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Day 2: Using Facebook as a Landing Page & Converting in the Social Eco-system
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Day 2: Using Facebook as a Landing Page & Converting in the Social Eco-system


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social Success: Using Facebook as a LandingPage & Converting in the Social Eco-systemRic Dragon, DragonSearchJustin Rondeau, TemplateZone
  • 2. Ric$Dragon$CEO$DragonSearch$@ricdragon$$Author$of$$Social$Marketology$coming$June$2012$$$
  • 3. LEAD$GOLD$
  • 4. US$ THEM$ •  To$be$recognized$ •  To$be$liked$ •  To$be$safe$
  • 5. • They$buy$something$from$you$• Social$proof$
  • 6. • They$buy$something$from$you$• Social$proof$• Influencer$outreach$• Share$of$voice$in$community$• Engagement$• AmplificaLon$• Like$more$
  • 7. • They$buy$something$from$you$• Social$proof$• Influencer$outreach$• Share$of$voice$in$community$• Engagement$• AmplificaLon$• Like$more$
  • 8. Balanced$Scorecard$ Financial$ Learning$&$ Customer$ Growth$ Internal$ Business$ Process$
  • 9. hRp://$
  • 10. hRp://$
  • 11. • They$buy$something$from$you$• Social$proof$• Influencer$outreach$• Share$of$voice$in$community$• Engagement$• Shared$• Like$more$
  • 12. Understand$Social$Conversions$$Don’t$just$measure$the$easy$things$$Understand$Business$ObjecLves$$Map$the$two$to$one$another$$Educate$stakeholders$$$ Ric$Dragon$ CEO$DragonSearch$ @ricdragon$ $ Author$of$$ Social$Marketology$ coming$June$2012$ $
  • 13. CollaborationConversationConversionJustin RondeauDirector of Marketing@jtrondeau#convcon #convcon!
  • 14. Social Media is More than just Facebook & TwitterBlogs & Community Q&A Sites/Forums! News & Bookmark Boards! Aggregators ! Don t spread yourself too thin!! Think Divide and Conquer ! #convcon!
  • 15. • Facebook is So you wantnearing 800 Million to go social…users! • It also dominates!user time spent online! #convcon!
  • 16. WARNINGDon t start on Facebook unless you Clear! have created these types of goals Measurable! Realistic! #convcon!
  • 17. Designs are Critical on Facebook Look how these Bose Doesn t! pages stand out Quite Get the Picture! !! #convcon!
  • 18. They are all all of the ! What do establishedprevious pages have in common?! brands #convcon!
  • 19. 90% of your Fans NEVER Return to Your Page!Social Media is about community, you 90% of Your Fans will! You Need to Make your impact!need a great looking & persuasive landing REMEMBER!NEVER Return to Your Page!tab to turn visitors into fans.Designs are the first and most crucialstep to reap the benefits of Facebook #convcon!
  • 20. Fan Cycle & SocialDesign generates! Your Reach a micro conversion!1.  Fan Visits Page2.  Likes Page3.  Interacts with Page4.  People within the Fan s
 Community Building! Network see activity Turn Likes into Leads!5.  Fan s friend visits page and Leads !6.  Repeat 2-4 into Conversions! #convcon!
  • 21. Crafting Your Page•  Fan-Gated Content•  Clear Call to Action, e.g., Like Us •  Incentive to Act #convcon!
  • 22. Perricone MD Gets it thoughno wonder! It show!Landing Tabonly!Look at for"Even10% of Why they have !New Visitors!Many your Fans! tabs!Return 22,626page! to your Fans!They have! them!Perricone givesPlenty to look at! #convcon!
  • 23. Tools To Help Create Landing Tabs Free Tools! Paid Tools! #convcon!
  • 24. Increase Traffic to Your Page Facebook Ads Social Plug Ins #convcon!
  • 25. Measure Your Influence Facebook Insights ! EdgeRank Checker! TwentyFeet! Crowdbooster! Unilyzer!Social Bakers! #convcon!
  • 26. Be Careful with 3rd Party Tools!In a study by EdgeRank Checker decreases engagement by 80%Great for analyzing, not for engaging #convcon!
  • 27. Remember:
Have Fun &Engage Your 
Fans #convcon!
  • 28. Social Page Builder Create a Facebook Page in minutes 250+ Agency Quality Templates to Craft a landing tab Amazing Additional Features #convcon!