Empowering Communication


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Empowering Communication

  1. 1. Awareness Communication Attitude Action Awareness of How we Communicate(“Would we want to be spoken to like that?”) Attitude-The Golden Rule Do unto others… Action—Positive communication © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  2. 2. s n es ctio en A ar AwWhen we become AWARE of our reflex response, we can stop and Attitude THINK before we react. Will getting upset make the situation better? Will taking action make the situation better? © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  3. 3. Trust—McDonald’s Survey Responses to- How can you Empower others in your Life?Trust people Support themAllow them to speak their mind and let ideas come to lifeMaintain a positive outlook (when possible) display reliabilityLet them follow their instincts, let people learn what works for themBy trusting them to do tasks I normally do and letting them know Idepend on them to follow through.Trust in others to do their jobs without micro managing through concisecommunicationGive my trust to those who report to me by not asking for detailed check-ins on their projects, and by allowing them to follow through on theirideas even if i am not sure it will work
  4. 4. The Difference between Bosses & Leaders
  5. 5. The Difference between Bosses & Leaders Boss Leader1) Drives employees 1) Coaches em up2) Depends on Authority 2) Depends on Good will3) Inspires Fear 3) Generates Enthusiasm4) Says "I" 4) Says, "We"5) Places blame 5) Fixes the breakdown6) Knows Everything 6) Shows how it is done7) Uses People 7) Develops People8) Takes credit 8) Gives Credit9) Commands 9) Asks10) Says, "Go" 10) "Lets Go"
  6. 6. We are ALL Leaders
  7. 7. Leadership“You must be the change you want to see in theworld”-Mahatma GandhiIn order to inspire others, and lead others, youmust demonstrate the qualities and actions thatyou want your followers to do. You can only leadothers by action.
  8. 8. Both Leaders and Employees need to focus on Empowerment From both Perspectives (Bosses/Leaders and Employees/Colleagues) Parents & Children (Kids need to earn trust and parents have to work on empowering their children) Significant Others © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  9. 9. Spectrum of Empowerment Empowerment Summit! Reward & Recognize Encourage others Encourage others Communicate Communicate Grow & Learn Grow & Learn Recognize a good job Do a good JobAllow Empowerment Earn EmpowermentLeaders Colleagues
  10. 10. We can’t control all of the things that can cause us stress But . . . We can control our RESPONSE to them if we “Reflect” before we “React” “Its not worth“OH !#&$%!” getting upset” or We do have a Choice! © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  11. 11. It’s Empowerment Time!Let’s Harness the Power of this group over the next 12 months and Let’s Empower!!!I propose that we as a group harness the power of all of this brainpower and talent and over the next 12 months to implement an Empowermentinitiative that will be impactful, groundbreaking and literally Life Changing!