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Csongrád County - An economic overview
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Csongrád County - An economic overview


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  • 1. Csongrád County An economic overview Prepared by : Region Development Council of Csongrád County Szeged, 200 9 .
  • 2. Geography Source : KSH Area of the county: 4300 km 2 , 4,6% of Hungary Population: 424 000 inhabitants 4,2% of Hungary County seat: Szeged 60 settlements, of which 10 are cities (The second most urbanized county of Hungary)‏
  • 3.
    • Main resources
        • Favourable natural and climatic circumstances and geographical endowments (Hungary’s most considerable source of petroleum and natural gas and one-fifth of the country’s thermal water resources can be found here; rich geothermal potential)‏
        • High level agriculture and food industry
        • Highly qualified workforce
        • The county seat has developed into a centre of research and higher education (significant Research and Development expenditure, internationally acknowledged research centres)‏
        • Favourable local services and quality of life
        • Distinguished cultural traditions, wide range tourism
        • Favourable traffic conditions (Helsinki-corridors: Wien-Belgrade, Wien-Bucharest axis; the direction to the Balkans and Asia Minor provides a significant logistics potential)‏
    The county with outstanding endowments
  • 4.
    • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)‏
    Output of the Economy Source : KSH 47,9 % 800 436 Csongrád county 42,9 % 2 264 535 Southern Great Plain 64,8 % 2 5 479 405 Hungary (mill ion Ft)‏ % of EU-27 average GDP at purchaser’s price Country, region, county GDP in 2007
  • 5. Output of the Economy Source : KSH
  • 6.
    • Registered enterprises in 2007
    Enterprises Source : KSH Number of enterprises: 52 932 (4,3 % of national total)‏ Enterprises per 1000 inhabitants: 125 (second among the counties)‏
  • 7. Employment Source : KSH
  • 8. Source : KSH Employment
  • 9. Agriculture
    • High level agriculture
      • Supported by the good quality of arable soil and favourable climate the high level agriculture is one of the main resources of the county, even today
      • 6.2 % of the GVA produced by agriculture in Hungary is given by Csongrád county
      • Nearly 80% of the land area is cultivated
      • Crucial role in seed grain and vegetable production for local and foreign market
  • 10. Agriculture
    • Traditional products
    Paprika of Szeged Onion of Makó Wines of Csongrád subregion Vegetables of Szentes Peach of Szatymaz
  • 11.
    • Food industry based on local agricultural products
    Agriculture and food industry Meat processing Canned food industry Manufacture of dairy products Wine production Szegedi Paprika Zrt
  • 12. Industrial production Source : KSH
      • 75% of industrial production is given by processing industry (food industry and chemical industry)‏
      • Mining , as well as gas, water and electricity supply are also important. The proportion of construction industry in the county is higher than the national average
      • The production value of the industrial enterprises employing more than 4 workers exceeded HUF 541 billion in 2007. The per capita production value is HUF 1.277 thousand which is 62% of the national average
      • The development of knowledge-based industry in prominent research centres requiring highly qualified workforce points out a dynamic developmental direction for the wider region
  • 13. Opportunities in industry
    • Areas designated for enterprises
        • Zone of enterprises and 14 industrial parks that are suitable to receive investments and to offer tax incentives, plots, subsidy for tackling unemployment
  • 14.
    • Competitive knowledge
    • In-depth knowledge on production principles and methods provides good ground for meeting the requirements of high standard industrial demands.
    • Szeged Biopolis Pole Programme : concentrates on 3 sub-fields of biotechnology ( health and medical industry , environmental protection and agricultural biotechnology ), as well as on software industry supporting them.
    Opportunities in industry Burton-Apta Fireproof Material Manufacturer
  • 15. Modern infrastructure services Telecommunication Gas heating in every settlement ADSL, Internet, multimedia Electricity Railway transport Road and water transport Air transport
    • Major service providers
  • 16. The big asset: highly educated humans
    • The county seat is a centre of higher education
      • Out of the total student population every 13th student studies in Csongrád county
      • The number of university and college students is over 28 thousand
      • The 12 faculties of the University of Szeged offer wide range of studies:
            • Faculty of Medicine
            • Faculty of Pharmacy
            • Faculty of Dentistry
            • Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies
            • Faculty of Music
            • Faculty of Science
            • Faculty of Arts
            • Juhász Gyula Teacher Training Faculty
            • Faculty of Agriculture
            • Faculty of Engineering
            • Faculty of Law
            • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
      • The research activity of the University of Szeged is of crucial importance on national as well as on international levels
  • 17. Research and Development (R&D), innovation
    • Research institutes of international significance
      • Outside the capital city Budapest Szeged is the largest centre of R&D
      • There are 207 R&D sites in Csongrád county
      • The Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is world famous.
      • - Its institutions are: Biophysics
        • Biochemistry Genetics Plant biology
        • Enzymology
      • Bay Zoltán Biotechnological Institute is to use and apply research results
      • Cereal Research Institute is to conduct research in hybridization and production of cereal, oil and protein plants, and vegetables
      • BIOPOLIS Szeged Innovation Service Ltd . helps market the intellectual products of the university and academic research units, and it transfers the industrial developmental needs
  • 18. International Relations
      • Due to its geographical location the county needs to rely on an „ over the borders " approach . The triple-border zone provides excellent opportunities in economic co-operation (in the stream of production factors)‏
      • In order to take advantage of this potential we expand the regional and international economic relations , relying on the increase of the border’s penetrability and on the assistance of the chamber and the Euroregion’s institutions.
      • A great number of Hungarian people live in the trans-border area. Co-operation is enhanced by common historical and cultural roots and similar business culture.
      • Local governments and business personalities of Csongrád county all have a wide network of relations going beyond the borders.
  • 19.
    • Cross-border co-operation
    • In the framework of the European Territorial Co-operation Csongrád county is basically involved in two programmes:
      • - Hungary-Romania Territorial Co-operation Operative programme 2007-2013
      • - Hungary-Serbia IPA Trans-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013
    • Csongrád County Council is the initiator and active player in the establishment and development of the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa Regional Co-operation
    International relations ROMANIA SERBIA HUNGARY
  • 20. Logistics potential
    • The county is situated in the junction of traffic and commercial roads.
    • The circulation of the goods in transit through the county makes it essential to develop environmentally friendly and combined transportation based on the co-operation of transport sub-sectors. The reinforcement of the role of logistics may be a major promoter of the county’s economic development.
  • 21. Outstanding logistics potential
    • Public roads
  • 22. The scheduled public road developments in Csongrád county - within the framework of the National Develpoment Plan (NFT II.)‏
    • Csongrád
    • Algyő-Hódmezővásárhely
    • Hódmezővásárhely-Orosháza
    • Szeged
    • Szeged-Makó
    • Szeged
  • 23. Outstanding logistics potential
    • Public railway
    Track of Fast transport National main railway network as part of the trans-European transport network Other national main network
  • 24. Outstanding logistics potential
    • Centre of Logistic Service in Szeged
      • It is planned to be one of Hungary’s biggest industrial-logistic park endowed with distinguished infrastructure
      • A western bypass is planned to connect the area near M5 and M43 with the RO-LA terminal and airport, and expectedly, with the port of the river Tisza.
    • Triplex Industrial Park
      • Csongrád county (HU)–Temes county (Ro)–Vojvodina (SR)‏
      • Key-project
        • Three-sided common feasibility study is being made
        • Realization: in the framework of the European Regional Co-operation, from ERFA source
        • Separate border crossing point belonging to the park
        • Development of public road, railway and water transport infrastructure (Bánát main road, Szeged-Timisoara railway connection, international water-way on the River Tisza )‏
  • 25. Csongrád county We look forward to meeting you if you are interested in the county Thank you for your attention! Prepared by: Region Development Council of Csongrád county Szeged, 200 9 .