, that restoring the intake of acetylcholine allows the increase in age of 20-25% . In addition, choline is an inhibitor of free radicals , so in the composition of the mezotel products we put colloidal silver, thus allowing multiply the antioxidant activity.
  • Silver colloid
    Destroysallpathogens. The silvercolloidpenetratesthroughthecellwall of pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites) inhibits the thiol-enzymesthatareinvolvedinthemetabolism of pathogens, and causetheirdestruction. Itcandamagecellstructure of pathogens, and makesthemincapable of reproduction. Colloidal Silver doesnotharm the intestinalflora of largeintestine, as the latestinthesmallintestine is absorption.
    The Science Digestmagazinereports (March 1978 figure) about the colloidalsilver test: Among the 650 differentkind of pathogenswerekilledwithinsixminutesin a micro-colloidalsilvertube. A regularsyntheticantibioticdeactivateonly 6-12 strains of bacteria
  • The colloidal silver is the most effective detoxifying substance
    Weuse the pure, naturalform of Colloidalsilverwhich is a systemthatcontainsa 100-500 millimikron sizedparticles. The colloidalsolution, incontrasttothesilversaltdoesnotaccumulateinthe body, and thereforecompletelyharmlessevenunderregularuseaswell. The colloidalsilverdoesnotinteractwith, and doesnotaffectothermedicines.
    1. Colloidalsilver is the safest and most effectivenaturalantiseptic and detoxifying
    2. The Colloidal Silver candestroy more than 650 types of germswithin 6 minutes
    3. Destroys and inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites.
  • The colloidal silver is almost good for everything
    A colloidalsilversolutioncan be usedvirtuallyforall of tInfection and inflammationon the body surface , and inside the body forhiddeninfections, inflammations.Itcan be usedforSorethroat, tongue, mouthInflammation and injury, gumproblems, cavities, nasalandrespiratoryInfections, influenza, pneumonia, earInfections, Inflammationeye, conjunctivitis, stomachulcers, intestinalproblems, and Candida Infection. The colloidalsilvercan be preventableinfungus of the feet, nails, nail, ear, armpit, thrush and other body parts. Whenitmassagedinto the head-skin, willhelptoeliminatedandruff and itching of the skin
    Reportedthatcolloidalsilvercan be effectivein HIV / AIDS, Lyme diseasecausedby őz kullancs, meningitis, lymphatic, arthritisaswell. In the case of hayfever and allergyquicklyeliminate the kind of coldsymptoms, and the itchingintheeye. Remedies the burns, cutwounds, scrapes. Itssunburn, acnetreatment is fantastic. Thereare no harmfulsideeffects of the high-qualitycolloidalsilver
  • Gotu kola
    The GotuKola, is one of the most powerfulrejuvenatingherb. While the yogiswasusedtomeditation, formakingtheirconcentrationbetter, gotucolaeffectivelyimprovingtherelatedeffectssuchasmentalretardation. Itsproved, thatgotucolacanincreaseeven the IQ level.
    The GotuKolabeenproventoincreaseintelligence, improvememory, eliminatesthephysicalfatigue, mentalfatigue and depression, andboosts the vitality, shakeuptheimmunesystem, therebysignificantlyincreasingthe life span. This is the Indianplant, ayurvedicmedicine, the most importanttooltoencourage and strengthen the functioning of nerve and braincells.
  • The gotu kola's effect on the skin
    The gotukolacontainstheverystrongtissue-regeneratingbiopolymers, thusit has multipliedrejuvenatingeffect
    One of the rareplants, whichcontain a significantquantity of collagen, soitcanstronglyimprove the condition of connectivetissueso and highlyincrease the skin'selasticityevenat old age. Notonlyin the connectivetissue, theskin is stillabletosignificantlystrengthen and regeneratetorepair the damagedtissues. This is duetoitsuniqueasiaticosidcontentthatdissolves the waxedcover of pathogens, allowing the immunesystemtodestroythem.
    Therebyeliminatingeven the chronic and intractableskindiseases, includingleprosy, syphilis, psoriasisandeczema, variousrashes, burns, wounds, scars, internalandexternalulcersandinflammations. A Frenchresearchin 1966 showedthatafter a cesareansection, the gotukola'sapplying is veryeffectiveinimproving the healingprocess. The woundhealedmuchfasterthanatconventionaltreatment. The hairloss, which is also a skindisease, ableto stop, and evenenhanceyourhairandnails 'strength'
  • Very strong detoxifyingeffect
    Gotu kola is a very strong blood purifier, helps to remove accumulated toxic substances from the brain, as well as heavy metals and a variety of drugs can help to remove from the body
  • goji
    Goji is a verypowerfulnaturalantioxidant. Strengthens the structure of the bloodvessels, improvesbloodcirculation, thuspreventingthrombosis. Promotesrecycling and increaseefficiency. Itcontains a hugeamount of activeingredients: polysaccharides, phenolicacids, vitamins (Bl, B2, C, E, carotene, riboflavin, nicotine), xanthines, leucine, phytosterol - daukosterin (sitosteril-β-β-D-glucoside), betaine, seizedfizalin , alkaloids, proteins, taurine, 19 aminoacids, minerals and traceelements (calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc).
    Itsbeta-caroteneconcentration is higherthan the carrot's, and itscollagenand protein contenthigherthan the royaljelly's. Therefore, cangreatlystrengthen the immunesystem, slowtheagingprocess. Itactivate the serotonin, thusimprovesTherefore, cangreatlystrengthentheimmunesystem, slowtheagingprocess, serotoninactivation of itseffectsimprovesmood, helpswithsleep, relievesfatigue and provideshugeenergy
    Clinicalstudieshaveshownthat the gojistrengthensthecellwalls, whichcontributestotheirgrowth and theirregeneration. 
  • Mezotel beauty
    The above-mentionedcomponents is (Kolin, colloidalsilver, Gotu Cola, Goji) has a highcontent of zinc.
    Usage: 1 teaspoon per day, before or during a meal.Packaging: 120 ml, sufficient for one and a half months.
  • Zink
    Ifthere is an element, which is reallyimportant, and realrejuvenating, thenthis is the zinc.
    The main hormonesinour body, the testosterone, thegrowthhormone, theinsulin and the growthfactor 1 (IGF-1) - donotworkwithoutit. Thesehormonesuse the zincastheir main enzymesource, thustheycanperform the most importantfunctions. A zincactivates 200 enzymes, and one of the most importantantioxidant.
    • Increases the body'sresistance
    • Spermproduction and testosteronesynthesis
    • Adequate vitamin metabolism
    • peptides, DNA and the regulation of celldivision
    • Itmayhelptocureinfertility.
    • Helpseliminateprostatecomplaints
    • Speedsup the healing of internal and externalwounds.
    • Removes the whitespotsfromthenails
    • Enhances the growth and mentalsharpness
    • Reducescholesteroldeposits
    • Contributesto the healingmentaldisorders.
  • Howdoeszincworks?
    The zincactsinthe body like a trafficcopMonitors and controls the metabolicprocesses of enzymesystems, maintains the integrity of the cells. It Is essentialfor protein synthesis, acid-basebalance, insulinsecretion, musclecontractileability, brain-operation ( experienced a positiveimpactinschizophrenia). Itrequiredfor DNA synthesis, woundhealing. Alcoholics and peoplewith diabetes need a higherdose of zinc. Zincdeficiencycancauseprostateenlargement, arteriosclerosis, whitestreakson the nails.
    Zinchelpsincase of infertility, prostatedisease, growthdisturbances, impotence, irregularmenstruation, senility. Zinkenhancesmentalsharpness, helpstotreatmentaldisorders. It has Importantrolein the development of reproductiveorgans.
    Zinc has the main roleinmetabolicprocesses, coordinate the functioning of certainenzymes, maintains the integrity of the cells. Essentialinadjusting the pH of the blood, thushelpsmaintainthebody'sinternalbalance. Itprovidessomeprotectionagainst the pollution of the environment, becausepreventingtheincorporation of lead and cadmiuminto the body. Accelerates the healing of internal and externalwounds.
  • Mezotel neo
    Nextto the choline, colloidalsilver, gotukola, gojicomponents, alsocontainslargeamounts of resveratrol. the today'sbest-knownlipid-regulator
    Usage: 1 teaspoon per day, before or during a meal.Packaging: 120 ml, sufficient for one and a half months
  • resveratrol
    The most importantproperties of resveratrol:
    1. It is a powerfulantioxidant
    2. Lowersbloodcholesterollevel
    3. Preventsarteriosclerosis
    4. Regulates and optimize fatmetabolism
    5. It is beneficialto the skin, - stimulatescollagensynthesis
    6. Improves the functions of the femalehormones
    7. Reduces the risk of osteoporosis
    The resveratrol (trans-3, 5,4 '-trihydroxystilbene), is a substance, whichfoundin the redgrape'sshell. Itcameto the focus of scientific interest fewyearsago, as a possibleexplanation of the "French paradox" . ("French paradox" - what is the reasonforthelownumber of cardiovasculardiseasesin France, wherepeopleeathigh-fatfoods?) Todayit is seenas an effectiveantioxidant, phyto-estrogen, protectoragainstcancer and cardiovasculardiseases. It is proclaimedas "The French Paradox , which is enclosedinglass."
  • Cardiovasculareffects
    A lot of researchsuggeststhatalcoholconsumption (particularlyredwine) mayreducecoronaryheartdisease. Someresearchalsoshowedthatit is a powerfulantioxidant . Itpreventslow-densitylipoproteins (LDL, low-densitylipoprotein) peroxidation, and protects the cellsfromtheharmfuleffects of oxidized LDL, and protectsagainstlipidperoxidation. Sinceit has hydrophilic and lipophilicproperties, itcan be much more effectivethan the well-knownantioxidants vitamin E and C. It is alsoshowntoreduce the risk of accumulationofplatelets, soreducing the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • Impactoncancer
    Haveshownthat the resveratrol is a strongantioxidant , soitinhibits the formation of free radicals and it has anti-mutageniceffect. Itappearsthatresveratrolreduces the development of the tumor throughinhibition of cyclooxygenase-1 enzyme - an enzyme, whichconvertsarachidonicacidtoinflammatorysubstancesthatstimulate tumor growth. Someresearchsuggeststhatresveratrolcauses the differentiation of leukemiacells, and inhibits the enzymeribonucleotidereductase - thisenzymerequiredfor DNA synthesisinproliferatingcells.
  • Estrogeneffects
    The structuralsimilarity of resveratrol and diethyl-stilbestrol (a syntheticestrogen) was the reason of researchesabout the phytoestrogeneffect of resveratrol. (phytoestrogen is a herbalingredient, which has estrogen-likeeffects). Thesehormones link to the estrogenreceptorsoncells. The estrogen-receptorcomplexinteractswith DNA incertainsections, thusstimulatesestrogen-sensitivegenes. Incase a material is linked to the estrogenreceptors, and trigger a responsereactiononendogenousestrogens, thenthismaterial is estrogenagonist. Incase, a material is linked to the estrogenreceptors and prevents the endogenousestrogen-inducedresponses, thenthismaterial is estrogenestrogenisantiagonist. The chemicalstructure of resveratrol is verysimilarto a syntheticestrogenagonist, diethylstilbestrol, whichsuggeststhatresveratrolworksas an estrogenagonist
  • Foodsupplements
  • foodsupplements
    The number of peoplewithweakenedimmunesystem is increasingyearbyyear. The reasonforthis: pollution and malnutrition. The totalhealthstatisticsshowsthatit is timetochange the lifestyle and tobring a newvisioninmedicine. The most importantfactorinthisissue, is the personalapproach.
    Expertsbelievethat, the foodintake of a modern person, has tocontain more than 600 differentnutrients. Veryfewpeoplecansaythat, properlynourished, evenfewerthatarenotexposedtoharmfulpollution. Accordingly, number of the perfectlyhealthypeoplewithoptimal immun intensity, is verylow. So, here is the question: howtoreachtheidealbalance, sothatnotonlytoday and tomorrowwilltakecare of ourselves, butfor the whole of ouractive life?
  • Prevention of prematureaging
    Inresponse, ourcompany'sbiologicallyactivefoodsupplements, whichcreatedby St. Petersburg Institute immunologist Professor: Dr. Tsyganov. Thesesupplementsconstantlyhelptorestore the health . The komplex use of thesesupplements has one of the most importantfunction: toensure the prevention of prematureaging, topromote the normalization of metabolism, tostrengthenour body withoutsideeffects. One, maximum two capsules are enough for reaching positive effects
  • Cinsil-t
    Itsuitablefor: the prevention of prematureaging, immuneboosting, antioxidant status, tension, stress and insomnia. Stroke and brain-headinjuries. Allergies, skindiseases, carbohydrate and fatmetabolism, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, vasoneurosis, highbloodpressure. Besides a number of the mentionedcomponents, itconains: zinc, glycine, vitamin B6
  • ZINc
    Zinc is an essentialelemenetforhealthyfunctioning of the ourorganization'cells. It has importantroleinregulating the metabolicfunctions, regulatestheoperating of the main hormones, and more than 200 enzyme. Itsetsupourblood'sacid-basebalance. Zincpromotes protein synthesis, restoring a healthyweight.
    Similarly, the ascorbicacid, zinchindersthespread of viralinfections, promotes the formation of whitebloodcells, and retains the neutrofils, T-lymphocytes and ournaturalanticancercellsPromoteshealing of wounds, affectsmuscle and brainfunctions. Cures and prevents almost all of the skindiseaseZinc is abletocorrect the bloodsugarlevel. Thiselementhelps the pancreasproducetheenzymes, and protectsallcellmembraneswhichareresponsiblefor entering hormonoesto the cells.
  • glycine
    The glycinesignificantlyimprovetheprocessing of zinc and also has a range of excellentproperties. Abletoreduce the psychoemotionaltension, aggression, conflicttendency. Helpsinsocialadaptation, improvesyourmood, helpsnormalize the sleep, increasesmentalability, reducethealcohol- and drug-relateddisruption of the centralnervoussystem
  • Vitamin b6
    The pyridoxine (vitamin B6) has manyimportantfunctions, but the most importantthing is, thatitprovides the aminoacidmetabolism. Inaddition, participatesin the exchange of neuromediatorssuchasserotonin and dopamine. Accordingtoneurophysiologist'sview, the peoplesufferingfromdepression, needslargerquantities of vitamin B6. The pyridoxine (B6) is involvedin the reproduction of redbloodcells and hemoglobins.
    The pyridoxineplaysimportantroleinthe protein-, fat-, and carbohydratemetabolism. Ithelpstodelivercarbohydratefrommuscle and liverto the blood. Thisprocess is veryimportantfor the billions of nervecellsin a continuoussupply of glucose. The pyridoxinedeficiencycausesreductioninthenumber of antibody, reducesbody-resistance.
  • Kalsil-T
    The Kalsil-Tcontainsnaturalcitrates, calcium and magnesiumcarbonate, A, D3, E vitamins. This is the most efficientway of the calciumabsorption. It'sbio-availability and absorption: upto 70%. (normally the calciumabsorption is only 2-8% )
    It is recommendedfor the followingproblems:
    Prematureaging, nervoussystemproblems, cerebralinsufficiency, depression, insomnia, memoryloss, dizziness, tinnitus, increasedmental and physicalstress, eyediseases. Itcan be helpinheart and vasculardisorders, likeheadache, hypertensivedisease, coronaryheartdisease, bloodclottingdisorders. Kalsil-T is an effectivehelpinmusculo-skeletaldisorders, like osteoporosis, fractures, rheumatism, arthritis. Preventshormonalproblems, likegrowthslowdown, menopause, diabetes. Helpsinskindiseases and hepatitis aswell.
  • Calcium
    Inadditionto the specificproteins, thecalciumionsprovidetheskinfirmness and elasticity. Calcium is a major impacton the functioning of the nervoussystem, ensuringthebalancebetweencorticalexcitation and inhibitionprocesses. Calcium is involvedin the transmission of nerveimpulses and musclecontraction. Calciumprovides the muscletension and release. The organization'slack of calciumleadsto osteoporosis and fragility. An adult human bloodcontainsusually 2.25 to 2.75 mmol/ l calcium.
    Calciumdeficiencycausesinsomnia, nervousness, increasedheartrate, highbloodpressure. Itwasfoundthatagingcausesnotonly a decreasedcalciumabsorption, and D vitamin absorptionbutalso a decreased vitamin D productioninskinSincecalcium and vitamin D foundinfoodsaregenerally the same, sothatthecalcium-poorfoodsgenerallydoesnotcontainany vitamin D. There is one more aspect of organiccalcium: namely, the role of cancerprevention. The calmodulin (the regulator of cell protein) becomesactivebycalcium. The intra-andextra-cellularcalcium ratio, and the membranepermeability of calciumions is essentialforcelldivision
  • magnesium
    Magnesium as a coenzyme, involved in a number of important enzymatic process. The magnesium is the structural component of a wide range of enzymes (about 300), including the adenosinetriphosphate-dependent enzymes. Magnesium has cardioprotective effect in rhythm disturbances, coronary heart problems - including myocardial infarction, improves the myocardial oxygen supply, thereby limiting the injured area.
    Simultaneously, the vasodilator effect of magnesium is important and helps to decrease blood pressure.
    Magnesium as a stress release particulate, has normalization effect on the nervous system in case of nervous tension. Magnesium prevents vascular complications of diabetes, and improves the pancreatic beta-cell function. In case of respiratory system diseases, facilitates expansion of the bronchi and the passing of bronchospasm. In both cases, the magnesium is an important factor in prevention. Magnesium has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system as well. During the menopause to reduces the adverse effects.
  • imusil
    Imusilcurrently is one of the bestimmune-enhancingfoodsupplementinthe market. Strengthens the immunesystemprotectsagainstinfectiousdiseases and treatthem, eliminates the permanenteffects of pollution, treatingallergies and eliminates the permanenteffects of increasedantibioticintake. Applicabletochronicdiseases, gastrointestinaldiseases (obesity, metabolicdisorders, chronicstomach and intestinedisorders), heart, lungandliverdiseases, oncologicaldiseases, fatigue, stress, highphysicalexertionandintensive sport.
    The Imusil is completelyharmless, children and adultsalikecantake, becausesimilarlytoall of ourproducts, it has no sideeffects. Imusil is the key of long life, health, intellectual and physicalcondition
  • Howdoes the Imusilwork?
    The firstfewweeksafterbirthoccursinthegastrointestinaltract, thedevelopment of naturalmicroflora. A perfectlyhealthyadult human intestine is filledwithmanymillions of bacteriathatpromote the conduct of variousphysiologicalprocesses. The naturalbacteriahelpswithdigestionbybroking down the foodintocomponents, thusimprovingthe rapid absorption of usefulmaterials.
    Lacto- and bifidobacteriassynthesize vitamin K and C and somegroups of vitamin B, improvesabsorption, of vitamin D, iron, calcium and manyothercomponents.
    The lacto- and bifidobacteriasinvolvedin the mucosalrecoveryprocess. Incase of usefulbacteria'svolumedecreasing, the harmfulbacteriasmultiply and getactivated. Inthiscase the balance of intestinalbacteriasdisrupts, whichcausesdysbacteriosys. More than 50% of the world'spopulationsufferfromvaryingdegrees of dysbacteriosis.
  • More…
    The proliferation and excessiveconsumption of antibioticsledtoemergenceof more and more adaptable-mutatingviruses, bacteria and otherpathogens, arecause more infectiousdiseases. While the number of infectiousdiseases, viral, fungalinfections, allergies is increasing, at the sametime, thesignificance of preparationswhichsupportingnaturalmicroflora, is alsoincreasing. The so-calledprobioticsareincreasinglyusedinstead of a conventionalantibiotictreatments, and theirefficiency is no worse.
    One of the most effectiveprobioticproduct is the Imusil. Initscompositionfound the harmless, lacto-andbifidobacteriacomponents, whichmaintainoptimallivingspacefortheusefulmicroflorainthe human body. Inaddition, the product is enrichedwithnaturalimmun-modulators, suchas vitamin C and echinaceaextract. Accordingto the currentlevel of medicine,there is no analogue of thispreparation. inEastern Europe.
  • olekap
    Olekapeffectivelystrengthens the slowing
    of the agingprocess. Helpsespeciallyincardiovascularproblems - thrombosis, hypertensivedisease, coronarydisease - helpstopreventheartattacks and strokes. Giveseffectivesupportin the case of metabolicdisorders, likefatmetabolismproblems, diabetes, highcholesterol. Contributesgreatly the rehabilitationafterchemoradiotherapy. Ituseableincase of excessiveimmuneresponse and allergicreactions
    The Olekap's main componentsare: the Irishsalmonoil, redpalmoil, soybeanoil.
    The salmonoilcomponents - suchasthehighlyconcentrated and irreplaceable Omega 3 fattyacid-, reducebloodcholesterollevels, prevent the development of atherosclerosis, build the cellwalls, reducethepain, hinderthedevelopment of chronicinflammations
    Red palmoil
    Practicallyall of tocopherolfoundinvegetableoil, however, the onlyonethatcontainsplenty of tocotrienols is the redpalmoil. The tocotrienolspromotescleansing of the bloodvessels, inhibitthrombosis, therebysignificantlyreducingtherisk of cardiovasculardisease. The pureredpalmoilusing is highlyefficientin diabetes, obesity, stomach and intestinalcomplaints, ulcer, highbloodpressure, angina, infarctus, skindiseases, boneinflammation, cataracts, and prevention of the throat, lungs - breast, bowel, and gastriccancerdevelopment.
    Amongall the vegetableoils, soybeanoil has the highestbiologicalactivity and 98% of itcanprocessedby the body. The soybeanoilcontainstheessentialpolyunsaturatedfattyacids (liketocopherol), whicharealsonaturalantioxidants. Itcontainsalsolecithin, whichregulates the cholesterollevels. The soybeanoilimprovesmetabolism, strengthenstheimmunesystem. 
  • regenart
    The Regenartprotectsbone and cartilagesystem, encourages the creation of factorswhicharerequiredtorestoredamagedjoints. Itgives an effectivehelpintreatment of degenerativejoint and spinediseases, andreducesedemaandinflammation. It has liver-protectiveeffects and giveshelpatchronicpoisoning, chronic hepatitis, decreasedliverfunction. Itgiveseffectiveassistanceintreatment of neurologicalproblemssuchasbiliarydyskinesia (involuntarymovements), and inflammatorysymptoms, allergies
    The main components of Regenart: taraksacin, artichokes, dihydroquercetin, and chondroitinsulfate.
    The dandelionextractcontainsmonoterpeneglycosid, namelytaraksacin. Taraksacin a doublefunctionin the human body. Impactson the internal fluid of joints, on the otherhandencouragesthecreation of cartilagerepairfactors. Itoccursbyspeedingup the metabolismprocesses of the liver. Inotherwords, the taraksacinprotects and restores the articularsurfaces. As a result, the cartilagebecomesclear again and regainitsself-reconstructionability.
  • artichoke
    The artichokeextract has stronghepatoprotectiveeffects, itscomponentsprotect the livercellsagainstpoisoning (eg, derivatives, alkaloids, salts of heavymetals, alcohol) . The artichokeextractincreasestheextraction of the coinzulinbyhepatocytes and effectsonlipids, cholesterol, ketonebodiesmetabolism, improvesliverdetoxificationfunction.
    The artichokeextract has a protectiveeffecton the bile. Increases the amount of extractedbile and facilitates the selection of bilesalt. Promotesdigestion, prevents the formation of gall bladderinflammation, reduces the gasproduction and regulatesbowelmovements. The artichokeextract has diureticeffect, reducebloodlevels of nitrogen-containingcompounds. The artichokeextractreducesbloodcholesterol.Usedintheprevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.
    The dihydroquercetinsignificantlyreducestheharmfuleffects of alcohol, reducesalcohol hangover feeling and the needforfurtherdoses, thusreducingthealcoholaddiction. Itsfeature, thatreduces the bloodlevel of high-densitylipoproteins, allows the use of arteriosclerosisaspreventive and curativepreparation.
    The increasedstability of the body tissuesagainstadverseeffectscausedbyhighbloodsugarlevels, is an opportunitytoreduce the probability of diabetes, and facilitate the medicine of itsdevelopedvariousforms. Sinceitcanreduce the harmfuleffects of variousexternaladversefactors (industrialcontamination, viralfactors, householdallergens, etc.), thususeableas an antiallergic and anti-inflammatorypreparation. The dihydroquercetin'sabilitytopreventtransformation of normalcells, intocancercells, aswellasslowing the spread of the cancercells, impliesexpectationsthatthismaterialcanreducethenumber of oncologicaldiseases
  • chondroitinsulfate
    Onereasonfor the destruction of the articularcartilage, is the chondroitinsulfatereductioninit. The chondroitinsulfate is the main structuralcomponent of cartilage. Inadditionit is involvedindeveloping of bone- and ligament tissues, and maintains the flexibility of bloodvessels.
    The chondroitinsulfate has one more interestingfeature: the chondroitininvolvedintheformation of urinecolloids and prevents the deposition of saltsin the urine, therebyinhibitingtheformation of urinarystones. A number of researchshowedthatchondroitinsulfate is notonlyprevents the destruction of articularcartilage, butencourages the reproduction of tissue. The chondroitinsulfate is usedtoimprove the movement of limbs, joints and spine, andreducespain.
  • fitoteas
    The exclusive, newestgeneration of ourteasbasedonayurveda and traditionalherbsandspices. The target is making a balancebetwen the variousprocesses. Weintroducenow, the uniqework of Professor Gorgiladze, who is an immunologist and scientist of the St. Petersburg Institute. He triedtoreplace the, tradicionalayurvedaherbs and spices, butinspirit, energy, andmicroparticlecomposition, closeto the original.
    However, thereare a manyuniqueplantin the easternmedicine, whichsimply has no equivalentinclassicalmedicine.Theseplantsare the main components of ourteas. Theseingredientspromote the self-regulationinthe body, self-cleaningprocess, strengthening the immunesystem and slowing down the agingprocess. One box contains 25 tea bag.
    One teabag is enough for two days
  • Agnimax – immunesystem and detoxification
    It has antioxidant and immunomodulatoryeffect. Accelerates the body's flow of energy and biochemicalprocesses. Promotes the burning of toxinsin the body and tissues.Encourages the recoveryprocess. Restores the digestivesystem.
  • Gelmax - immunesystem and detoxification
    It has strong, immunomodulatory and anti-parasiticeffect. Facilitates the removal of parasitesfrom the body, restores the gastro-intestinalsystem and the liverfunction. Encourages the detoxificationprocesses, reducesthebody'ssensitivitytoallergiescausedbyparasites.
  • Amiroton – immunesystem
    It has immunomodulatory. anti-inflammatory, and reparativeperceptibleeffect. Itrecommendedfor the followingdisorders: acut and chronicpoisoning, seriousillnessandpost-operativeperiods, chronicdiseases of gastro-intestinaltract, diseasesofrespiratory and urinarysystem
  • AKTOFORSZ – STRONG Detoxification
    Promotes the livermetabolism and liverdetoxificationfunctions. Normalizesfatmetabolism, and improves the vascularcellmetabolism., Promotesthemicrocirculationintheorgans and tissues. It has antioxidant and bloodpressureloweringeffect. Reduces the risk of developingatherosclerosis. Recommendedfor: vasoneurosis, hypertension, anytypes of atherosclerosis
  • Korgiton – cardiovascularsystem
    Helpsinregulation of vascularsystem, reducingpressureon the heartmuscle. Regulates the metabolism of heartmuscle and bloodvesselwalls. Itlowersbloodpressure. Itrecommendedfor the followingdisorders: vasoneurosis, atherosclerosis, 1 and 2 stage of hypertension, coronaryheartdisease. Promotestoreductionatincidence of heartattack and stroke.
  • ALVENORM – lung and respiratory organs
    It has immunomodulatory, analgesic and anti-inflammatoryeffect. Improves the functioning of the respiratoryorgans. Helpstocoughup the phlegm, and helpstoremovingsputum. Reduces the possibility of permanentdamageto the lungs. Stimulates the cellregenerationprocess of the bronchialepithelium. Recommendedforchronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchialasthma, pneumonia
  • Dianorm – stomach and digestivetract
    It has perceptibleprotectiveeffectongastric and duodenalmucousmembrane. Promotes the extraction of gastric and pancreaticenzyme, improvesdigestion. Reduces the stomachpains. Itrecommendefor the followingdisorders: gastritis, duodenitis, gastric and duodenalulcers, chronicinflammation of pancreas.
  • Vedomix - digestivesystem
    Stimulates digestion, excretion, absorption, and the process of peristalsis. Balances the biochemical- and energy processes . Promotes the intestinal toxins burning. The Vedomix has antioxidant- and immunomodulatory effect. Encourages the process of tissue regeneration and slows the aging process. The Vedomix has weight-loss effect as well.
  • Defemax - COLON
    Promotes the bowelmovementsimproving. Reduces the level of venousslacknessinpelvis. Facilitatedefecationthrough the rectum and sphincter. Reduces the rate of developmentofvaricoseveins and hemorrhoids. Itrecommendedforconstipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Pangiton - pancreas
    Reduces the pressureonthepancreas and helps the tissuestoglucosedisposal. Reducesbloodsugarlevel. Reduces the development of diabetes and preventsfrom the development of angiopathyin diabetes. Regulates the production of insulin and digestiveenzymes. Accelerates the healingprocessinpancreasinflammation
  • Bilinorm - liver and bile
    Improves the liverdetoxification, restoresforming protein processesin the liver. Reduces the level of poisoning, alleviates "heavy" feeling in the upper right quarter. It has mildanti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and biletreatmenteffect. Slows down the liverfatformation and cirrhosis. Itrecommendedfor: hepatitis, biliarydyskinesia, chroniccholecystitis, postcholecystectomicalsyndrome, and chronictoxicity
  • Flonorm – kidney and urinary organs
    Promotes the normalfunctioning of the urinaryprocesses. It has diuretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatoryeffect. Restores the physical and chemicalproperties of urine, byreleasingsalt. Recommendedfor the followingdisorders: chronickidneyinflammation, stone, kidneycystdiseases
  • Refronorm – female urogenital system
    The Refronorm has antispasmodic, analgesic, and vascular-astringenteffect. Promotesnormalfunctioning of the femaleurogenitalsystem. Regulates the hormonalprocesses and emotionalbalance. Reduces the menstrualbleeding and pain. Facilitates the healing of menopausal hot flashes. Recommendedfor the followingdisorders: chronicinflammation of the fallopiantubes and ovaries, menstruationdisorders, premenstrualsyndrome, breastinflammation, menopause (climax)
  • Testonorm – male urogenital system
    Regulates the maleurogenitalsystem. Releases the congestionsintheprostate and pelvis. Improves the metabolisminprostatecells. Strengthenslibido and increasesbloodsaturationlevel of the malesexualorgan. Increases the sexualpleasure.Recommendedforthefollowingdisorders: chronicprostatitis, erectiledysfunction and earlyonsetprostatecancer.
  • Hodromix-locomotionsystem
    Stimulates the liverfunctioning. Promotes the formation of cartilageregenerationprocesses. Promotes the cellmetabolisminthejoints, reducespainsyndrome and swellingcausedbyboneinflammationorbonewear. Recommendedforosteochondrosis and anyrheumaticdiseases
  • Relanorm-nervoussystem
    Normalizes the nervous and digestivesystem. Increase the level of sensitivityof the nervoussystem, thusstimulatesthedefensivecapacityagainstvariousexternalfactors, likestress. Increases the stabilityagainstthephysical and psycho-emotionalpressure. Balances the attenuative and stimulatingprocesses of the nervoussystem. Restores the cyclicality of sleep and wakefulness. Makesiteasiertosleep, and makesitsmooth, balancedanddeep.
  • NASTRONORM – Mental Health
    The Nastronorm has sedative,and anti-stresseffect. Increaseshappiness and self-confidence. Recommendedforphysical and psychicoverload, prolongedstress, highirritability, mentalillness, neurosis, depressionandsleepdisorders.
  • The variousflavours of teas, promoteoptimaldigestion and metabolism. The teasreducetheabsorption of fatin the intestines, improvebowelmovements, and detoxify the body. Theirlaxativeeffect is mild. Theynormalize the microfloracomposition and correct body weight. Taste and chooseaccordingtoyourtaste
    A különféle ízesítésű fitoteák elősegítik az optimális anyagcserét és emésztést. Csökkentik a zsír felszívódását a bélrendszerben, javítják a bélmozgást, salaktalitanak és méregtelenítenek. Enyhe hashajtóhatásuk van. Normalizálják a bél mikroflóra összetételét és korrigálják a test súlyát. Kóstolja meg és válasszon ízlése szerint áfonya, meggy, szamóca, citrom, ananász ízesítésű teáinkból.
  • cosmetics
  • PK- cosmetics
  • PK-13 Skin
    PeptideComplexfortreatment of skin and skindiseases. Forregeneration of skin’scells, preventionortreatmentofanyskindiseases. correction of skintone and structure, correction of anyskindefect.
    PK -013 rebuilds the skin'stissue, and makes a perfectskinstucture. Thusitreccommendedas a cosmetictreatmentaswell.
  • Revilinecosmetics
    A The NCPRIZ presents a unique REVILINE peptidbasedcellularcosmeticsfamily, which is a jointproduction of he company, the St. Petersburg Institute forGerontology and Bioregulatory Dr. Khavinson- and "Vita" Chemical-BiologicalAssociation. The REVILINE is a HighTechproduct. Itscompositonbasedondifferentpeptidcomplexgroups, whichtriggervisible and invisiblerejuvenatingeffect.
    The peptidecomplexesareusedtostimulateskincellregeneration, totransformunhealthyskintissueintoflawlessskintissue, ,toremovewrinkles, to optimize the metabolism and microcirculation, tohelp the synthesis of collagen and elastinThis is occursin the improvement of the skin'selasticity, structure, color and moisture
    In the REVILINE compositioncan be found the complexesareverystrongnaturalantioxidant (superoxidDismutas) and theirbiotechnology-derivedindicators. Thesecomplexeshaveantioxidant, immunomodulatory, UV protector, anti-tumoreffect, significantlyspeedup the detoxificationprocesses and the regeneration of skincells.
    The combination of naturalpeptides, and the superoxidedismutase - is a newphenomenonincellularrevitalization and cosmetics.
    Packaging: 55 ml, enoughforonemonth
  • Perfectskin, silkyhair and strongnails
    The peptidecomplexes, whichareseamlesslyabletopenetrateintothecells and penetratinginto the skincellsquicklybegintorebuildskintissue, triggerstrongrejuvenatingeffects, and produce a flexible, and perfectstructure of skintissue.
    Withinonemonth the changecan be achievedveryimpressive and spectacular. The otherveryeffectiveingredientsdetoxify, nourish, moisturize, eventhedeeperskinlayers.
  • RL-01 Rejuvenation FOOTCREAM AGAINST varicose veins
    Rebuilds the skin's structure, flexibility, optimizes the microcirculation andmetabolism inthe skin, reduces swelling and pain in the legs, remove the varicose veins
    PK-3 and A-4 peptidecomplexes, a bioantioxidantcomplex, Neovitin ®, purifiedwater, castoroil, emulsifyingwax, glycerin, witchhazelextract, horsechestnutextract, Methylparaben, propilparaben, urea, mint
    USAGE: Aplly a creamwithenergetic, massagemotionsto the the problematic parts of the body. Use twice daily for two weeks, and then the next two weeks once a day
  • RL-02 REVILINE PEPTID - general anti-wrinkle facecream
    Strongly reduces the depth of wrinkles, rebuilds the skin's structure and makes it flexible. Removes the paleness, makes your complexion beautiful. Optimize the metabolism, micro-circulation in the skin and significantly slows skin aging process. Highly moisturizes, smoothes and rejuvenates your face. Reduces puffiness
    A-4 peptidecomplex, purifiedwater, jojoba, and oliveoil, Neovitin ®, tallow, wax, emulsifiers, urea, chamomile, sweetalmondextract  
    USIGE: Apply a small amount of cream to clean skin and rub with massage motions until entire absorption
    Strongly reduces the depth of wrinkles, rebuilds the skin's structure and makes it flexible. Removes the paleness, makes your complexion beautiful. Optimize the metabolism, micro-circulation in the skin and significantly slows skin aging process. Highly moisturizes, smoothes and rejuvenates your face. Reduces puffiness
    complexpeptide A-6, bioflavolipidAktivitin ® complex, purifiedwater, glycerin, oliveoil, castoroil, Ceredin, beeswax, methyl, propyl, imidazolidinylurea, hydrolyzedcollagen, vitamin E 
    USIGE: Apply a small amount of cream to clean skin and rub with massage motions until entire absorption
  • RL-04 REVILINE PEPTID ANTI AGING daytimefacecream
    Strongly reduces the depth of wrinkles, rebuilds the skin's structure and makes it flexible. Removes the paleness, makes your complexion beautiful. Optimize the metabolism, micro-circulation in the skin and significantly slows skin aging process. Highly moisturizes, smoothes and rejuvenates your face. Removes waste products and toxins, reduces puffiness and restores age-related changes in the skin.
    complexpeptide A-6, oliveoil and soybeanoil, bioantioksidantnyNeovitin ® complex, purifiedwater, glycerin, tallow, waxemulsion, urea, cocoabutter, gidralizovannycollagen, panthenol, vitamin E 
    USAGE: Aplly a creamwithenergetic, massagemotionsto the the problematic parts of the body. Use twice daily for two weeks, and then the next two weeks once a day
  • RL-05 REVILINE PEPTID PURE SKIN facecreamwithgrapeseed oil
    Removes capillary dilatations, rosaceas from your face and neck. Reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, strongly reduces the depth of wrinkles. Rebuilds the skin's structure, optimize the microcirculation and metabolism in the skin, strongly slows the skin aging. Highly moisturizes, nourishes, smooths and rejuvenates the skin, removes paleness, and makes your complexion beautiful
    complexpeptide A-3, licoriceroot, barkBetulavit ®, purifiedwater, glycerin, witchhazelextract, grapeseedoil, emulsifyingwax, urea
    USAGE: Aplly a creamwithenergetic, massagemotionsto the the problematic parts of the body. Use twice daily for two weeks, and then the next two weeks once a day
  • RL-06 REVILINE PEPTID anti agingBody Rejuvenation
    Rejuvenatinglotion, which rebuilds the skin's structure, strongly reduces the aging process, helps burn fat, tightens the skin. Optimize the microcirculation and metabolism in the skin, highly moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates and smooths your skin
    complexpeptide A-6, kaprilil, bioantioksidantnyNeovitin ® complex, purifiedwater, cocoabutter, oliveoil, glycerine, emulsifyingwax, urea
      USAGE: Aplly a creamwithenergetic, massagemotionsto the the problematic parts of the body. Use twice daily for two weeks, and then the next two weeks once a day
  • RL-07 REVILINE PEPTID Face cream for oily, acne-prone skin
    Rebuilds the skin's structure, strongly reduces the depth of wrinkles. Optimize the microcirculation and metabolism in the skin, strongly slows the skin aging, highly moisturizes, nourishes, smooths and rejuvenates your face, removes the paleness, and makes your complexion beautiful
    complexpeptide A-6, birchbarkextractBetulavit ®, purifiedwater, sageextract, chamomile and marigold, seabuckthornoil, waxemulsion, urea
    USAGE: Aplly a creamwithenergetic, massagemotionsto the the problematic parts of the body. Use twice daily for two weeks, and then the next two weeks once a day
    Removes cellulite and helps to burn fat, detoxifies, rebuilds skin structure, and restores the skin elasticity. Optimize the microcirculation and metabolism in the skin, strongly slows the skin aging, highly moisturizes, nourishes, smooths and rejuvenates the skin
    peptidecomplex A-7, oliveoil, complexbioantioksidantnyNeovitin ®, purifiedwater, naturalcaffeine, soyoil, glycerin, tallow, waxemulsion, cayenne borskivonat, urea, cocoabutter, Fucusextract, copolymer, natrium
    USAGE: Aplly a creamwithenergetic, massagemotionsto the the problematic parts of the body. Use twice daily for two weeks, and then the next two weeks once a day
  • RL-09 REVILINE PEPTID ANTI-AGING body Lotion against scars, pregnancy strips, stretch marks
    Removes cellulite, pregnancy strips, scars, stretch marks and all kind of skin defects. Detoxifies. Promotes fat burning. Rebuilds the structure of the skin and restores its firmness and flexibility. Optimizes the microcirculation and metabolism in the skin, strongly slows the skin aging, highly moisturizes, nourishes, smooths and rejuvenates the skin
    peptidecomplex A-4, oliveoil, bioantioxidánsNeovitin ® complex, purifiedwater, soybeanoil, glycerin, stearin, waxemulsion, pumpkinextract, urea, cocoabutter, inulinlauryl
    USAGE: Aplly a creamwithenergetic, massagemotionsto the the problematic parts of the body. Use twice daily for two weeks, and then the next two weeks once a day
  • mezotel products FOR EXTERNAL USE
    The 3 external use intended, liquid-basedMezotel products, are intended for corrective therapy of the face and neck, the whole body, hair and scalp.
    Effectiveness of these treatments is so high, because the active ingredients are fully absorbed, able to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, and start up regenerating processes This product (having regard to the their composition, action mode, effect) is much more relevant and more expedient as themesotherapy treatment. The difference is spectacular and eye-catching already after the first treatment.
  • Turningpoint in Cosmetics
    The traditional anti-aging cosmetics's basic component deanol (TNRE), we changed to a more effective component, which was completed with Neovitol, in order to enhance effectiveness. The NRE-4, is a double deanol molecule, a highly efficient multifunctional compound, which is four times more effective than the original one. This substance is not toxic, does not cause allergies or sensitivity, can be safely used around the eyes.
    The NRE-4 and Neovitintogether,has complex rejuvenating effect on skin. Corrects the imperfections, smooths out wrinkles, restores skin moisture, skin tissue, cell metabolism, microcirculation. Stimulates collagen, elastin and fibroblast production. (These three components are the main components of
    connective tissue which responsible for skin elasticity.
  • Skin impedance
    The preparation’s effects enhances the processes such as skin impedance.
    Skin impedance:
    The bodies mutually exchange electrical impulses to regulate and synchronize their operations for optimal effectiveness. The skin is an organ that is connected to all other organs and is involved in temperature regulation. The electrical impedance measures the effectiveness of nerve-information sharing, and electrical activity of this neural network
  • MezotelForface and neck
    Strongly reduces the depth of wrinkles, rebuilds the skin's structure. Stimulates collagen, elastin and fibroblast production, thus restores skin elasticity. Restores the skin's moisture content, effectively hydrates, smooths, and rejuvenates the facial skin, neck. Optimize the microcirculation and cell metabolism in the skin.
    Apply to clean skin 2-3 ml mezotel and and rub with massage motions until entire absorption. Apply daily for 3 months.
    50ml, enough for a month and a half
  • Mezotel body
    Corrects the imperfections, rebuilds the skin's structure. Stimulates collagen, elastin and fibroblast production, thus restores skin elasticity. Restores the skin's moisture content, effectively hydrates, smooths, rejuvenates the skin. Optimize the microcirculation and cell metabolism.
    Apply 4-6ml mezotel and rub with massage motions until entire absorption. Apply daily for 3 months.
    50ml, enough for a month and a half
  • MezotelForhair and scalp
    Optimizes the microcirculation and cell metabolism, restores moisture balance. Rebuilding the scalp structure, thus provides optimum conditions for hair growth. Prevents dandruff, strengthens hair follicles and prevents premature graying and hair loss, stimulates hair growth. Strengthens the hair structure, flexibility.
    Apply the mezotel with energetic massage motions to the scalp and leave on for 30 minutes.
    50ml, enough for a month and a half
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