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Success Story - The Conservative Party UK
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Success Story - The Conservative Party UK






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    Success Story - The Conservative Party UK Success Story - The Conservative Party UK Document Transcript

    • ‚ Not only did we make over a million calls in the run-up to the campaign and in the campaign itself, but the system performed faultlessly allowing us to continue calling ‛ electors up to 9.45pm on election nightTHE CONSERVATIVE PARTY Jonathan Hazzlewood, Operations Manager from the General Election Volunteer Agency (GeneEVA)Winning over 10 million votes in the 2010 UK General Elections, with an increase ofnearly 40% in the number of seats won since the last election, the ConservativeParty is the UK’s largest political party in the House of Commons, and the leadparty in the coalition government. It is a centre-right political party that adheres to Client Datathe philosophies of conservatism and British unionism. With 306 seats, it governs incoalition with the Liberal Democrats, with party leader David Cameron as Prime The Conservative Party is the largest political party in the UK with 306 seats inMinister. the House of Commons It is a centre-right political party thatThe Conservatives developed sophisticated campaign applications using adheres to the philosophies of conservatismAltitude’s pioneering Unified Desktop and innovative Scripting Studio and British unionismenvironment The government party won over 10 million votes in the 2010 UK General ElectionsThe Party required a reliable interaction management solution to power efforts to Achieved an increase of nearly 40% in the number of seats won since the last electionscontact potential voters, record voting intentions and other strategic information tounderpin campaigning activity. Since over a million calls were to be made in the runup to the election in a contact centre staffed by volunteers, it was important thatthe system was very easy to use in order to cater for individual skill sets. Altitudeand the Conservatives worked together to develop a sophisticated knowledgeassisted application using Altitude’s powerful Unified Desktop so that volunteer Business Benefitscallers were provided with knowledge of campaign constituencies and MPs relevantto the individual call. This enabled the system to be set up to target specific seats, Increased campaign efficiency and effectivenessand to prompt the campaign caller for information such as elector’s views and Using uAgent tools to maximise the valueintentions, depending on the strategy, target constituency and other factors. and speed of conversations that agents have with votersAn intelligent master management application was developed to populate the Increased operational efficiency Segmented customers allows for morecampaign application with relevant questions for electors, and to display effective and complete satisfactionconstituency-specific information, such as the local candidate’s details. In addition programs.to this, Altitude’s revolutionary Unified Desktop allowed swift changes in campaign Low TCOstrategy to be implemented with ease, while maintaining a strong consistent ‘look Flexible licensing and commodity system hardware allows the Conservatives toand feel’ for the volunteer callers. operate leading edge contact technology at minimal cost‚Using the Altitude platform, we developed an application that was not onlyextremely flexible and intelligent, thus equipping our callers with information to useduring the call, but also very easy to use. The fact that we were able to use a large
    • number of volunteers, some with little computer experience, and provide them with Altitude Solution’s Advantagesonly 15 minutes of training speaks volumes for the ease of use of the system‛,comments Jonathan Hazzlewood, Operations Manager from the General Election Complete Service Altitude Software values customerVolunteer Agency (GeneEVA). relationships and provides complete customer care with in-depth training andFlexibility and ease-of-use enabled Call Centre to be used to maximum effect customer assistance.on Polling Day Adaptability and Scalability Altitude technology consists of an intelligent and forward-thinking design that ensures aWith Altitude Software’s flexible licensing model, the Party was able to rapidly alter solution’s long shelf life and adherence tothe number of callers who could use the system at any time without needing to changing legal requirements.process orders for additional licenses. Moreover, throughout the election campaignthe information collected by the volunteers in the GenEVA call centre wasautomatically imported into the Conservative Party’s central database, where itbecame part of a real-time view of voting intention patterns and emerging voterissues. This data then helped to influence the campaign strategy directly, enablingCampaign Managers to target their communications in the run-up to the election. Solution DescriptionOn Polling Day, the call centre was in constant use, and the data collected wassynchronised regularly with hundreds of online campaign centres around the Altitude uCI 7.1country, to allow activists to focus their efforts in maximising the turnout of Altitude uAgentConservative voters. Altitude uSupervisor Altitude Script Developer‚Such was the ease of use of the system, we were easily able to get our volunteers Altitude Voice Outboundmaking calls within a very short time‛, explains Mr Hazzlewood.Altitude Software Delivers ResultsThe Altitude system in use at Conservative campaign Headquarters enabled the Contactsparty to make over a million calls in the approach to the 2010 General Election, Altitude Softwarelinking volunteer campaign calling with the Party’s master campaign system. In this 7 Theale Lakes Business Park,way, a real time view of the evolution of voting intentions and issue responses were Reading, Berkshire RG7 4GBprovided to enable accurate decision making about campaign focus and strategy to UKbe made. Tel: +44 (0)1189 838 010 The Conservative Party 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA Tel: +44 (0) 20 7222 9000