McDonald's Dynamic Empowerment intro slideshow


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McDonald's Dynamic Empowerment intro slideshow

  1. 1. Dynamic Empowerment―Ready, Set, Go…Race to Your Potential!‖Aug. 9th Arlington Racecourse © DW GROUP, LLC 2008
  2. 2. Rev-Up Empowerment! The Flying WaveTriggers release of Synovial Fluid & BDNFWarm up our joints as well as our musclesEngages the Brain with the BodyPlus it’s just plain FUN
  3. 3. What is Empowerment?“Having the ability to make my own decisions, have thecourage to take a risk, having the support from my manager,family, or friends to push myself further, having theknowledge I need to get me where I want to go.”“Independence Responsibility to others Accountable Self-awareness Self-reliance”“Able to make decisions independently, support of mysupervisor, ability to act on behalf of others” “Facilitate confidence Enable Encouragement” “The ability to make ones own decisions A feeling of competency and ability to do the right thing Independence Motivation Accountability”
  4. 4. Steps to Employee EmpowermentSurveysSeminarsOpen DialogueInclude Employees in Management MeetingsOpen Access to InformationDont Blame OthersDecision Making © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  5. 5. ® The DW "Triple A" Awareness Approach toSTRESS REDUCTION AWARENESS Knowledge of our Physical Response & Mental triggers Understanding how our ATTITUDE Thoughts are Affecting our Reactions Decide to DO SOMETHING to ACTION Break the Stress Response Cycle © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  6. 6. ® AwarenessThe "Triple A" Approach to Empowerment AWARENESS Knowledge of our Response styles & Mental triggers Understanding how our ATTITUDE Thoughts are Affecting our Reactions Decide to DO SOMETHING to ACTION Empower ourselves © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  7. 7. Awareness Communication Attitude Action Awareness of How we Communicate(“Would we want to be spoken to like that?”) Attitude-The Golden Rule Do unto others… Action—Positive communication © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  8. 8. Who’s the Audience? Bosses or Employees? Both!We are all Both Employees and Bosses at different times in our lives.
  9. 9. Empowerment ―Tug of War‖Management Employee
  10. 10. Empowerment Success! Empowerment Blast Off! Management Employees
  11. 11. Who’s the Employee? We All Are! © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  12. 12. Who’s the Boss? We All Are! “He who has never learned to obey, can never be a good commander” Aristotle Sometimes a Leader must go with the flow, and most importantly, learn from others, which also involves following others. © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  13. 13. We are the Leaders (or Bosses) of our Own Life Friends FamilyWork Bosses Children Home Bosses Significant Others
  14. 14. McDonald’s Survey Answers-Empowering Actions“Give my daughter an opportunity tomake a decision on her own, without myimmediate input.” “Allow people to make more decisions on their own, even if they are contrary or wrong in my my opinion. Allow the independence to handle situations without interfering or intervening.”
  15. 15. The Difference between Bosses & Leaders
  16. 16. The Difference between Bosses & Leaders Boss Leader1) Drives employees 1) Coaches em up2) Depends on Authority 2) Depends on Good will3) Inspires Fear 3) Generates Enthusiasm4) Says "I" 4) Says, "We"5) Places blame 5) Fixes the breakdown6) Knows Everything 6) Shows how it is done7) Uses People 7) Develops People8) Takes credit 8) Gives Credit9) Commands 9) Asks10) Says, "Go" 10) "Lets Go"
  17. 17. We are ALL Leaders
  18. 18. Leadership“You must be the change you want to see in theworld”-Mahatma GandhiIn order to inspire others, and lead others, youmust demonstrate the qualities and actions thatyou want your followers to do. You can only leadothers by action.
  19. 19. Both Leaders and Employees need to focus on Empowerment From both Perspectives (Bosses/Leaders and Employees/Colleagues) Parents & Children (Kids need to earn trust and parents have to work on empowering their children) Significant Others © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  20. 20. Spectrum of Empowerment Empowerment Summit! Reward & Recognize Encourage others Encourage others Communicate Communicate Grow & Learn Grow & Learn Recognize a good job Do a good JobAllow Empowerment Earn EmpowermentLeaders Colleagues
  21. 21. Trust—McDonald’s Survey Responses to- How can you Empower others in your Life?Trust people Support themAllow them to speak their mind and let ideas come to lifeMaintain a positive outlook (when possible) display reliabilityLet them follow their instincts, let people learn what works for themBy trusting them to do tasks I normally do and letting them know Idepend on them to follow through.Trust in others to do their jobs without micro managing through concisecommunicationGive my trust to those who report to me by not asking for detailed check-ins on their projects, and by allowing them to follow through on theirideas even if i am not sure it will work
  22. 22. ®Empowerment Depends on ATTITUDE! Awareness © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  23. 23. Empowerment TemperatureTake your EmpowermentTemperature frequentlyHot is including people, offeringencouragement, reinforcing thepositive, communicating.Cold is “freezing others out”,focusing on the negative, nottrusting, not communicating.
  24. 24. AwarenessWhen we become AWARE of our reflex response, we can stop and THINK before we react. Will getting upset make the situation better? Will taking action make the situation better? © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  25. 25. AwarenessATTITUDE: REFRAME IT! Consider that your Attitude may be affecting how you see a situation.  Think about how you might ―Empower‖ the other person  Rather than ―difficult‖, think of a co-worker as ―challenging‖  Put yourself in the other persons shoes – maybe theres a good reason your boss seems unreasonable lately © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  26. 26. We can’t control all of the things that can cause us stress But . . . We can control our RESPONSE to them if we ―Reflect‖ before we ―React‖ “Its not worth“OH !#&$%!” getting upset” or We do have a Choice! © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  27. 27. ®Empowerment Doesn’t happen without ACTION! Awareness © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  28. 28. Survey Answer—What can I do to Empower myself? “Make sure I have the knowledge I need to get me where I want to go”
  29. 29. Stay Informed & RelevantUpdate knowledgeUpgrade SkillsInvest in Yourself! © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  30. 30. Open CommunicationCommunication--Open communication iscritical to any Empowerment agenda and thatcommunication must be both ways.Everyone needs to feel comfortable that theircommunication wont be ridiculed and quicklydismissed and management must make suretheir communication is inclusive and positiveto breed a "Communication Comfort Zone". Share the Mission & the Vision © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  31. 31. ® Thank You!Let’s Rock and Roll! © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC