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What is adit network

  1. 1. WHAT IS ADIT NETWORK?Adit Network is a Global Online Advertising Platform that has created the most exciting and lucrative opportunity forindividuals to get involved and earn from the rapidly growing Online Advertising Industry.ARE THEY FOR REAL?Adit Network is the real deal! They have established offices in Hong Kong and China where they have beenoperating exclusively and every successfully for the last 9 months.During this time they have amassed over 41,000 affiliates and created over40 millionaires who grabbed this opportunity with both hands and have been very active.They have now started their international expansion having set up office in Canada and the US( by the end of 2012).They are currently working on their new website that would be appropriate for International use as well asintegrating the usual payment processors and will soon be known worldwide.We are part of the Top team that brought this opportunity to the US and upline members have physically visited theHong Kong office and met with the Adit cooperation ....It’s real folks!WHAT ARE SOME FEATURES/IMPORTANT POINTS TO KNOW ABOUT ADIT?1)Passive income opportunity seekers can leverage their own money to earn HUGE money, without having to referothers2)Active networkers and team leaders could leverage their own and team recruitment efforts to earn a significantunlimited income daily.3) Those who like selling could earn a 40% referral commission by selling retail ad packages to other businesses.4)Free members could earn from 5% referral commissions.5)The product, which is a global online advertising network, with geographical targeting by country and state is amulti-billion dollar industry, with Google and Yahoo at the top, and there is definitely space and demand for abusiness like ADIT.6)The company and its credible management team led by its CEO, Dr. Victor Zheng, have long-term plans and visionand the financial muscle to achieve their goals.7)Adit currently has 200 employees across its offices in HongKong, China and Vancouver Canada, with the NewYork USA office expected to open before the end of the year, and expected to also set up offices in other countries in2013 and beyond. The company works with legal counsel in every country where it has a physical office.8)The ADIT system and pay plan is legally compliant, as it does not have any grey areas such as daily compounding,and sponsors do not earn from consumer credits purchased by their referrals. Being registered offshore in Hong Kong
  2. 2. has several advantages and benefits.This Company is here to stay and you have the opportunity now to get in before this explodes.9)Adit has created 40 millionaires in 9 months - this is a proven system that works and has been working for sometime now.As such, we do not have to battle with any teething problems10)ADIT has only recently started expanding internationally, and of the 41,600+ affiliates in ADIT, only approx 1000are outside HongKong and China, so that presents us with a HUGE opportunity.11)There are many affiliates in China earning $100,000 = $800,000 monthly from the binary pay plan itself.This program will create more millionaires than zeek, and faster once it is established worldwide.12)The system pay plan and daily withdrawals cap has been ingeniously structured so as to sustain longer by:* creating an urgency of free affiliates to upgrade so that they can have access to the entire back office* enticing affiliates to keep purchasing higher / multiple ad packages regularly* creating a residual income effect every 6 months, as all affiliates have to purchase / make at least 1 ad packagesale every 6 months so as to stay active in the system* making it more appealing for advertisers to purchase more ad / retail packages, as affiliates are viewing their sitesdaily* creating a significant monthly admin revenue to meet expenses and growth by deducting 5% of affiliates monthlyearnings up to a max of $20013)2 more phases coming soon - an online global business directory and an online shopping mall.So just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better...IT WILL!!SHOW ME THE MONEY??There is something for everyone here as PASSIVE EARNERS will absolutely love this program as well as it being aRECRUITERS DREAM PROGRAM.PASSIVE EARNINGSThe company distributes 25% of it’s total Daily Business Revenue with qualified members ( those that browse 20Ads a day ).This is a huge part of this opportunity as members can earn 1% daily rebate on their ad pack purchase up to 70% ofit’s value PLUS earn from the bonus Consumer Credits received ( which double in value every month and can be soldafter 4months for a huge profit/compounded into even more money)
  3. 3. ACIVE MEMBERS ( PROMOTERS/LEADERS/MEMBERS WITH LISTS)When a member purchases an Ad Package, based on the level of purchase, he/she will receive a certain quantity ofbonus Consumer Credits that will earn a passive income but it then also opens up various levels of downline earningpotential.Members can earn significant money from a well structuredUni-level compensation plan as well as a Binary Plan thatsees members earning from a plethora of different BONUSES:Marketing Sales Bonus ( Paid Daily)(This comprises of Matching Bonuses and Leadership Bonuses and will depend on the ad pack value purchased )Team Achievement Bonus ( Paid Monthly)( This comprises of Binary Commissions and a Matching Check Bonus again depending on your ad pack value)Growth Achievement Bonus ( Paid Monthly)We have never seen a more lucrative Internet Marketing Opportunity and it’s exciting to see that it’s coming from astable company which will be around for many years to come.FREE MEMBERSEven free members are not left out as they earn 5% referral commission on their direct referrals once they upgrade.You too can earn on free members who join you as once they recruit anyone into the program, you earncommissions as on each and every one of them as long as you qualify to earn on these levels.Truly something for everyone.WHY HAVEN’T I HEARD ABOUT THIS AS YET?This program has been running in Asia for 9 months now until some Online Marketers decided that something thisgood had to be shared with the rest of the world.Of course being fully operational in Asia meant that there was no ENGLISH equivalent and the company is nowcreating an English Version that will be launched Internationally in 2-3 weeks time.Payment processors are still to be integrated and because there is no website to work with right now and also dueto the fact that not that many people outside of Asia really know about this as yet, this is the reason why you havenot heard about it.As soon as the website is done, payment processors added and people can have their referral links and replicatedwebsites ready to go, you better believe that you will be hearing about ADIT NETWORK over and over again.IF THERE IS NO WEBSITE AT PRESENT, WHERE DO I GET MORE DETAILED INFORMATION TO MAKE AN INFORMEDDECISION.Making an informed decision here is very important...I would even say critical to your online marketing aspirations
  4. 4. from here on in.We have all seen the state of programs online, opportunity after opportunity is failing or being shut down and manypeople have nothing secure to earn from.Daily Sub Cycler, Rev Share, 2% daily, HYIP’s , Matrix programs in all shapes and sizes.....The can’t/don’t last and asignificant amount of people are now realizing that their only hope is to find something stable and realistic and todedicate their time and energy into building a long term online income.Adit network is here for you guys and you need to grab it with both hands and make the most of this wonderfulopportunity.We are part of the Top Team that was instrumental in bringing Adit Network to all of us and while the final websiteis being worked on as we speak, there is very comprehensive material available for any/everyone to make aninformed decision on this opportunity.Please have a good read of the material below and I suggest you read /listen to everything 2-3 times as I was a bitconfused the first time around but then it hit me like a full bus the next time around exactly what a GOLDENOPPORTUNITY we all have here.ADIT PRESENTATIONhttp://passiveincomeopps.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Adit_presentation.pptADIT WEBINAR(Register to listen to webinar with fake name and email for now)http://www.slidestorm.net/Guest/Replay/oOOnnwZZm0GUdX7EZ2TN1AADIT MANAGEMENT TEAMhttp://passiveincomeopps.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/adit_Management_Team.docxADIT FAQ
  5. 5. http://passiveincomeopps.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/adit_faq_rev2_29sep2012.pdfSUPPORT / HOW DO I GET MY HEAD AROUND ALL OF THIS?1) LIVE COMPANY SUPPORT ( 15 HOURS A DAY)While the website is being worked on, there is a “make shift” website done up which is very bare as it’s sole purposeit to allow those who want to sign up now to do so as well as offer Live Company Support 15 hours a day.2) TEAM + UPLINE SUPPORT SKYPE ROOMSThere is a team Skype room as well as a Skype room which offers excellent support to members who have joined.3) TEAM WEBINARSAs a member of our Team, you can benefit from daily webinars Mon-Fri.4) MY PERSONAL SUPPORTAs your sponsor, I will be here to guide you with this as I am only an email away.I think this is the program that will change the lives of many people.Adit Network to me is everyone that an Online Opportunity Seeker can ask for.HOW DO I SIGN UP?As mentioned above, there is a very bare website put together for the purpose of signing up downline members so ifyou are ready to join, please follow the steps below.1) Go to www.aditnetwork.com2)On the top right hand corner you would see the REGISTER LINK3)INSERT MY SPONSOR ID into the sponsor field : 00404374)Fill out the entire form making sure to use correct details like name and email address. You may see that the
  6. 6. address part does not give your exact location in many cases so just select something close enough to where you livein order to complete the registration.5)You will receive an email (check spam as well) with your login details and your own SPONSOR ID All sponsor ID’sstart with two 0’s at the start to make sure to use that one when bringing in new members.6) Until the new website is completed, this is the process that you will need to replicate should you want to recruitany member into the program.7)Please note that very few people know about this opportunity so it’s literally an open market and members whoput in some effort now will be GREATLY REWARDED later on .Many members are even telling their uplines and leaders who normally tell them about programs so that’s a greatstrategy as bringing in a few leaders into your downline would be significant given that you have the opportunity toearn on every single member that they bring in.I feel VERY STRONGLY that it’s the best opportunity on the net today and is a bomb waiting to explode with earningpotential for those serious and smart enough to jump in now and take full advantage.DO WE HAVE TO PAY RIGHT AWAY?No you don’t have to pay right away but I would imagine that you would have to at some point.As a free member one of the drawbacks right now i that you cannot view your downline as you can only sign up onthe site and that’s as far as it goes until you upgrade.NOTE: Those who do recruit though during this stage and until you upgrade, I can always check your downline foryou and let you know what progress you are making as an interim solution.Members who do want to pay now can do so via WIRE TRANSFER (the wire transfer details are located on a tab atthe top when you log into your temporary Adit website)Western union is supposed to come on stream very soon and then when the website is out, Payza and STP.Again join the top team we are all over the worldhttp://www.aditnetwork.comthe REFERRAL ID#0040437See you on next levelTHE top team & the top recruiter a lot of spilovers.
  7. 7. Are You Going To Be The Companys Next Millionaire?Now Launching Internationally!DONT BE LEFT BEHIND!