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International Paper Case Study


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International Paper Case Study

  1. 1. “ Nowadays, when a customer contacts International Paper through the Customer Assistance Central Department, the Altitude uCI selects the right agent to answer the call, based on his or her skills, and on International Paper is a global leader in the paper and packaging industry, with customer’s phone number recognition. This enables us to better manage customer worldwide revenues of over $3 billion and manufacturing operations in North interactions. Furthermore, it enables America, Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia and North Africa. Its businesses personalized customer care include uncoated papers and industrial and consumer packaging, complemented by xpedx, the company's North American paper distribution company. Headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., as of December 31, 2008 the company employed about Paulo Renato Pires da Silveira ” Production Planning and Customer Service International Paper 61,500 people in more than 20 countries and serves customers worldwide. Client Data In Brazil, International Paper is a leading paper manufacturer and it had decided to Founded in 1898 restructure its customer relationship management strategy to differentiate itself Leader in the uncoated paper and from competitors, by streamlining internal operations and improving customer packaging industry service. The paper manufacturer needed a contact center technology provider able Present in more than 20 countries to integrate both telephony and computing platforms and provide call recording, automatic call distribution and intelligent routing functionalities. The solution should also be user friendly and facilitate customer assistance to customers both from internal and external markets. Business Benefits International Paper selected Altitude Express, a solution that provides a supervision Improved quality Service module, digital recording, voice portal and intelligent routing to the most skilled Improved quality service provided by agent according to customer profile and track record. Altitude Software solutions advanced contact center solutions were implemented in the Customer Service Central and in the International Unified Management Logistics Departments, two key areas within the company. Complete customer interaction management, agent monitoring and automatic call distribution Flexibility Totally flexible and customizable solution Customers periodically put trough replacement orders via a phone contact. Agents immediately register their orders in the company’s CRM system in order ensure a personalized assistance and prevent inaccuracies and errors. Despite this practice, customers frequently modify orders’ volumes, delivery points and routes. “That is why the Altitude Software call recording feature is so important. It offers us trust in the telephone customer service, as it is a formal proof of changes requested by customers after placing the orders”, says Paulo da Silveira, Manager of Production Planning and Customer Service.
  2. 2. Altitude Solution’s Advantages Before the Altitude Software solution was in place, customer management Software Solution Modular and scalable software based was made through a sequential calls distribution system, directly programmed solution in the PBX. “We had to transfer calls whenever a customer wanted to speak Complete Solution with its own commercial assistant. Furthermore, International Paper had no Wide range contact center solution functionalities such as on demand call recording nor systems to measure lost providing a unified management of all customer interactions calls and agent performance”, explains the Manager. Competitive Advantage Excellent cost/benefit ratio plus low TCO Due to the project’s success and customer satisfaction with Altitude Software service delivery, International Paper intends to implement other Altitude solutions. “The tool’s user friendliness significantly contributed to the process of transforming the company’s assistance ‘culture’. We needed a flexible and easy to use system to guarantee effective results”, concludes Paulo da Silveira. The next actions to be carried out include further integration of Altitude customer interaction management solutions in International Paper’s CRM system plus the deployment of Intelligent Voice Routing (IVR) capabilities to support self service automated assistance. Solution Description Intelligent Voice Routing Solution Real time management reporting and Automated Call Distribution (Dynamic Queue Management) Text text text text text text Contacts Altitude Software Alameda Fernão Lopes, 16 * 4º 1495 136 Algés, Portugal Tel. +351 21 412 98 00 International Paper Marcos H. Hayashi Tel: +551138417103