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About market share of search engines, best practice seo and sem, survey results and interviews and conclusions about state of search engine marketing in Estonia

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  • Today I will talk about: Market share of the main search engines in Estonia. Share best practice advice from those search engines for both organic and paid search marketing. Share results and our conclusion of search engine marketing survey. Share intervies with Neti and two search engine advertisers Give our conclusions about the state of the market and the opportunities and threats that exist.
  • Google com ee ru We dont count Delfi or as the numbers are not significant.
  • A ranking of search engines, from which internet users reach Estonian sites when connecting from Estonia. The ranking is created on the basis of the website-averaged percentage share of visits begun by entering G emiusTraffic participating websites via search engines. Note that Gemius tends to track big publishers rather than small publisher or advertiser websites.
  • We know that newbies and older generation almost certainly use Neti a lot so thats to be considered when targeting ads. There is a lot of conflicting data about the share of Neti. Artis Ots and Sten Klemm appear to conflict on the sahe of market with Google. In the interview with Sten Klemm that follows there appears to be some additional conflicting data about usage numbers. Its possible some confusing data in Sten’s interview comes form the fact it was conducted by email, in English. The interview that follows uses a new toy, we like to experiment. It converted text from an email converstaion with Sten into voice. NOTE: Sten was made aware that the information I was gathering was for sharing at Best Internet 2010.
  • Altex can confirm that from analysis of the 88 companies that we under our MCC that this is true. Big Estonian companies are missing lots of opportunities and losing profit/revnue to smaller, more nimble companies.
  • We don’t understand how TNS claims NETI has 1 million unique users. Frankly having access to data from some other sources we dispute a lot of the data in TNSMetrix. Sadly also even for comparison purposes TNSMetrix does not show data about Google or Yandex use in Estonia. We hope that changes soon.
  • Very transaprent. Sample of data we can share. Yandex is rising. Do not ignore if you are targeting Russian speakers in Estonia
  • BIG POINT: Advertisers not publishers get much more traffic from Google than Neti We monitor the performance of over 50 websites of leading Estonian companies. Tõnis Hinnosaar, our analytics expert, checked the referring statistics to see where the traffic was coming from.  Based on that we can say that Google  is bringing in more traffic than Neti.   What this shows? Maybe Neti has most viewers but Google has most users and refers most traffic? Neti core is the unique Directory We did look at but due to technical questions we are not including their stats. It is evident though that Google wins there too.
  • Poor results due to English questions Open questions Secrecy Lack of time
  • Brand names can be bid on Google Adwords in EU since new ruling 15 september. You can still complain to google about misleading ads Technical and content changes biggest barriers to SEO
  • As with all search engine marketing issues our team is available to help and slideshare carries a number of older presentations about best practice and strategy
  • Use google keyword research tool to privide you with a dictionary of words to use
  • If modified since tells google if there is something new   robots.txt  file tells crawlers which directories can or cannot be crawled. Make sure it's current for your site so that you don't accidentally block the Googlebot crawler. 
  • Dont try tricking google, you could get banned
  • 80 per action was the goal
  • Altex client but we were not involved in the interview. This was the biggest search campaign not tied with specific market campaign. We also almost always use Google AdWords for other campaigns. Together with country representatives we create list of keywords and manage this campaign. At the moment only SEO, we do not run AdWords campaigns constantly. The big campaign was to define what kind of campaign could run permanently. This is a goal for us but not achieved yet. What keywords stood out? Hunting (in Estonia) was one popular and a bit unexpected keyword. Very good CTR and time spent on page. Very niche marketing. We already have enough hunters in Estonia! Handycraft and eco-tourism related keyword were working well. General words like “birdwatching” are more expensive than “birdwatching in Estonia”. Some keywords cost too much money e.g. skiing and cross country skiing. Should paid search be more part of the budget? Yes This should be looked at country by country. Some countries where Estonia is less known people don't search for Estonia related keywords and in such countries banner might be better solution. Countries where people already know more about Estonia and search more about Estonia (Finland, Latvia etc) - paid search would be good option. Helene is fan of search marketing and it is definitely something that will be done more in the future when we should promote more spas and city tourism.
  • Video maybe available from Best marketing
  • Strategy and flexibility in dynamic execution will be the defining elements for successful search marketing warriors.. We predict that paying for results : CPC, CPA and CPO will increase in Estonia fast in 2011.
  • 1. Keyword research will become more challenging – we will have to think one character at time – Google Suggest tools more important. Our recent link to an in-depth post on Google Suggest Tools could help here 2. The power of title/description in SERPs + Universal/One Box 2 attract attention to searchers will become more important. 3. Impressions in Google Adwords and Google Keywords Tools will be changed. Google have stated that there will be 5-7 times more results pages served – There’s a 3 second delay for an ad “showing” to count as a an “impression”, or when someone selects a search or clicks on the search button – see Google Instant Adwords implications announcement and Google Instant Google Analytics implications announcement 4. Impact on targeting head and tail terms in paid search – this Searchengineland article reviews the implications. Despite the headline of the article I think this move will increase the need to bid on the head terms while the importance of the tail could grow due to exploration of the results. 5. If you invest heavily in PPC the immediate impact will be biggest. I think you need to setup a project to work with agency/your PPC specialist to assess the implications and strategies – how does it change overall impression/click/lead/sales volume and then CPC/CPAs for your terms. 6. If SEO is driving a lot of your business and for many it is, assessing fluctuations in click volume is also important. I think a lot of people will be spending a lot of time in Google Analytics. I sugggesting setting up custom advanced segments for branded and non branded paid and natural and review the impact there – where it will be biggest. I wrote a tutorial on this over on SEOoptimise . Also setup custom advanced segments for your big traffic/sales drivers, e.g. Natural and/or paid keyword contains “Keyphrase”. I can already see some quick fix changes to <title> could be useful for keyphrase plus Autocompletion. To analyse the original query entered which prompted the search results to be disiplayed advanced users can setup a filter to extract the query . Touch typists too fast to notice. Slow typists watch the keyboard. Initial test from various SE experts show mixed results. The jury is still out. Also its currently only for people „signed in“ and in Estonia that may not be high %.
  • Please complete the survey
  • Please contact and visit if you need assistance with search engine marketing anywhere in Europe or Russia.
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