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staff appraisals

staff appraisals

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  • 1. Staff appraisalsAny business relies on one essential ingredient and that is people. Although manybusinesses fail to see "staff" as people, the new generation of businesses know that thekey to improved performance lies with improving their staff. Getting the most out ofevery person in your business is vitally important if you want to grow your business.When you add small incremental improvements across your entire workforce, then theeffects can be massive.Staff appraisals are often frowned upon by staff and managers and rightfully so. Manymangers (even today) use the appraisal process as a witch hunt to target employees orto settle personal vendettas. As a matte of fact, the process needs to be the exactopposite.The number one goal of any appraisal process should be growth. Personal growth andbusiness growth comes from this process of measuring where your are currentlyagainst where you want to be in the future. It gives direction to a business and a senseof purpose to your staff.People have the need to feel heard and that their opinion matters. A review processallows each and every person in your business to have a say and you really need totreat the review as a two way process. Its not just about "criticizing" and measuringthe staff member, but its also about the staff member measuring the business and theirposition in the business.Only when every member of your staff performs at their very best will your businessbe at maximum efficiency and although it may seem like a pipe dream its really aworthy goal to have as a business. Developing people always pays off. When peoplefeel like they are making a difference and that what they do is important it can boost alot more than staff morale and business profits.Set an appraisal process in place and use it. Use it to improve your business and use itto measure success, progress and failure. It can be a very powerful tool for anybusiness.http://performanceappraisalebooks.info/ : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.