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What is sm2?
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What is sm2?


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. What is SM2?
  • 2. What is SM2? Alterians Social Media Monitoring Tool & Social Data Warehouse
  • 3. SM2 - Social Media Monitoring Tool Our dashboard allows you to monitor social conversations day to day…..
  • 4. Define your search criteria with our wizard…
  • 5. Start your Search This is the launch page for setting up a search on SM2 – it provides flexibility in the searches you can run on the data – brands, products, companys, keywords or phrases, specific url’s or industry terms – this provides flexibility in getting results.
  • 6. Define your search type Select the type of search you are looking to set up
  • 7. Define your search phrases and keywords Here you can add in specific words, phrases or terms to look for in the data set and deliver the results on – these are developed during the search strategy phase.
  • 8. Identify “exclude” words and phrases This allows words and phrases to be excluded form the search – this may be a word or phrase which is closely associated with a product/company or brand for example “well” is a common word in the oil industry but also has other meanings and including this in search results may skew findings for the oil industry – once again part of the search strategy development.
  • 9. Define your search categoriesHere you create categories within the search so in the example above thesearch was for beer and these were different categories set up to narrowdown some sareas which can be used for comparison in the search.
  • 10. Identify date rangeYou can select full historical – back to october 2007 and across 9billionconversations or you can pick a specific date range within this period – forcomparison – different searches can be setup for different periods or once a reporthas been produced or analysis of the data complete a new search for a differenttime period can be run with the same search.
  • 11. Specify Countries to include or excludeYou can choose to search across all markets where we have data (22 at the moment)or you can select which countries to include or exclude based on your search strategy.
  • 12. Specify Languages to include or excludeThis allows you to filter by language – we have 16 in the system today.
  • 13. Once you have setup the searches you set them to run and the firsttime can take a few hours depending on the size of the data setyou are searching across.The key is to refine the searches so that the results are not toolarge as this can be hard to get good analysis from, the process ofremoving spam is also a key task as there is a lot of spam in thedata – so getting to a data set you are happy with is key.
  • 14. SM2 – Refining your searches Create and refine your search through multi-level categories. Create your own dictionary, add & remove individual words in existing dictionaries, refine searches in multiple languages. Integrate to leading industry CRM solutions. Use our API toolkit to integrate to other business solutions.
  • 15. Social Media ConsoleRespond and actively engage in social media conversations directly from SM2Interactive workflow process for easy assignment, prioritization, response & reviewsRespond with individualized accounts for personalizationWork collaboratively across departmentsMonitor competitive conversations for prospective opportunitiesView the audit trail of interactions, responses and notes of specific posts
  • 16. What is SM2? Alterians Social Data Warehouse
  • 17. SM2 – Social Data Warehouse Social Data from a number of sources: Blogs (LiveJournal, TypePad, Blogger) October 2007 - Present Message Boards & Forums Microblogs (Twitter, Plurk, Wikis (sites that allow the public to make Over 9 billion items changes & updates) 40 million added per day Video & Photosharing (YouTube, Flickr) Social Network (Ning, FB, LinkedIn) 36 indexable tags per item Classified Sites (Craigslist) Review Sites (ePinions)Our Social Data Warehouse allows you to: Identify historical date ranges for reporting Compare historical time lines with on-going monitoring Analyse seasonal changes in consumer online social behaviour Refine your search to develop actionable insights Extract social data for upload to other analytics engines
  • 18. To find out how we can help you with your social media monitoringneeds, contact our international sales team:United Kingdom Luke.Moore@alterian.comUnited States Amanda.Devito@alterian.comEurope Christoph.Cuquemel@alterian.comEurope Paul.Kloet@alterian.comAPAC Daniel.Lodge@alterian.comEmerging Markets Jonathon.Solomons@alterian.comUK/EU: +44 (0) 117 970 3200 | NA: +1 312 704 1700 | Asia/Pac: +61 (2) 9968 2449 Web: | Blog: | Twitter: Alterian_plc Slideshare: Alterian | YouTube: engagingtimeslive | Facebook: The Real Alterian