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Professional SEO Company and Web Site Promotion Firm describes its SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Online Branding Ideas.

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Alt Web Media Seo Presentation Slideshow

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Alt Web Media “ Internet is a common business platform where millions of businesses exist and fight a silent but fierce battle of top rankings. You do not have to be the biggest to beat the best.” -
  3. 3. Alt Web Media is a Website Design, Website Development and Internet Marketing Company with over 2 years of experience. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, with over 21 technical professionals, Alt Web Media has been putting up outstanding performance in almost all the spheres of E-COMMERCE and Online Business. E-Commerce Solutions and Search Engine Optimization are our passion and we have been involved into this business for the past over five years and finally set afire a store of enormous e-commerce solutions knowledgebase and SEO expertise to form Alternative Web Media in the year 2007.
  4. 4.  Alt Web Media Services Strong web business E-Commerce Services  Design, Development and Web Promotions Custom Web Development  Alt Web Media delivers a wide range Custom Web Site Designs  of e-commerce, internet businesses full life cycle Professional SEO Services  design, website Web Site Promotions  development, internet marketing and maintenance. Online Branding / Reputation  Management We have developed strong and time- Flash Website Design AND  tested methodologies to meet Development variant project scopes and complexities.
  5. 5.  TOP Stories 1: Protegesports Achievements 687% GROWTH in Monthly Traffic through “keywords only” within 8 Months. Started : July` 2008  Initial Traffic : July ` 2008  829 monthly visits through Search Engines. Current Traffic : Mar`1st -25th`2009  “6,522” monthly visits through Search Engines
  6. 6.  TOP Stories 2 : Achievements 77% GROWTH in Monthly Traffic through “keywords only” within 2 Months. Started : December` 2008  Initial Traffic : December ` 2008  9423 monthly visits through Search Engines. Current Traffic : Feb -Mar`24th`2009  “16,620” monthly visits through Search Engines.
  7. 7.  TOP Stories 3: Achievements 63% GROWTH in Monthly Traffic through “keywords only” within 2 Months. Started : December` 2008  Initial Traffic : December ` 2008  25,262 monthly visits through Search Engines. Current Traffic : Feb 1-Feb28th`2009  “41,014” monthly visits through Search Engines.
  8. 8.  What is SEO ? SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a well developed process of several technical and semi-technical activities to get a website ranked on the top search results on the search engines on selected keywords. __________________________________________________________ There are various changes done in the HTML of the web pages of the website and the website is linked with several Online Directories, Same Industry Websites, and Business Listings etc. ___________________________________________________________ Social Bookmarking, Online Press Releases, Blogging, Video Marketing, Social Media Optimization and other methods are used to brand the website both for the users and for the search engines.
  9. 9. What is SEO ?
  10. 10. Why is SEO better than PAID Ads?  Most of the people use organic (natural) search Around 71% online customers  results to locate information, products, and use search engines on daily services on the Web than any other means. basis. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has grown 54% of phone book searches into a billion-dollar industry, with companies  have been replaced with working to increase their organic search engine online search. rankings and increase Web exposure. More than 97% of B2B   The other way of getting on the top of the customers use Google to search engines is paid which is called PPC (Pay search. per Click). Search influences 20%-30% of   Through SEO you can end up spending lesser purchases made at retail than One-Fourth and get similar traffic on a locations (eMarketer 2007) particular keyword as you can expect through PPC or paid ads.
  11. 11. Why does your website need SEO ? Over 10,000 to 100K or more online searches are  done every day in any particular industry and the ones in the top results take away all the sales. Your website could have been amongst them, had it  been optimized to the fullest. So you lose numerous sales / visitors to your  competitors, everyday.
  12. 12. Why SEO ? MORE REASONS ! 93% of consumers worldwide use  85% of qualified Internet traffic is  search engines to find and access driven through search websites. engines, however 75% of search (Forrester Research) engine users never scroll past the first page of results. 57% of internet users search the web  (Seventh WWW User Survey - Georgia every day and 46% of those searches Institute of Technology) are for product information or services. Users looking for products on-line  (SRI) are far more likely to type the product name into a search engine Attracting a loyal audience to your  (28%) rather than go into an website is best achieved through top engine's quot;shoppingquot; channel (5%) search engine listings. or click on banner ads (4%) ( March 2001 Jupiter Media Metrix and (Forrester Research Media Field Study) NPD)
  13. 13. Our Professional SEO Services Our Professional SEO Services aim at helping SEO, with a Strong Maintenance our client`s websites attain top rankings on search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo) is ONE time and on desired KEYWORDS and achieve high LONG time solution volume traffic. Our SEO Analysts learn about your It needs STRONG maintenance and  goals, products, the competition, and expert teams to stay updated with the your marketplace and plan customized latest internet marketing techniques and SEO life cycle keeping the latest internet change the strategies accordingly. marketing trends and search engine algorithms under serious consideration. If SEO is implemented  Website Analysis Reports successfully, website`s top search engine are prepared before we BEGIN results remain stable and so the sales.  Search Engine Optimization Analysis  Off-Page Factors Websites on Top Search Engine Natural   Usability and Design Issues Results actually enjoy almost the same kind of traffic as the top advertisers  Competitors Analysis (Sponsored Links)  SEO Analysis
  14. 14. Our SEO Methodology We have experimented, researched, analyzed and then developed EFFECTIVE SEO Methods to meet the desired results. Here is the list of how our experts work out stable and result oriented SEO plans for your website to meet its business goals. Industry Analysis RSS Feeds Creation and   Submissions Competitor Analysis  Site Submission into Search  Competitor SEO Reports  Engines Expert Key Word Research  Extensive Back-linking  Optimized Content Creation  Traffic Analysis and SEO Fine-  Home Page Optimization  tuning Internal Pages Optimization  Positioning Reports  XML Site Map Creation  SEO Monitoring and  Maintenance
  15. 15. Website Promotions : Off-Page Apart from regular on-Page SO Off-Page Methods activities there various areas of Local and Advance Directories  internet marketing that should Submissions be taken care of and we have Business Directories  specific teams to handle these Submissions web site promotional Yahoo - Google Maps / Base/  techniques. Business Listings Social Book Marking  Immediately after On-Page SEO is Press Releases  implemented our internet Article Syndication  market experts are detailed on all the off-page elements of Direct Back Linking  web promotions.
  16. 16. Online Branding Online Branding and Reputation  Salient Features management bears a remarkable significance for any online business that has a direct Video contact with the end-consumers.  Podcasting  It is implemented as a full time  Blogging and Blog Promotions  and a highly active campaign by most of the companies. Business Forums  Professional Article Syndication  It is one of the FASTEST and  Press Releases  reliable method to spread the word about the companies. Social Media Optimization  Online Business Communities 
  17. 17. What our clients are saying… Chris Protegesports Inc.
  18. 18. What our clients are saying… We thank Alt Web Media for helping our online business grow by over 28% within 3 months. Our website has gained huge Steven natural traffic and helped us stay away from Paid Advertising.
  19. 19. Other Featured Clients We have been serving numerous clients for the past 2 years and have created a massive list of testimonials and appreciation. A long term business relationship is keeps us going.
  20. 20.  Contact Us Alternative Web Media, LLC 7349 E Via Paseo Del Sur Suite 515 I Scottsdale I Arizona I 85258 Direct: (602) 635-1503 Toll Free: (866) 819-5397 Mobile: (480) 227-0964 Fax: (480) 718-7484