Day 2: Steve Krug Closing Keynote
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Day 2: Steve Krug Closing Keynote






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Day 2: Steve Krug Closing Keynote Day 2: Steve Krug Closing Keynote Presentation Transcript

  • Closing Keynote: Youre NOT doing usabilitytesting? Are you…nuts?Steve Krug, Author, Dont Make MeThink and Rocket Surgery Made Easy:The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding andFixing Usability Problems
  • Youre NOT doingusability testing?Are you…nuts? Steve Krug Conversion Conference East Oct. 20, 2011
  • Who is this guy, anyway? Steve Krug (steev kroog) (noun) 1. Son, husband, father 2. Resident of Brookline, MA 3. Usability consultant  Advanced Common Sense  Me and a few well-placed mirrors  Corporate motto: It s not rocket surgery™ © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Welcome to the last session A few opening thoughts Think: These are not the droids you re looking for… © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • You are feeling relaxed,alert, and comfortable © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Your energy and attentionlevels are as high asthey ve ever been © 2001 Steve Krug
  • You are not stressing aboutgetting to the airport © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Your head is not too full toaccept any more input © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Obligatory social networking slide #convcon @skrug I was going to pretweet for your convenience  Thanks to Lou Rosenfeld But I m not sure I can predict for you © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Show of hands Help me calibrate Have read Don t Make Me Think? Have read Rocket Surgery Made Easy? © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Show of hands? Have you ever done usability testing of your site? How often and when?  Never?  Right before (or right after) product ships?  Routine (several times during development)? © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • What I ve learned about conversion © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • What I ve learned about conversion I hate to parachute into conferences I knew a thing or two already I read [most of] Tim s book when it came out I have a no-better-than-chance record at Which Test Won I did some reading to brush up © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Cialdini!  We will be more successful [convincing people to take an action] if we provide a reason.  To deal with [our extraordinarily complicated stimulus environment], we need shortcuts.  We expect discount coupons to save us money AND the time and mental energy required to think about [how to save money]. © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Cialdini! So much of it reminded me of things I ve learned from usability testing After eight pages, I was in insight overload © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • And some great sessions here Empathy! Amy Africa! © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Takeaways You have ton of methods and tips They all make perfect sense  ...even if some contradict each other Almost all produce 40%-650% increase in conversion  Seriously. I believe it. You re not just about quantitative [anymore] Apparently, you never sleep © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • What is a usability test? Watching people try to use what you create while thinking out loud NOT a focus group  Focus groups are about opinions  Usability tests are about watching people use things © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • My intent for today Convince you that you should be testing, or testing more Show you how easy it can/should be © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Admittedly, I m a guy with a hammer Best thing I know of for improving anything people interact with  Gets you away from designing by personal biases  Shared experience for team  Aha moment: Our users are not like us  Full of insights and surprises It just works © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Here s the thing… All sites (including yours and mine) have serious usability problems Tuning without fixing the problems is like painting over potholes  A/B tests don t get you the same kinds of insights © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Something I learned at SxSW  Joshua Porter (blog: Bokardo)  Metrics Driven Design  Please ignore how much better his slides are © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • From: Metrics Driven Design by Joshua Porter, SxSW 2010 © 2001 Steve Krug
  • From: Metrics Driven Design by Joshua Porter, SxSW 2010 © 2001 Steve Krug
  • From: Metrics Driven Design by Joshua Porter, SxSW 2010 © 2001 Steve Krug
  • The plan A live demo test  So you can see how simple it should be  Thanks to everyone who volunteered their site The whole book in 15 minutes  Only a two-hour read Questions © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • I believe anyone can do it ...if they keep it simple enough © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Most sites don t get tested $$$ Time  No one has the time to do it  It will slow the process down © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Traditional usability testing Lab Experienced professional 8 users, minimum Big honkin report Weeks of work, usually by an outsider $5k - $10k Happens rarely © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Rocket Surgery usability testing Three users per round  Three should be plenty  You ll be doing it again next month  You ll find more problems than you can fix No lab or mirrors  Set up a monitor in another room so the development team can watch No elaborate recruiting   Recruit loosely and grade on a curve © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Do-it-yourself usability testing Record with Camtasia or Morae ( or CamStudio No stats, no exit questions, no faux validity No big report  Debrief over lunch © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • A demo test © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • We need a volunteer Qualifying criteria:  Have used a Web browser  English-speaking adult  Doesn t work for ____________  Not a low-talker  Because we have a large pool, someone into sustainability and things green  It s painless!   You ll get a big round of applause when we re done © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • RSME: The fifteen minute version Six maxims © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • A morning a month,that s all we ask. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Start small, if necessary Not monthly; one time Test competitors/comparables © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Start earlier thanyou think makessense. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Incorrect thinking © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Correct thinking © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Recruit loosely andgrade on a curve. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Representa:ve)Naturally,)we)need)to) users!test)people)who)are) …)people)who) just)like)our)target) actually)use)our) audience.) site. …)people)who) Real) users! are)a)lot)like) our)users. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Make it aspectator sport. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Focus ruthlessly ona small number ofthe most importantproblems. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Testing works too well If you ve done any testing, you know uncovers lots of problems quickly But I finally realized this is part of the problem: It takes far less resources to find problems than to fix them You can find more in a day than you can fix in a month © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Problems youcan find withjust a few testparticipantsProblemsyou have theresources to fix © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • When fixing problems,always do theleast you can do™. © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Your motto should be… What s the smallest change we can make that we think might solve the observed problem? Tweak, don t redesign © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • Resources aplenty © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • There s a complete demo online Or Google Steve Krug on YouTube © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug
  • © 2001 Steve Krug#convcon @skrug
  • …and all the documents in the book Test script Checklists Handouts  Got to the Rocket Surgery book page  Turn left at Downloads © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Run, do not walk, to © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • And the companion volume… © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Thanks for all the fish Send any questions, feedback, gripes to @skrug on the Twitter And come visit © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • Questions, anyone? © 2001 Steve Krug #convcon @skrug
  • © 2011 Steve Krug