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arvato qualytel Customer Success Story
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arvato qualytel Customer Success Story


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"The new solutions improved productivity …

"The new solutions improved productivity
by 8,3%. They also delivered very
significant time savings with a dramatic
reduction in incidents and downtime in
the contact center ".
Rafael Sarmiento
IT Director,

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. me “The new solutions improved productivity by 8,3%. They also delivered very significant time savings with a dramatic reduction in incidents and downtime in arvato-qualytel is one of the largest telemarketing and customer service the contact center ".outsourcing providers in Spain. In 2010 it reached 98,1 million Euros in revenues Rafael Sarmientowith 6500 employees at seven locations in Spain and three locations in Latin IT Director,America (Colombia, Peru and Argentina), plus several operations in customers Arvato-Qualytelpremises. arvato-qualytel built a reputation in the business services market by pursuingthree core values: a clear commitment to quality in customer management,flexibility and ability to quickly respond to customers’ changing business needs,and continuous innovation in service delivery. arvato-qualytel´s outsourcing, Arvato-Qualyteltelemarketing and CRM solutions allow their customers a significant business One of the largest telemarketing andimprovement through advanced customer relationship management. customer service outsourcing providers in Spain 6500 employees Seven locations in Spain, three in Latin America (Colombia, Peru and Argentina) 98,1 million euros in revenues (2010) Business Benefits Productivity improvement Dramatic reduction in incidents and downtimeGoal: Improve agent productivity and customer contact success Easy integration with existing back-office applications arvato-qualytel relied on an internal dialer solution that wasnt delivering contactratios considered acceptable by company standards. That triggered the search fora solution that would support existing business processes while deliveringsubstantial increases in agent productivity and contact ratios. After a thoroughmarket analysis and detailed research, arvato-qualytel chose the Altitude uCIsolution due to its market recognition, track record and capabilities, valued by botharvato-qualytel customers and IT team. The project main goal was to deploy Altitude Unified Dialer as an automatedpredictive dialer running on Avaya. "The new solutions improved productivity by8.3%. They also delivered very significant time savings with a dramatic reductionin incidents and downtime in the contact center" stated Rafael Sarmiento, ITDirector at arvato-qualytel
  • 2. Altitude Softwares dialer solution enables proactive costumer communicationwith a vast array of options for business needs such as welcome campaigns, Solution Benefitscustomer loyalty and retention, and telesales. The solution was first used with Proactive contact managementinsurance customers campaigns and later extended to campaigns addressing Compliance with existing rules andutilities customers. It is now being considered to use in the telco industry. The regulationsAltitude solution´s deployment clearly enabled more effective sales to customers Quick integration with flexible, easy script developmentand prospects, namely those that asked for quotes through new communicationchannels, such as the internet. Solution Profile Altitude uCIStrong technology to deliver the best customer service Altitude Unified Dialer (Predictive) Altitude Scripting Studio "arvato-qualytel is constantly investing in advanced technology and Altitude Management Portalcommunications to provide high value-added solutions" remarks RafaelSarmiento. "The Altitude Software solution made a strong contribution to ourability to deliver the best customer service with the highest levels offunctionality, scalability and security. Plus, we achieved return on investment forthis project in one year". Using Altitude Software technology, arvato-qualytel created a managementapplication with productivity indicators for specific situations, applications forinternal operational processes, and developed unified scripts to support allservices and campaigns. For arvato-qualytel, effective training was crucial to make the best use of thesolutions. "We had training in three different moments: first at the start of theproject, then a hands-on, practical training and, at the end of the project, Contactstraining aimed at consolidating the knowledge" says Mr. Sarmiento. arvato-qualytel is also using the Altitude Management Portal solution with Altitude Software Spain Caleruega, 102, Planta 11excellent results in getting operational information and reports that enable the 28033, Madrid, Españacompany to make quick and informed business decisions. Moreover, Altitudesolutions integrated easily with existing recording and database applications and Tel. + 34 917 320 350with the existing enterprise communications infrastructure. arvato-Qualytel María de Molina, 37 bis 28036, Madrid, España Tel. + 34 914 231 80002/12