Democracy in india


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Democracy in india

  1. 1. About Us Contact Username Blog Getting Started •••••••• Login is an online platform for citizens and public sector authorities to connect and share ideas, opinions, suggestions and information. Governance Drop in the number of poor in the country creates furore All Debates Educating India Alteranation | Governance | August 5, 2013 Governance Overview: E.M Forster wrote, “We are not concerned with the very poor. They are unthinkable, and only to be approached by the statistician or the poet.” It is ironical that the statisticians of India are being accused of ignoring them too. According to the Planning Commission that houses the best statisticians and economists of the country, the …Read more Inside the Direct Cash Transfer Debate Judiciary Lok Sabha Bills Politics Cyber Security Policy: Treading into the Techno-Era Alteranation | Governance | July 15, 2013 Society Tackling Corruption In India Overview: The Wikileaks followed by the Snowden affair has opened Pandora’s Box with accusations of U.S government’s espionage on allies and other countries’ information. It is not the conventional ways of spying now that involved agents and daredevil missions. Instead the 21st century allows various high tech means of keeping tabs on others. The internet, …Read more Women Empowerment Search START A PETITION START A CAMPAIGN Most Popular Topics Mumbai Rape Case: Law and Legislation loosing battle to protect women Modi vs. Rahul: The battle for PM Suspension of IAS Durga Nagpal: Corruption chains Bureaucracy JNU murder attempt: A reflection of the Society New Delhi continues its fight for Justice MOST OPINIONATED USERS converted by
  2. 2. Prerna Vivek Kamal Trehan Kushwaha Maitra (520Points) (470Points) (385Points) Neeti Amit Ashutosh Chavan Misra Rangan (375Points) (350Points) (345Points) mohit Neeraj Sharmila mehta Joshi Roa (335Points) (335Points) (320Points) See All NEW USERS Shrilata ranjeet gemmahar Allby SOS sakshich Vittaliy juanitab nickdona lbzxxh52 See All EXPERT OPINION "Having a foreign carrier such as AirAsia come in, is a good sign. They have experience, expertise, good management - all of that - if they bring it into the country, it helps lift the entire industry." Binit Somaia, South Asia director at Centre for Aviation (CAPA) "Such a scheme will not be of any help to the poor but availability of easy cash will result in the increase of anti- social activities" Nitin Gadkari, Former BJP President Opposes the Direct Cash Transfer Scheme converted by
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