Empowerment Awareness


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Empowerment Awareness

  1. 1. ® AwarenessThe "Triple A" Approach to At At n ti o tiit tt ud Empowerment Ac ud ee AWARENESS Knowledge of our Response styles & Mental triggers Understanding how our ATTITUDE Thoughts are Affecting our Reactions Decide to DO SOMETHING to ACTION Empower ourselves © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  2. 2. The secret of getting aheadis getting started. -Mark Twain
  3. 3. Empowerment TemperatureTake your EmpowermentTemperature frequentlyHot is including people, offeringencouragement, reinforcing thepositive, communicating.Cold is “freezing others out”,focusing on the negative, nottrusting, not communicating.
  4. 4. s n es ctio en A ar AwWhen we become AWARE of our reflex response, we can stop and Attitude THINK before we react. Will getting upset make the situation better? Will taking action make the situation better? © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  5. 5. We can’t control all of the things that can cause us stress But . . . We can control our RESPONSE to them if we “Reflect” before we “React” “Its not worth“OH !#&$%!” getting upset” or We do have a Choice! © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  6. 6. Awareness Communication Attitude Action Awareness of How we Communicate(“Would we want to be spoken to like that?”) Attitude-The Golden Rule Do unto others… Action—Positive communication © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  7. 7. Open CommunicationCommunication--Open communication iscritical to any Empowerment agenda andthat communication must be both ways.Everyone needs to feel comfortable that theircommunication wont be ridiculed and quicklydismissed and management must make suretheir communication is inclusive and positiveto breed a "Communication Comfort Zone". Share the Mission & the Vision © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  8. 8. Awareness Encourage Attitude ActionBe personally connectedMake it a Habit to say somethingpositive 1st“Catch” Someone doing somethinggood © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  9. 9. McDonald’s Survey Answers“Support others when they make decisions even ifyou think they were not correct, and talking aboutthem, so we can make better decisions next time-but going about it with the right approach and notgetting mad”“Allow people to make more decisions on theirown, even if they are contrary or wrong in my myopinion. Allow the independence to handlesituations without interfering or intervening.”
  10. 10. We are ALL Leaders
  11. 11. We are the Leaders (or Bosses) of our Own Life Friends FamilyWork Bosses Children Home Bosses Significant Others
  12. 12. The Difference between Bosses & Leaders
  13. 13. The Difference between Bosses & Leaders Boss Leader1) Drives employees 1) Coaches em up2) Depends on Authority 2) Depends on Good will3) Inspires Fear 3) Generates Enthusiasm4) Says "I" 4) Says, "We"5) Places blame 5) Fixes the breakdown6) Knows Everything 6) Shows how it is done7) Uses People 7) Develops People8) Takes credit 8) Gives Credit9) Commands 9) Asks10) Says, "Go" 10) "Lets Go"
  14. 14. McDonald’s Survey Answers-Empowering Actions“Give my daughter an opportunity tomake a decision on her own, withoutmy immediate input.”“Allow people to make moredecisions on their own, even if theyare contrary or wrong in my myopinion. Allow the independence tohandle situations without interferingor intervening.”
  15. 15. It’s Empowerment Time!Let’s Harness the Power of this group over the next 12 months and Let’s Empower!!!I propose that we as a group harness the power of all of this brainpower and talent and over the next 12 months to implement an Empowermentinitiative that will be impactful, groundbreaking and literally Life Changing!