Dynamic Empowerment Kick-off Kroc A 11-15-12


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Dynamic Empowerment Kick-off Kroc A 11-15-12

  1. 1. Dynamic Empowerment“Ready, Set, Go…Race to Your Potential!” © DW GROUP, LLC 2008
  2. 2. Rev-Up Empowerment! The Flying WaveTriggers release of Synovial Fluid & BDNFWarm up our joints as well as our musclesEngages the Brain with the Body
  3. 3. The secret of getting aheadis getting started. -Mark Twain
  4. 4. Both Leaders and Employees need to focus on Empowerment From both Perspectives (Bosses/Leaders and Employees/Colleagues) Parents & Children (Kids need to earn trust and parents have to work on empowering their children) Significant Others © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  5. 5. Empowerment “Tug of War”Management Employee
  6. 6. Spectrum of Empowerment Empowerment Summit! Reward & Recognize Encourage others Encourage others Communicate Communicate Grow & Learn Grow & Learn Recognize a good job Do a good JobAllow Empowerment Earn EmpowermentLeaders Colleagues
  7. 7. We are the Leaders (or Bosses) of our Own Life Friends FamilyWork Bosses Children Home Bosses Significant Others
  8. 8. Use this Program as an OverlayCommunicationLeadershipSkills & Knowledge
  9. 9. 5 Key Principles of EmpowermentAwarenessAttitudeCommunicationLeadershipSkills & Knowledge © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  10. 10. Awareness ® AwarenessThe "Triple A" Approach to At At n ti o tiit tt ud Empowerment Ac ud ee AWARENESS Knowledge of our Response styles & Mental triggers Understanding how our ATTITUDE Thoughts are Affecting our Reactions Decide to DO SOMETHING to ACTION Empower ourselves © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  11. 11. Empowerment TemperatureTake your EmpowermentTemperature frequentlyHot is including people, offeringencouragement, reinforcing thepositive, communicating.Cold is “freezing others out”,focusing on the negative, nottrusting, not communicating.
  12. 12. AwarenessTaking a look “under the hood” Attitude Action List of personal Pros and Cons (areas that can be improved). What are your talents and strengths, and what needs work. This is a key to Empowerment. People need confidence and the right skills to be empowered. It happens when we prove that we are worthy of Empowerment; that goes for both perspectives--Leaders and Colleagues. © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  13. 13. Empowerment InterviewsTop Plastic Surgeon--FFFSales Consultant--Canned ScriptsHR Director—MicromanagementInternet Marketing Sales—Used Car SalesmanHealth Club Sales--No flexibility
  14. 14. The Best Damn Ship in the NavyCaptain Abrashoff arrived at several LeadershipLessons that we can all learn from:1. Lead by Example2. Listen Aggressively3. Communicate Purpose and Meaning4. Create a Climate of TrustYou have to earn trust, and you can earn itonly by giving it. You have to give people responsibility and freedom to fulfillthat responsibility and then step back and watch them exceed yourexpectations. Have the courage to believe in your team. If you don’t trulytrust them, and micromanage, you will get poor performance and alienatethose that could have exceeded your expectations.
  15. 15. Key Empowerment PrincipleDont Blame Others (FFF) Dont blame team members (or family members) forproblems that crop up. Remember that when new ideasor programs are tried, there are certain to be failures.Instead of “Forever Focusing on Failure” meet with theteam and ask for ideas to solve problems andemphasize the positive of trying new ideas. Focus on the fact that there are good ideas and wejust need to make a few adjustments. © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  16. 16. Awareness Encourage Attitude ActionBe personally connectedMake it a Habit to say somethingpositive 1st“Catch” Someone doing somethinggood © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  17. 17. Awareness Communication Attitude Action Awareness of How we Communicate(“Would we want to be spoken to like that?”) Attitude-The Golden Rule “Say untoothers…” Action—Positive communication © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  18. 18. Are you actually listening? Do you interrupt others or finish their sentences?Are you thinking about what you are going to say while others are still speaking? Do you find your mind wandering when others talk? Do you multitask while speaking to others?If you answered yes to any of these then you can improve your listening skills.
  19. 19. Open CommunicationCommunication--Open communication iscritical to any Empowerment agenda andthat communication must be both ways.Everyone needs to feel comfortable that theircommunication wont be ridiculed and quicklydismissed and management must make suretheir communication is inclusive and positiveto breed a "Communication Comfort Zone". Share the Mission & the Vision © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  20. 20. Goal Writing Research Study 1According to Dave Kohl, professor emeritus at VirginiaTech: People who regularly write down their goals earn ninetimes as much over their lifetimes as people who dont. 80% of Americans say they dont have goals. 16% do have goals but dont write them down. Less than 4% write down their goals and fewer than 1%review them on an ongoing basis. © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  21. 21. Reaching Goals Writing Down Goals The act of putting an idea down on paper (orcomputer) makes us consider the idea in amore focused and thoughtful way. What we getis a more clearly defined view of the issuessurrounding our goals. © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  22. 22. We can’t control all the things that happen in our life But . . . We can control our RESPONSE to them if we “Reflect” before we “React” “Its not worth“OH !#&$%!” getting upset” or We do have a Choice! © DW GROUP, LLC 2010
  23. 23. ® Thank You!Let’s Rock and Roll! © 2008 DW GROUP, LLC
  24. 24. Real Life Examples of what Empowerment Means to you
  25. 25. Empowerment Success! Empowerment Blast Off! Management Employees
  26. 26. It’s Empowerment Time!Let’s Harness the Power of this group over the next 12 months and Let’s Empower!!!I propose that we as a group harness the power of all of this brainpower and talent and over the next 12 months to implement an Empowermentinitiative that will be impactful, groundbreaking and literally Life Changing!