Nerds And Market Intelligence


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Nerds And Market Intelligence

  1. 1. 12/2/2010Nerds collecting market intelligenceA.k.a. Applying Software Engineering Methods to MarketIntelligence the collective centre of the Belgian technological industry 02/12/2010 1Sirris Software Engineering & ICT• Sirris = knowledge center • .be technological industry • Independent, industry-owned• Software Engineering & ICT Group • Software experts: mix industrial and academic • Advised > 200 companies “Software-Intensive Product Builders” Machine E-Health Finance … Builders • Industrial R&D Software Intensive Product Builders © sirris 2010 | | 2 1
  2. 2. 12/2/2010Starting from a white sheet of paper• Goal: develop a portfolio of services of strategic relevance for your target group • Additional to the market (non- profit, industry-owned) • Broad domain: software engineering and innovation• But where and how do you start? • Who is the target group? • What are their problems? • Who is serving them today? • What knowledge/skills to build? © Sirris | | | 02/12/2010 3Go out of the building• Went in search for customers• Asked questions• Which themes are relevant for you? • What are your challenges? • How do you deal with them today? • What are your future ambitions? © Sirris | | | 02/12/2010 4 2
  3. 3. 12/2/2010Nerds collecting market intelligence has external• What do software CompanyXYZ Has as theme Requirements Management for CompanyXYZ expertise Managing The Requriements Process engineers do • Faced with a lot of input Has as theme Has as Writing Use Cases for Vending Machines challenge has internal Quality for CompanyXYZ • Need to make expertise something Prioritarisation of Requirements Challenge Challenges Company View Is contained in Is contained in ReleaseDefinitionChallenge• They model Collective Challenges• They make abstractions 6 years, >150 companies © Sirris | | | 02/12/2010 5From strategic challenges to programs• Basically, problems, not solutions • Long living, strategic problems• Goal: create action programs • Start awareness creation • Guide R&D Strategic Technology • Deliver advisory services challenges state of the art• The idea seemed simple • Problems + trends + competition + Programs © Sirris | | | 02/12/2010 6 3
  4. 4. 12/2/2010 5 Programs of Sirris Software Engineering “The art of Software “The art of Innovating with Engineering” Software and ICT” Product Efficiently offer large variability amount of products variants Blending Innovation Management And Software Engineering processAbility to fully exploit The Art of innovating with Software and ICT the full potential of software Efficiently respond to new market product Risk opportunities management of failure Flexible development Crafting Smart ICT Products © Sirris | | | 02/12/2010 7 Workshop Users of ICT products experience "information overload“ spending less time with my product, missing crucial important information • Imagine: you are VP Market Intelligence of Sirris Headaches of a CEO of an ICT company Software Engineering •Develops ICT products for The Builder B2B/B2C market • You get a lot of data from The •Specialize in a specific ICT the field (challenges, Technologist technology technologies, trends…) •Non-software companies with The Curious a vision for ICT Technologies for intelligentTechnological and processing of information business trends (automatic clustering of information, building of "profiles" of users, semantic understanding of information) © Sirris | | | 02/12/2010 8 4
  5. 5. 12/2/2010Workshop Goal How to help The Builder whose Technologies for intelligent users experience "information processing of information overload" ==> spend less time (automatic clustering of with their product, miss crucial information, building of• Hands-on experience in our important information? "profiles" of users, semantic methodology understanding of information)• Opportunity to discuss with peers +• Your task: spot opportunities for services or Opportunities products Opportunity for companies? • As a VP Marketing Sirris Sirris service/initiative? Software Engineering • Differentiating / new things Technological Advice Shared R&D • Combine: challenge + Practical answers to concrete problems Technological developments with industrial partners trends Services Innovation Projects Shared Capacity• Opportunity = opportunity Realisations from idea to product Access to high-tech infrastructure for a Sirris initiative to help Knowledge Transfer its target group Insight into technology trends © Sirris | | | 02/12/2010 9Questions we struggle with1. How to find (and quantify) the right segmentation of our target market? • Based on the value proposition (not sectorial) • E.g. same problem in banking software, machine builder, IKEA • Too many possibilities • Quantification of segmentation (not from NACE)?2. How to communicate about this (dissemination)? • Different interpretations, no standardization3. How to deal with bias while analyzing input from the market? © Sirris | | | 02/12/2010 10 5